Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 12

Line in the Sand

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Trying to save the whole village and ending up putting everyone in grate danger...

    Like always, plan is always better than in reality. Sam is rushed into putting her device into work to save a village but on the most important moment, it fails and they are visible to Ori. She is badly shot and on last moment Cam manages to hide only he and she and house where they are.

    So, the episode is mostly about a lot of trouble they have to come out. Vala has another visit by her friend from the other universe, another time imprisoned in Ori ship and another try to turn her into follower of Origin. But this time it looks she manages to show Tomin that Ori are not as pure as they always thought. He do not doubt the Origin but he starts to doubt the prime. That's good.

    It was quite good to see Sam in very bad position. She has always been the one who has no troubles.. never gets too bad hurt (ok.. sometimes she get..) anyway.. good episode, developing major storylines and refreshing
  • It was good, but not even close to the best.

    For the more recent Stargate's, I thought this was a really good episode. I especially like the message this episode was saying. Also it was good to get back to the planets who were willing to fight the Ori. I thought the cheif lady was really good. It's nice to know there are character's in this galaxy willing to stand up to the Ori. I hope they bring her back in a future episode. Stargate can still make those interesting side characters (nowadays I think they're doing a better job on them, then they are on the main characters). I also enjoyed the classical part of one of the villager's willing to give into the bad guys. That will always keep things interesting. I did find it a little weird the way Sam was just going to give up when she was injured. That seemed a little out of character to me. It was a good episode overall. One of the best in the last two seasons', and better than last week.
  • Sg1 tires to defend a planet.

    Its good to see the Ori followers giving us some action. I mean, most of the time its about the Priors talking. So great to see some action. The parallel dimension idea was pretty cool and the acting pretty good. I also like the ending and how they fooled the Ori.
    Now a small note, the password for Sam`s personal directory is....."Fishing", now that`s a cute tribute to old Jack O`Neill. So Tomin is beginning to question the Ori, I`m curious to see how this turns out.
    The letdown in that episode was the lack of Daniel Jackson. After what happened to him in the Quest, I was quite in eager to see what happens to him. Guess it`s for the next one. Anyway, pretty good episode.
  • ok episode...

    SG-1 goes off world to try to hide a village from the ori with Merlin's device. They fall into some problems, Sam is shot, Vala is taken, but, in the end, the village becomes hidden, Vala escapes, and Sam lives. Whoopie . . . . not. I thought it was a predictable episode. I was a bit annoyed when Sam got shot. She seems to over-act it and it was really annoying. I liked the Vala/husband story line. I also liked the village leader; she was pretty cool. Overall, ok story, a few good parts in the episode, but nothing special.
  • Those dang Ori...

    The one thing I like about this episode was that Daniel is still missing. I like that he is gone for a time. It makes his return that much more powerful. But except for a brief mention of his loss they don't seem to broken up about the fact he went missing and might be dead.
    I dud like the interaction between Sam and Cameron. It really gave the impression that they are friends.
    The one gripe I have about the season so far is that I'm getting a little tired of Tealc getting tortured every episode. I think he is due for giving a major butt kicking soon.
    All in all this was a strong episode and I really enjoy this season and the addition of Vala and Cameron. That just shows you that it took two people to take the place of O'Neill.
  • Filler...

    It may have been a filler but it was a good filler. Seeing as in how daniel went missing in the last episode I thought they would have talked about him some more. They can't think he is dead, they've thought he was dead so many times and it turned out he was alive. They were doing some experimenting with Merlin's weapon, I didn't think that they got what daniel had made but I guess they did. It's a good thing they didn't have Adria in this episode, she just might have been able to find the village. We also got to see Vala's husbad Tomin again, only this time I think Vala really got through to him because he let her go. Later...
  • Well written episode!!!

