Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 12

Line in the Sand

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2007 on Syfy

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  • It was good, but not even close to the best.

    For the more recent Stargate's, I thought this was a really good episode. I especially like the message this episode was saying. Also it was good to get back to the planets who were willing to fight the Ori. I thought the cheif lady was really good. It's nice to know there are character's in this galaxy willing to stand up to the Ori. I hope they bring her back in a future episode. Stargate can still make those interesting side characters (nowadays I think they're doing a better job on them, then they are on the main characters). I also enjoyed the classical part of one of the villager's willing to give into the bad guys. That will always keep things interesting. I did find it a little weird the way Sam was just going to give up when she was injured. That seemed a little out of character to me. It was a good episode overall. One of the best in the last two seasons', and better than last week.