Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2002 on Syfy

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  • Replicated...

    After five years you'd think they would have learned to set up a remote off world lab to study potential threats and new technology rather than endangering Earth but I guess that would have forced the writers to get a bit more creative. It was a good action packed episode but the imminent threat theme got old by the end of season 3.
  • Backstory of replicators...

    I most say wow.. This was.. pivotal is not enough said - shocking, emotional and.. I have no words. Daniel's look in the end - it said it all. And even if it looks in the end, it was all an emotion episode, we had a lot of action too - the replicators all around. It was little scary - the moment when one just fell down from the sky on control room - I was so surprised.. like good scary movie.

    Anyway, this was so stunning episode.. The emotion this gave.. the sad irony - child on mind and what she was able to do.. what happened. Poor girl.
  • SG1 can be so stupid... you got to love em for it!

    This was a great episode for several reasons. It followed the Stargate formuala. They travel to another planet, find an object, bring it back to the base, all hell breaks loose, they set the auto destruct and escape just in time, you've got to love them for it. As soon as they saw the robot, I knew it was going to be trouble. When Carter suggested brining her back to the base you just knew it was a bad idea. The look on Daniel's face when the 'machine' offered him her 'present' was priceless. I also loved the heated exchange between Jack and Daniel at the end, quality.
    Overall, one of the best episodes, lots of action, hilarious moments and high drama. A real classic.
  • Pivotal Finally getting some answers about the beginnings of the Replicators and why they act the way that they do. Even maybe finding a way to stop them before they destroyed everything in the universe, but has the SG-1 bitten off more the

    Finally getting some answers about the beginnings of the Replicators and why they act the way that they do. Even maybe finding a way to stop them before they destroyed everything in the universe, but has the SG-1 bitten off more then they can chew in this episode?
    Ah, the origin episode of a enemy are always great and fun to watch, for they are type of episodes that answer some of your questions about the enemy, like how and why did this enemy come to being, and why do they act the way that they do. Also you find out who or what was the creator of the enemy and what was the reason why they made the thing for. Most of the time it done under noble reasons and that somehow the person or the group that made them lose all control over them.
    “Menace” dose this well by telling you that it was an android called Reese made these things, not as a weapon, but as toy for enjoyment and that to her, they are nothing to be feared and that she, alone can control them by her thoughts. In fact that it totally opposite of what they are, for in fact they are a ruthless self-producing machine with a signal thought on their machine minds, to simply replicated themselves over and over again, no matter what. In their course of achieving this MO of theirs, they have killed millions of people and have become a plague stretching across galaxies threatening the lives of countess others. Like the stereotypical creator, the creator doesn’t believe it, like what happen with Reese, and call them liars for even thinking like that.
    Richard Dean Anderson(Jack O’Neil) and Michael Shanks(Daniel Jackson) play their roles excellence as Jack as the solider who see things in black and white, while Daniel as the scientist who see things in Shades of Grey. That Jack sees this a problem that needs to be resolved and that only way to do that is to destroyed the route of the problem, which is Reese, while Daniel on the other side of the coin thinks that this problem can be resolved by talking it out first. While I personally think that Daniel’s approached to things is honorable and is the right way to do things most of them time, but when it comes with something like this, machine menace. Jack’s approach is more realist way to deal with it. For whenever one deals with a machine menace who only sole process is to take control over your world, the only way that one has to deal with them is take them out by any means that are available to you for one can’t reason with them, for they won’t do it with you. If you take the time to do some soul searching when dealing with this, you will find yourself either dead or surrounded by these machine, and in any case you will be dead very soon.
    Danielle Nicolet's powerful performance Reese scared me a little bit for she showed a naiveté about what was going on and a general lack of concern of the lives that she was putting in danger by producing Replicators.
    All in all this was a major story ark episode that brings out the origin of a machine menace and even makes them even scarier when we first saw them. For we now know a good deal more about them and how they can became what they were.
  • SG-1 find an android on a desolated planet and bring it back to earth to study it. This results in a very good episode revealing some interesting origins, but once again I'm disappointed by they way they handle it.

    This is one of the many episodes of the series where I completely disagree with the way everyone handles the situation. Not to say that I didn't enjoy the episode, but it seems some of the characters are really lacking in the tact department. Now I'm sure you could argue that if your world is going to be destroyed by mechanical bugs then you have the right to defend yourself by any means necessary. Except it seemed like they got in that situation because they didn't respect Reese and her power. They were more concerned with getting rid of those damn bugs than her feelings. In a normal situation that might be more prudent, except in this case she was the link to the bugs. I'm not really sure if I could have done any better, but I'm just saying. I have to say that I was disappointed to see the "shoot first, clean up the mess later" technique win out.

    That does seem to be a pretty big recurring theme. It sure makes for great drama in a sci-fi setting where humans are encountering entirely new things and their traditional courses of action aren't always the best. You'd think they might have learned by now after the Nox, the Tollan, Oma Dasala, the Tok'ra, and many others have given them a proverbial slap upside the head when they act like morons. Although I'm willing to let this one slide since there was plenty of USAS-12 action and Gen. Hammond kicking butt with a SPAS-12.
  • we finally find out the replicators origin...

    A girl android is found off world and taken back to earth and they find out she makes replicators and was the one who made them in teh first place and lost control of them. In the end, Jack shoots her and the replicators she created shut down. This episode was boreing. The android drove me crazy! She had the personality of a kid and her voice was just annoying. Daniel's whole "I want to be your friend" was just annoying also. There were a couple good action scenes, but that's about it. I wish they made a better episode to reveal where the replicators came from because this one was terrible.