    I enjoyed a lot this episode, in particular due to the main idea behind this episode...Creating the device that would surpass even the understanding of the Ori...So the group lead by Col. Mitchell go to a village where they have information that is going to be visited by an Ori prior...Their objective is to use this device in order to make this village and its inhabitants invisible... Unfortunately things don't go as they expect it to and Sam is very close to dying...but thanks to Mitchell and a little help from an injured Sam they manage to prevent the village being destroyed...This is another example of a great episode, mainly thanks to the writers of this show, who again prove to be very creative.
  • A good stand-alone episode

    The episode starts with the SGC making strides in hiding troops and materiel from the advancing Ori forces using a device from Merlin, setting the stage for a confrontation. An entire village is under the gun, and a device that can make things disappear into a different dimension sounds like a great idea. It’s a bit annoying for Daniel’s situation to be completely ignored, but with the conflict against the Ori taking center stage, at least it’s relevant to the season arc.

    Of course, it doesn’t take long for things to go wrong, and SG-1 is forced into a defensive position when the village chooses to stand their ground. The actual battle begins very quickly, which is a nice touch, and the village falls remarkably fast. It’s a nice touch for Tobin to be the commander of the Ori force, especially once he orders the execution of the village’s defenders.

    It’s unusual for one of the team to be injured badly, so Carter’s wound is a nice touch. It gives Mitchell another chance to display his field experience. It’s a bit odd that Carter would give up so easily, but they have dealt with the Ori enough to know how overwhelming their forces can be. Mitchell’s campaign to keep Carter’s faith going is a nice bit of characterization.

    Considering Vala’s initial characterization, it’s always great to see her interact with Tobin and struggle with her role as the mother of the Orisi. Vala’s argument with Tobin is a strong depiction of resistance to religion gone horribly wrong. Tobin’s reaction does much to prove Vala’s point. Tobin’s subsequent argument with the Prior is also reflective of those who preach violence through perversion of traditional interpretation of religious parable. Holy words become a pretext for abomination. As always, the nature of Origin has interesting analogues to fundamentalist movements in the real world.

    The villagers are left to choose submission to another set of false gods or perish by the sword (or really odd-looking spear), and that speaks well to T’ealc’s character. It’s not surprising that some of the villagers would come to the conclusion that giving up is the only means of survival. But that begs the question: is survival enough, if it means giving up everything that makes survival meaningful?

    The ending is somewhat predictable, right down to Tobin’s sacrifice for Vala’s survival and the last-minute deliverance of the village. Even so, as with many of the episodes that deal with the allegorical aspects of the Ori crusade, this delves into the kind of material that helps the episode rise above the simplicity of the typical stand-alone episode.
  • Interesting episode but could have been done better.

    They just glossed over Daniel, he was part of this series for 8 years he deserved more than one or two references. How did they get from point A to the finished product on the weapon?
    I feel they have too many story ideas and not enough episodes to do them. They should have done it better, but it was interesting. Also they are just glossing over things, hopefully the episodes will have some cohesion. And what is with another alternative reality episode, how many of them do we have to endure. Let's fight the Ori and end this series with grace, not waste our time with more wasted episodes.
  • Sci-Fi screwed us over

    I'm pissed at SciFi. They Skipped 3 episodes! That is why we have no idea what happened with Daniel and the weapon. I am going to be downloading this season from now on. The whole season is torrented from the Uk airing. PLUS it's in HD.

    I don't get why they would do that
  • This was an excellent episode. I loved it. I was too was expecting somebody to mention the desire to reescue daniel. But there was not, but then again there were alot of very important stuff going on and Daniel would not have had any other way.

    This was a great episode, I was on the edge of my seat through most of the show. i thought that they were going to actually succeed in the very beginning of the show this time. but like all of our favorite episodes our heros have to be pushed to the brink of disaster before they can get it right.
    Sam our every week fix everything had a very different part this week. It was really scarey seeing sam opn the brink of dieing. At at one point it really made me sad, when she was telling Mitchell about her laptop and exsposed her password as being, "fishing". We all know where that came from. Jack's love for fishing and her inability to show this love that she has and a way to keep him a part of her life. It was so sad. I really thought I could cry. I dont think any other time she has been in danger I ever thought that she was affraid and unable to get through.
    I was really cool that she was able to walk Mitchell through the process to sheild the villiage and save the remainder of them. I was really impressed with this episode.
    It seems as we get closer to the end of the Series the better and more emotional. Very good, dont ya think? Loved it, can't wait till next week.
  • Daniel remains missing while Vala reunites with her husband (SPOILERS).

