Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 23, 2004 on Syfy

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  • There are any Stargate SG-1 Episode that we cant like? i dont think so... this is a fine example that this serie has everything...

    There are any Stargate SG-1 Episode that we cant like? i dont think so... this is a fine example that this serie has everything...

    This is a really nice episode, now we see how O'neill works as General, something that he appers to hate, since he likes action and not papers. Sometimes O'neill is this episode make many indirect jokes and we also see how braves are the russians.

    But the finest on this episode, is Anubis Return, something that any fan should know, Anubis "cannot" be kill.

    In my opinion this is one of the best Stargate SG-1 Episode, like all this season.
  • A very good episode, like most of them, that really keeps you on your toes.

    This episode is very tense and suspenseful. Totally full of drama and wonder. Not that much humor, in that aspect I was disappointed, but it was still very good. The storyline keeps twisting and turning. Now if you haven't seen it I don't want to reveal that much but...You start off wondering what's happening to some of these people and then. with the help of Daniel Jackson ofcourse, you find out what (is happening). You wonder how on earth they are going to solve this problem, they wonder it too. Of course the first plan fails, but then...What will they think of next? You'll just have to watch this episode yourself, but i thought that it was very least good.
  • nice

    In this episode we get to see jack O'neill for the first time as a general. This russian comes to see him and wants to join sg1 Jack tells him no because he does not have the right training. Then daniel goes to see the russian and the russian falls down. Next moement sg1 is about to go on a mission and daniel starts shooting up the gate room. It all turns out to be anubis and he is trying to get off the planet. He later succeds becuse snubis was in O'neill and the russian comes along a sick and stuff and tells anubis to go into him, he does and walks through the stargate. Then it shows him on a snow covered planet frozen. I thought this was an awesome episode you get to see what O'neill would do in a big situation like that. I hope this isn't the last we see of anubis because a mean what a crappy way to go. Later...
  • Something new.. something old

    O'Neill has now new position and it is little weird for him - all that paperwork and when he walks into room, Carter stands up.. It is interesting too the char development for O'Neill as this is defenetly a new challenge for him.

    On old things - Anubis returns. Who thought he is dead? I did not. To kill Apophis it took so long time, they just cannot hope that the battle worked for Anubis. And he gets a way out - very cold way out but still.

    The best part of this episode was that excitement. When Daniel started to shoot - it was worth it all. Out of character and very well.
  • Been there...done that

    I still don't understand when this whole alien body snatchers will eventually stop infiltrating SGC bodies making them kill each other and go under Lockdown (again and again and...again). What's worse is that Anubis (supposedly dead) decides to show as weird black(ish) spirit something (totally lame), eventually ending into his escape after many twists. While obviously not a bad episode, since well there's no bad episodes in SG1 but it's the same premise i've seen on previous occasions and i'm quite bored with it. Hopefully this was the last episode of it's kind and from here on i get to see that imagination at work.
  • Great episode...Jack's first real challenge as a General.

    This was a fantastic episode that really tests Jack as a new Brigadier General. As if all the paperwork wasn't overwhelming enough, Russian Air Force Colonel Alexi Vaselov wants to join the SGC, Sam is standing up when he enters (which he obviously hates), and did I mention that Anubis has returned and is taking over different people at the SGC? I didn't? Well, Anubis has come back and left some very confused personnel in his wake. Everyone recalls seeing something terrible happening but not being able to stop it, as they are just helpless bystanders to Anubis's reign of destruction. The result is sometimes funny (Daniel being upset about Jack shooting him) and sometimes scary...leading up to the final showdown between the possessed General Jack O'Neill and a dying Vaselov, who demands that Anubis re-enter him so he doens't have to kill Jack. Amazingly, Anubis complies...and he gets his in the end.

    A great episode, and a definite must see. There aren't many Jack-centric eps in the later seasons, but this is one of them and it was certainly fun to watch!!
  • good episode...

    Anubis is one base and takes hosts to try to get through the stargate. Jack O'Neill calls a lockdown and they try to force him to show himself to the ancients so they will stop him. Ya, unorigonal idea. I'm tired of foothold stuff. There's always an entity that gets on base and they have to try to stop it and, oh no, who is it in? Hmmm...boreing. It was very predictable. Anyways, other than all of the annoyances of the episode, it was not that bad. There was plenty of funny moments and some good action. So, overall, good episode.
  • Literally 'out of character' for the SGC.

    A Russian cosmonaut come to the SCG with the hopes of joining the team. The newly appointed commander, Brig. General O'Neill, is not very receptive of him. Alexi, the cosmonaut, tried to use the stargate without authorization. When he awakens, he was very ill and had no memory of coming to the SGC. Then, Daniel tries to access the gate, quite out of character, and Jack shoots him in the arm. When Daniel awakens, he also cannot remember the previous events. When he was released by the doctor, he visits Alexi and remembers touching a nurse and seeing a black shadow move into her. That shadow was Anubis. His ship was destroyed above earth leaving bits and pieces floating in space. Anubis used the space station to inhabit a person to get to a stargate. Anubis continues to jump bodies into Col. Carter, and then into Jack. Alexsi, dying from prolonged exposure to Anubis, bravely runs to the gate room and tells Anubis to take him or he will kill them both. Once Anubis has gone into Alexi, he steps through the gate. When Jack wakes up, Sam informs him that she changed the dialing sequence and sent him to a frozen planet.
  • A bit predictable.

    The SGC has been compromised by Anubis, who, to quote O'Neill, 'hitched a ride in a cosmonaut'. Anubis does all in his power to try and get through the stargate, so he can start building up his power-base again, and hi-jacks the bodies of people in the SGC to try and do this.

    O'Neill is forced to lock down the facility, and they come up with a plan to make it as difficult as possible for Anubis to get through the stargate...

    This episode was pretty standard, the idea a common one done by many different sci-fi shows already, inclusing SG-1.
  • Why don't they try to design new villains instead of keep bringing back the old ones? Anubis just comes back and do nothing.

    So, you're telling me that Ancients punished both Daniel and Anubis and expelled them from the Ascension. But Daniel was 'rewarded' with a body and a complete removal of his Ancient Powers -because he was nice-, while Anubis was extra-punished being inmortal, intangible and preserving his powers -because he was evil? Not only this, but Anubis can kill anyone by possessing him, and no-one can do anything about it, and even the Ancients would do nothing because killing lots of people is not a transgression.

    Then, if I where Anubis I'd just possess O'Neal and said "Hey boys, I'm Anubis here, I'm possessing dear old Jack and I want my mask right now or he will die". Or something like this. But no, the Anubis in this episode is just as silly as the Ancients are. He just keeps doing this Fallen thing of changing hosts without a clear plan. He lets them understand what's he doing and who he is by possessing Daniel and getting all impatient. He had the control, and he wasted it all. I hated this plot soooo much.