Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 20

Maternal Instinct

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Meet the assended beings....

    This is the first epsidoe where we incounter an assended being, this story will later be done to death. But at present it is original and fresh. It was funny seeing Daniel believing that he was lighting a candle with his mind, anyway this was an important episode for the series which has been great. This was really a Daniel centred episode. Bra'Tac was pritty much useless in this episode. The ending to the episode was good becuase the assended being wiped out all of the Jaffa and saved the team yet agian. I know thta we will Oma again (this Oma will help Daniel to assend in the near future). This is a very important episode for the series one which i enjoyed i look forward to the next episode.
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