    Is business as usual as the SG-1 team comes back from the gate, they’re about to help community to hide from the Ori using a device developed by Carter capable to pull their entire town into another dimension and make it look like it isn’t there. Problem is: the failsafe activates due to a power fluctuation right before the Ori invasion and the field that protects them falls apart; which has everyone on the village outnumbered, under fire and running for their lives. Carter herself gets badly injured and Mitchell has no other choice but to blow up her equipment before the Ori would find it, Sam pleads him not to and she figures out a way to by pass the energy in order to create a mini field that could pull their current refuge to another dimension. Their stunt pisses the Ori to no end and they threaten to kill everyone in the village until they are found, to prove their point they proceed to execute a bunch of people who refused to tell them what happened to Sam and Cam but before they’d do so, Tomlin, Vala’s husband, spots her among the crowd and takes her to their ship before he orders to kill the rest of the peasants. As Mitchell tends to Carter wounds the best that he can, Tomlin tends to his former wife’s spirit as it was ordered by the Oricy, Vala refuses to cooperate just as much as the villagers back at the planet and she tests Tomlin’s faith as she remembers how he used to be back when they still had a life together.

    Mitchell and Carter have a nice chat about how much time they spend trying to free people from their false Gods and yet whenever something like this happens the first thing on their minds is to call God for help. Cam pleads her not to die on him; he just can’t lose her right now, he has already lost Jackson and Sam decides to make the best of the time they got left by re arranging the device to give the villagers a fighting chance. Back at the Ori ship, Tomlin has also decided to make the best of his time and after he questions the Prior tendency to turn the very words he holds dear to him into a hammer to slaughter people with, he decides to free Vala for old times sake, she’s right: he has changed but he still loves her and this is the only thing he can do for either her or her cause.

    Vala is cut out in mid speech as she asks Tomlin to come with her, only to find herself in the middle of a deserted area right after the Ori weapon has been fired on the village, as she tearfully asks for any survivor the village itself pop up in front of her very eyes and a very pleased Teal’c greats her as she’s informed that Carter managed to fix the device at the last minute, once that everyone is safe, Carter is brought back home and the team back to their search for Daniel Jackson.
  • I really great episode I felt. All that stuff happening and yet it fitted wonderfully, and as for inter-character relationships well...

    It starts off like a normal episode and all you can think is when do they address the issue of Daniel being gone? (Which they won't) that annoyed me slightly, but the story really did grab me in. Carter and Mitchell had some really warming scenes, then Vala and Tomin also had major interaction going on. And both of these will affect the character's decisions later on I'm sure. So it was very important characterally. (Is that even a word?)
    I felt kind of bad for the villagers, they really didn't deserve to die, although not all of them did, but it always strikes me as very unfair that our heroes always pull through, but end up causing the deaths of many on the way.
  • What? No mention of Daniel?

    A good episode with a lot of emotion, but i wa a little disapointed that there was so little reference to Daniel! He sacrifices himself for the team and Mitchell only says one line about having lost Jackson and thats it! Vala's reunion with Tomin was very touching, that maybe she would be able to save him from himself in the end. A true sign of her changing nature towards those around her. And of course the Prior who proved Vala's words true by interpreting the Book to his own purposes, they keep that up and the followers or Origin will finally see the light!
  • Very emotional episode.

    I can hardly believe I cried when Tomin ordered to kill that group of people. Such pure evil (not Tomin, but Origin) that somehow felt more real than anything the Goa'uld ever did. It was such a dark and terrifying episode I found it difficult to watch at times. But I am glad that Tomin helped Vala in the end, making the episode lighter, even though he doesnt fully see. He doesnt want to kill innocent people, but he still thinks that not believing Origin constitutes some sort of guilt. I hope he fully sees in the end. Tomin and Vala's side of this episode I found to be the most impressive. Tomin was wonderful. Not when he killed those people or hit Vala of course, but when he stood up to the prior and when he kissed Vala. :) Whether negative or positive, this episode stirs a lot of emotion.