Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 21

Lost City (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Anubis is on his and they have to do something. They find out that there is naother depository like the one in the fifth race. They think that they should beable to get the information outof it without anyone having to have it put in their head.

    When they get there they finally find the depository but the have company and Anubis's soldiers are coming in, Jack says they should blow it up but then Daniel says they need this information. Daniel goes to put his head to the depository but Jack tells him no way, how would they translate it when he goes ancient. Soof course Jack ends up putting his head to the devise.
    When they get back to the base Jack takes some leave before he starts going ancient.
    The whole team ends up at his house, then Hammond shows up and informs them that he has been called back to washington.
    Elizabeth Weir will be taking it over. Daniel goes to her and tries to explain what is going with Jack and that they have to beable to go through the gate.
    Bra tac shows up and says that Anubis's ship will be there in 3 days.
    Kinsey is his normal charming self, and tries to override her decision. She tells him that she is in charge and until she is told other wise then she will be making the decisions.
    Jack starts going ancient and packing they see this as a good thing. So off they go.
    They get to a planet and find it volcanic but there is a dome, so they ring sown through the dome.
    There they find a ZPM wich is needed for some reason unknown sos far. They then head back to earth where Jack reveals that where they need to be is there, the go to the antartic and begin to bore through the ice they think it is supposed to be atlantis. When they get down there they find another small dome.
    Anubis's ship is right there while they are going down there. There is a big dog fight between the Earth fighters and Anubis's.
    Anubis sends his super soldiers to follow them.
    When they get down there the see Anubis standing in their way. But Jack just walks right through him it was just a hologram.
    Jack then proceeds to sit in a chair where he installs the ZPM. He begins to use the weapon which is apparently operated through the chair.
    He blows Anubis out of the sky.
    When this is all said and done they win. Jack passes out. He asks to sleep. Teal'c put him in the stasis pod and he then tells them good bye. There is nothing they can do. end of the story.