Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 8

Memento Mori

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2006 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Vala is working at a diner as a waitress when two robbers come in. She quickly disables both of them but seems as puzzled as anyone at her ability to do so. Three Weeks Earlier Daniel and Vala go out for a celebratory dinner at a fancy restaurant in honor of Vala working hard to be honest and working with the team. Vala heads out to the bathroom where a man drugs her and hauls her out. A waitress sees the man hauling her out and mentions it to Daniel, who goes to investigate just after they depart in a car. All he finds is her corsage. Vala wakes up strapped to a gurney with her subcutaneous transmitter removed from her arm. A woman introduces herself as a long-time acquaintance, a Goa'uld rival of Vala's old symbiote Qetesh. The Goa'uld, Athena, is a Trust member and informs Vala it's not about revenge but rather an Ancient treasure map that Qetesh had. Athena has a memory machine that will access Vala's suppressed memories of her time as Qetesh's host. As Landry begins a search, the Trust team starts probing Vala's memories. Agent Barrett provides a list of Trust safe houses and SG-1 heads out. They and other teams mobilize on the Trust location but they find nothing inside. Raids occur at the other locations and one team runs into armed resistance. The Trust agent running the interrogation, Weaver, tries to get Vala out but he's stunned and the memory machine is hit with a zat blast. The soldier freeing Vala is shot by a dying Weaver and Vala makes her escape just as an explosion devastates the warehouse. SG-1 gets a report on the loss of SG-15 and most of the Trust group inside. The witness reports Vala got out but they wonder why she hasn't contacted them. Vala, meanwhile, is wandering through the streets and makes her way to a diner. Daniel interrogates the Trust survivor, Weaver, without much luck and turns him over to Teal'c. Teal'c only has to whisper a few words to convince Weaver to tell them everything he knows. Vala is presented with the check at the diner and realizes she needs money, which she doesn't have. She tries to slip out and the owner, Sal, confronts her and she admits she's out of money and doesn't remember anything of her life. Vala starts to have memories of the impromptu operation to remove the transponder and insists on no hospitals. Sal takes pity on her and offers her a job. Mitchell meets with Daniel and determines who Athena is and what her involvement is. Daniel figures she's looking for the Clava Thessara Infinatis, an Ancient treasure trove. Qetesh suckered Athena into believing she had the treasure, while Mitchell reveals they're going through the ruins and trying to confirm if Vala escaped or died there. Athena is juggling her finances when she gets a report that Vala wasn't identified at the blast sight, and she orders that her Trust operatives continue the search. The Present Vala is working at Sal's diner when she has more memories of her background. The robbers come in and she disposes of them. She goes to the police to talk with one of Sal's customers, a policeman named Ryan. When she can't answer his questions, she goes to the restroom and tries to slip out but the window is locked. When she comes out and makes for the door Ryan is waiting for her and not buying her innocent act. Ryan puts out a Missing Persons report and tries to get answers, but Vala doesn't have any. Landry gets word of the report as does Athena. They send Carter to pick up Vala but she would rather stay at the police station. and admits she has amnesia. Ryan doesn't believe her. A fake Colonel Carter arrives to take Vala prisoner and refuses to answer any questions. A few minutes later the real SG-1 arrive and Mitchell grabs a motorcycle to take off in pursuit while the others are boxed in by parked cars. Meanwhile Vala tries to make a break for it and the imposters' car goes off the road. Mitchell arrives but is wounded in the shoulder by one of the imposters. Vala considers leaving him but he says her name and she recognizes it and demands he go with her in handcuffs. Mitchell wakes up in a hotel room with Vala demanding answers from him. He tries to explain using the truth but she doesn't believe his claims or even that she's an alien. She takes off and leaves him there. Ryan tells the rest of the team about how the imposters were connected to a chemical company that they stole the car from. They get a lock on Mitchell's transmitter. Vala returns and Mitchell explains that the memory-tapping machine must have short-circuited and messed up her memories. She doesn't believe that either. Both the Trust operatives and SG-1 close in on Vala's position, and SG-1 gets there first. Only Mitchell is there--Vala has fled. She's heading for a warehouse and SG-1 gets a report of where she is. They go there and call out for her, but the Trust operatives open fire. An armed Vala makes a break for it but Daniel intercepts her and she threatens to shoot him. He puts down the zat gun and tries to appeal to her buried memories, saying it's time for her to stop running and come home. Vala has more memories of her time with SGC and finally recognizes him. Later the team is reunited after Vala is given a clean bill of health. Landry gives her a welcome back present--official SG-1 patches making her an official member of the team. They prepare to go out for another celebration, while Daniel tries to explain they weren't on a date earlier...