Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 12

Line in the Sand

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2007 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • When Vala is beamed down to the planet, the village materializes and then Mitchell asks if the Ori ship is gone. Shouldn't they make sure it's gone before rematerializing the village? If the Ori sees them, they'll just fire again.

    • Trivia: Carter's password is "fishing". This is likely a reference to Jack O'Neill's love of fishing.

  • Quotes

    • Landry: So, how did it go?
      Mitchell: Absolutely incredible, sir. You can forget about the Ori; with an act like that Sam'll be headlining in Vegas.
      Sam: Okay, stop.

    • Vala: I've read the book. I've read it. I understand why you think it's so important. The words give you comfort, and at face value, it appears to be as if they're trying to inspire the best out of people... it appears...
      Tomin: "...he called out to prophet in fear, but the prophet said..."
      Vala: (continuing over his words) ...honesty, morality...
      Tomin: "It's you who have changed. Step across if you truly... "
      Vala: This whole crusade is a manipulation. Nothing in there says that those who don't believe should be massacred.
      Tomin: (continues reading) "So Markon prayed for forgiveness and took the first step...."
      Vala: Where does it say that, Tomin?
      Where does it say that?
      Tomin: (continues reading) "And the hands of the Ori enveloped... "
      Vala: The Ori are not gods. (Tomin slaps her)

    • Mitchell: Score one for science.

    • Vala: (to Tomin) I know I'll never convince you - but everything you believe is a lie.

    • Mitchell: Listen up. Pull this, aim there, squeeze that. (hands gun to villager and gets him firing) All right, yeah. Just make sure this end is pointed away from you and anyone else you don't want to kill.

    • Vala: Tomin, wait. I know that you think that everything that comes out of my mouth is a lie, I've deceived you too many times to change that now. There's one thing I want you to know that is the truth. There were real moments between us, I did fall in love with you. In your heart you were a good man, not because Origin told you to be. I know you can't possibly like what you've become, what this faith has made you do.
      Tomin: After all that time we spent together you still know nothing about me.

    • Mitchell: Listen, I've been thinking…
      Sam: Uh-oh.
      Mitchell: (chuckles) Yeah, dangerous, I know.

    • Sam: I spent my entire life dedicated to science. Plus the last ten years trying to convince people they believed in false gods. I don't think science is gonna help me. Right now I'm just hoping somewhere, one of those gods…
      Mitchell: My grandma used to say, "God is like a prairie windstorm, If you look too hard you get dust in your eyes, but there's still plenty of ways to know it's there."
      Sam: Is that what you believe?
      Mitchell: I generally just nodded until she gave me a macaroon. (pause) There is one thing that I do know is true. The mind is a powerful thing. No matter who or what you believe in sometimes belief itself makes all the difference in the world. You just don't give up. Tell yourself whatever you have to. (pause) Just believe you're going to make it, Sam.

    • Prior: You dare question my judgment?
      Tomin: No, it's just not how I was taught.
      Prior: There are many words but only one truth.

    • Thilana: Matar, killing Teal'c will prove nothing. If these gods are truly worthy of our devotion, than pray to them. No god should ever ask you to kill an innocent man to prove your sanctity. I know you're afraid. We all are. But if we are going to die, let us die in noble peace and truth of spirit.

    • Tomin: (to Prior) No, I have not begun to question the will of the Ori, but I have begun to question the interpretation of their words. No matter what you say, I will not believe the book of Origin asks us to massacre innocent people. And I will not stand by while the holy doctrine of good will and faith that I have sworn to uphold is twisted into a hammer and used to beat people down!

    • Reynolds: We've got the craziest job in the world.

    • Mitchell Listen up, folks, we're going to try a little disappearing act here. Please remember to keep your arms and legs inside the village at all times until we come to a complete and final stop.

    • Teal'c: Colonel Mitchell, do you read?
      Mitchell: Loud and clear, Teal'c. What's up?
      Teal'c: Our time.

    • Mitchell: Coffee!
      Sam: Oh, thank you.
      Mitchell: Don't get too excited; they packed us decaf by mistake.
      Sam: (whispering) Doh!

    • Sam: My laptop. There's a file...
      Mitchell: You'll make it.
      Sam: (shakes head) In my personal directory. Letters mostly.
      Mitchell: Sam...
      Sam: One to Cassie...some other people... Password's "fishing."
      Mitchell: Aw, see? Now you have to change the password.

    • (Sam's in the infirmary, Mitchell hands her a bag)
      Mitchell: Here, I baked you some macaroons.
      Sam: You baked them?
      Mitchell: Yeah, Grandma's recipe.
      Sam: Wow, thanks.
      Mitchell: Go on, try one.
      Sam: (Looks into bag) You know what, maybe a little later.
      Mitchell: You don't like macaroons?
      Sam: It's just that I'm still a little queasy.
      Mitchell: Well try one, it will make you feel better. (Sam tries macaroon) Pretty good huh?
      Sam: Actually, they are pretty good.
      Mitchell: You hate it.
      Sam: (nods) Yep, sorry.

  • Notes

    • International Air Dates:
      Australia: September 27, 2007
      Canada: April 19, 2007
      New Zealand: September 29, 2007

    • Michael Shanks, who plays Daniel Jackson, is credited but doesn't appear in this episode. In an interview he mentioned that this was to spend time with his family.

    • First aired Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 8pm on the British television channel Sky One.

  • Allusions

    • Sam: Doh!
      This is a reference to O'Neill's love of The Simpsons. This line was often used by O'Neill but is more well known as being used by Homer Simpson.