Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 20

Maternal Instinct

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2000 on Syfy

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  • A very important episode.

    This episode is important for many reasons. First off the reveal to the team that Apophis survived and that he commands the vast army of Sokar. Next is the search for the Harcesis child that continued the arc stared in "Secrets" and completed in "Absolute Power". Last and most important the introduction of Ascended beings and the arc of Daniel and Oma that is continued in "Meridian". I really liked the interaction with Daniel and the monk. The reveal of Oma is one of the most memorable moments of the third season. Overall a good episode that opened many great storylines.
  • SG-1 goes after the Harcesis...

    This is the episode that begins the ascension storyline and it does it in a pretty good way. Lots of good Jack moments in this one as Jack gets frustrated with Daniel and his "enlightenment". Nothing real specific is given away about ascension, but we do see Oma for the first time and we also see the temple monk ascend at the end of the episode. Bra'tac guest stars on this episode and I always like seeing him, I loved the part where they were looking at the footprints when they first arrive on Kheb. This episode also had a ton of great effects like Oma, the slow motion staff blasts, and the Ark of the Covenant style destruction of the Jaffa army. This episode is also nice because it sort of concludes Daniel's quest and he is now part of the team because he is part of the team, and not because he is looking for his wife or the Harcesis.
  • The start of important storyline

    It was great episode.. first I very much loved the part with that monk and the things they could do with their mind - it was great. All the psychological thing and the talking in riddles.

    Oh.. it was really lovely..and then trying to find the boy and that Teal'c old master - and the way it looked for some times that maybe this is the last episode with him and he will retire but...I am so glad he did not.

    And when Daniel learns the truth - and mets that white bright creature - and realize everything. It was so great moment. And when they are ambushed by Goa'ulds.. and Daniel proposes the most unexpected thing.. and the final scene.. the white thing running to the gate.. so beautiful
  • Meet the assended beings....

    This is the first epsidoe where we incounter an assended being, this story will later be done to death. But at present it is original and fresh. It was funny seeing Daniel believing that he was lighting a candle with his mind, anyway this was an important episode for the series which has been great. This was really a Daniel centred episode. Bra'Tac was pritty much useless in this episode. The ending to the episode was good becuase the assended being wiped out all of the Jaffa and saved the team yet agian. I know thta we will Oma again (this Oma will help Daniel to assend in the near future). This is a very important episode for the series one which i enjoyed i look forward to the next episode.
  • Average for Stargate, but still great, with lots of humour and dramatic sequences throughout.

    This doesn't really feel like your normal episode of Stargate. I'm not sure why, but it definitely feels somehow different. This may have lessened my enjoyment a little, but this episode still has many fine qualities. As always, I'll start with the good qualities. There is plenty of humour in this episode. True, as with most episodes around this era most of the humour comes from O'Neill, but that doesn't make it less funny. My personal favourite lines include the janitor/usher discussion, most of Jack's reactions to the Monk's gibberish, but most of all my favourite single line is "I'm a huge fan of subtlety, but that’s down right in cryptic." I also really liked the humour derived from the interaction between Daniel and the Monk, as well as their serious moments.

    Now, the whole Harcesis story arc is something a fan will either like or dislike, and I fall more into the former category. I personally feel that it's story arc is made up for by the episode "Absolute Power" which has a very good ending and morale, but it also introduces us to Oma Desala, which is a can of worms that would change the world of Stargate forever. For that reason alone, this is a good episode.

    Another thing I really liked in this episode is the character journey experienced by Bra'tac. I really sympathised with him, and Tony Amendola (as always) gives a brilliant performance. I particularly like the lines "I have dreamed of finding this place twice as long as you have been alive" and " I am not yet ready to give up. I feel alive Teal’c, like a young man of 80. We still have false gods to slay."

    Like I said earlier, there was something about the feel of this episode that didn't really work for me. I actually really liked the first part of this episode before they travelled to Kheb, but after that not so much. I also didn't really like the effect of Oma's face amongst the white glow of her body. That didn't work for me at all, and I just find it silly (and not in a funny way).

    So, all in all this is an average episode of Stargate. It has plenty of humour, a pretty good story, and some nice ideas, one of which would go onto something huge. It's an enjoyable glimpse toward what this show would eventually contain.