Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 21

Lost City (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Sets up one of the greatest Sg1 episode.

    Lost city:Part 1 sets up one of the greatest Stargate sg 1 episode ever (the second part). I love this first part even if the second part was even better.
    The SGC learns that Anubis is planning to attack Earth, so Jack once again downloads Ancient knowledge, hoping to find Ancient weapons capable of stopping the impending attack.
    It was nice to see that small reunion that sg1 along with Hammond had at Jack`s house.
    Kinsey is annoying really but the new president is quite cool.
    So Anubis now has an army to attack earth and all hope lies on Jack who has the knowledge that will lead to the only place where earth could find a way out of this war: THE LOST CITY!
  • awesome episode...

    Lost City is one of my all-time favorite episodes because it has everything. The SG-1 team goes off world to try to acquire an acient depository that another team found. Unforunately, they run into interference and the only way to save the information is to have it downloaded, which Jack does. Anyways, it is kind of a sequel to the Fifth Race from Season two when the same device downloaded ancient info into Jack's brain. Anyways, there are a lot of funny moments and emotional character moments in this episode. Rick just brings so much to his character with saying little. His actions and facial expressions say more than any words can. In the end, Jack is frozen until they can hopefully heal him later. Overall, the episode is really amazing. The special effects were top notch for a TV show and the battle between Anubis's fleet and the earth vessels was just awesome. The only thing that annoyed me about the episode was the political part. I know it had to be in there, and it added to the story well, but it seemed like there was too much boreing political talking and it could have been cut down. I liked Dr. Weir, but it annoyed me that a different actor played her in the Atlantis series than in this episode. The president was awesome, and Kinsey was just annoying. He's always the same annoying bad guy. Anyways, other than those minor things, the episode is one of the best ever. It was a great end to the best season.
  • SG-1,3 and 5 travel to another planet to check a device that contains the Ancient knowledge.Since they can't allow Anubis to get it,Jack again downloads the knowledge into his brain knowing that he'll die within a few days.

    There are lots of great episodes in this show: This is definitely one !!
    I mean first thing: the whole Daniel - Jack phoning while Jack is shaving and doing his crossword puzzle. Just sooo funny!
    And I felt like they all were much more unofficial in this episode, more like friends then usually being a mixture of friends and colleagues.
    And after Jack not really listening to what they are going to do he has to download this whole knowledge again(!) although he would have loved blowing it away... BTW I like this Daniel-Jack friendship to be shown here.. I mean, come on, he not just pulls Daniel away from the device cause he will be needed to translate. He will always protect his team (maybe I'm childish here but I like him to) but he usually gets friendship and loyalty scenes with Sam or Teal'C although Daniel is always the one knowing him the best, they should get more scenes like that together...

    Then everybody showing up at Jack's house cause they are all worried about him would be really tearful if it wasn't so hilarious seeing them joking around and drinking Guinness. I mean even General Hammond shows up!
    That's one of those episodes that makes me keep going on watching it. I love those inside jokes and fooling around between the characters. In this episode I had the feeling they didn't even take themselves serious...
    Only thing I didn't like is the To Be Continued at the end ;-)...
  • Anubis is on his and they have to do something. They find out that there is naother depository like the one in the fifth race. They think that they should beable to get the information outof it without anyone having to have it put in their head.

    When they get there they finally find the depository but the have company and Anubis's soldiers are coming in, Jack says they should blow it up but then Daniel says they need this information. Daniel goes to put his head to the depository but Jack tells him no way, how would they translate it when he goes ancient. Soof course Jack ends up putting his head to the devise.
    When they get back to the base Jack takes some leave before he starts going ancient.
    The whole team ends up at his house, then Hammond shows up and informs them that he has been called back to washington.
    Elizabeth Weir will be taking it over. Daniel goes to her and tries to explain what is going with Jack and that they have to beable to go through the gate.
    Bra tac shows up and says that Anubis's ship will be there in 3 days.
    Kinsey is his normal charming self, and tries to override her decision. She tells him that she is in charge and until she is told other wise then she will be making the decisions.
    Jack starts going ancient and packing they see this as a good thing. So off they go.
    They get to a planet and find it volcanic but there is a dome, so they ring sown through the dome.
    There they find a ZPM wich is needed for some reason unknown sos far. They then head back to earth where Jack reveals that where they need to be is there, the go to the antartic and begin to bore through the ice they think it is supposed to be atlantis. When they get down there they find another small dome.
    Anubis's ship is right there while they are going down there. There is a big dog fight between the Earth fighters and Anubis's.
    Anubis sends his super soldiers to follow them.
    When they get down there the see Anubis standing in their way. But Jack just walks right through him it was just a hologram.
    Jack then proceeds to sit in a chair where he installs the ZPM. He begins to use the weapon which is apparently operated through the chair.
    He blows Anubis out of the sky.
    When this is all said and done they win. Jack passes out. He asks to sleep. Teal'c put him in the stasis pod and he then tells them good bye. There is nothing they can do. end of the story.
  • Wind of changes...

    This episode is leading to the season ending and as on dvd both parts are together, I am not even sure where the episode should be distinct. Anyway, it starts with some shocking things - first as there is no other change on the mission, O'Neill takes the risk and all Ancients knowledge into his brain knowing where it will lead.

    But when they come back, it soon comes out that Hammond is released of his duty and there is now blond doctor Weir who will replace him. And it does not look promise as Kensley is all around and trying to push his agendas.

    So.. I think somewhere there it was left...