Stargate SG-1

Season 6 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2003 on Syfy

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  • An episode of consequence

    Excellent episode!

    An essential element of a good story is that something of consequence must hang in the balance.

    In "Memento" the ability of SG-1 and the Prometheus to make it back to Earth hangs in the balance.

    Even more importantly, the future of lost colony of human beings, and its relationship to their mother planet Earth hangs in the balance.

    That is what gives this episode its feeling of weight. That is why this episode feels as if it matters.
  • Quite nothing...

    I do not know - the title and the beginning promised much more. We have had enough of those episodes where they arrive and they are not trusted. That was nothing new. And SG opening stargate for other race - not new too. The only thing innovative enough was that they are aliens this time. Somehow they tried to show the other side of their mission - what would have their done and how paraniod had their been if on one good they, some aliens have had landed on Earth.

    So.. nothing to super or stunning, little usual get home for dinner episode.
  • Good Jekyl and Hyde characterisation

    This show was both triumphant and poor. Its strong points were it was kind of the turning point for the series. SG1 is now about so much more than a Stargate, it tried to bind together all the themes in one episode. You had the milatary minds of O'Neil and the alien planets commander, versus the pacifist historians like the Pime Minister and Jonas. It also justified the use of ancient history throughout the series with the minister mking a rousing speech to his troops ad people at te end. There was also a great comedic moment between the two Colnels, "Do we have a BBQ?" The show was written to show all the characters strengths and history kinda repeated iself when they raised the Stargate, it reminded me of the original film moment when they raise the gate in the early 1900's.
    But it was also stupid when the Commander said there was something in Jack's voie that he trusted, reminded me of when Teal'c joined SG1........ SO on an action level you'd be disappointed but if you were looking for deeper meanings, then this is exactly your kinda episode.
  • ok episode...

    SG-1 goes on the permetheous to test it out and, on the way back to earth, the ship goes out of hyper space and the ship must land on a nearby planet for aid and access to their stargate. Upon meeting the people of the world, the military leader is skeptical but the leader person is helpful. They eventually unbury their stargate and get back to earth. Anyways, the episode was boreing. It was slow and dull and I didn't like the story/plot in general. The episode was predicatable and just boreing and almost annoying. Even with the dullness of the episode, it was ok and mediocre, nothing special.
  • Sg1 have some dificulties with the prometheus and have to make an emergency landing so to speak to see if they have a stargate to get back to earth to let them know what is going so they can fix the ship.

    To their surprise they have no idea about a stargate. They dont really have any recolegtion of their history past 300 years that is as far back as their history goes. Sg1 discovers that there a gate somewhere just that no one has any idea about it on the planet.
    They get permission to dig for the gate just so they use it. Once they find it, they are put under the gun. They dont want to let them use it they want to take them prisoner. Fortunately the President or leader of the planet does not feel this way so he helps them to get control back from the rebelious army that holds them.
    He decides he really would like to learn more about their own history. So the tari have made yet another freind.
    Good show.
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