Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 21


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 10, 2002 on Syfy

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  • Impressive and shocking. I would never expect this. It was amazing. One of the best episodes ever.

    This was good. Sad but Good. What can I say? Surprising, well written, gracefully interpreted and wonderfully directed.
    Killing a main character is an intelligent move. No one could have seen it coming.
    I kept thinking that they would find a way of saving him. I was totally amazed by the fact they didn’t. Even more by the fact that he didn’t want to be saved.
    Great special effects on the part were Daniel ascended.
    It was an episode that gave an opportunity for the actors to make a more emotional acting other then physical acting. In this kind of show you usually don’t see many emotions but in this episode they were everywhere. The thought of one of your best friends dying a terrible and most painfully death isn’t a light one. I’ve got to say that the actors pulled it off. They were great; they made you believe that they were really in pain.
    This episode also introduced a new character to the show: Jonas Quinn. I’ve got to say that I like Corin Nemec. I think He is a good actor. So it was interesting to see him play this part.
    In conclusion: LOVED it.
  • This episode was a pivotal one in that it marked the temporary exit of Daniel Jackson and the Reentry of Oma Desala who in later episodes played an essential role in the fall of the Goauld, But why Mel Harris and not Carla Boudreau?????

    Tha fact that this episode marked the exit of Daniel Jackson and the reentry of Oma Desala makes it a MUST SEE, if you are to understand the background of many later Episodes. I always wondered why Michael Shanks left the show for a year, and still don't know.

    Oma Desala's return here marks the beginning of a long saga of epsiodes where she continually opposses "the others" and their narrow minded ways regarding ascension, to be followed by "Full Circle" and "Fallen" and also the episodes in season 8 ending in "Threads" where Oma Desala takes out Annubis, supposedly never to be seen again.

    Meridian was personnally, emotionally, a difficult one to watch, i.e. seeing one of our favorite characters leave the show.

    The show left me with 2 unanswered questions: 1)Why did Michael Shanks leave? 2)Why Mel Harris instead of Carla Boudreau as Oma?

    After seeing Carla in the role of Oma in season 3 "Maternal Instict", Mel just seemed so "Unancienty" to me, to quote Joe Flannagan from Stargate Atlantis. My curiosity got the best of me, so I contancted Carla Boudreau through her personal website and she told me "I truly enjoyed my role as Oma Desala. I was disappointed when they chose not to fly me from NY to continue the role. Perhaps my fans can request my return!"

    I was wondering if other Stargate fans felt the same way. Stargate producers - Why not bring back the "original" Oma Desala if she returns in any future movies. How about it fans?

    And Michael Shanks, if it's not too personal, we want to know why you left us for a year?
  • This was a great, but extremely sad episode.

    This was a great, but extremely sad episode. In this episode Daniel dies making it probably the saddest episode of Stargate Sg1. Most of this episode was flashbacks of what happened. How could the Kalownans accuse Daniel of sabotaging the weapon, he saved many life and forfeit his own. Well they admit they were wrong in the end but they still accused him. The Tok'ra tried to help but failed and the Asgard couldn't be contacted. Probably the only bright side in this episode was that Daniel ascended. All in all this episode was very good so I will give it a ten out of ten.
  • Daniel (spoilers)

    This was your typical Stargate episode in that a team member was yet again in danger. The outcome was very unexpected. Unlike most episodes where they find a last minute cure, we loose one of the beloved SG-1 members. I know some people have commented that it was a slow, boring episode, but to me it seemed like the perfect way for Daniel to move on. The episode portrayed how close the team members have become and how they will help and protect each other no matter the cost. And yet they will also respect each others wishes, like Jack did by letting Daniel go. I know he will be missed and I don't know how they can even try to replace him, but I look forward to seeing whats next for the remaining characters and the direction the show goes.
  • This episode was really sad escpecially becuase Daniel is my favorite character. This episode was feeled with a lot of emotion and great acting.

    This episode was definately one to remember. I think it was one of the most emotion feeled episodes of the series and that's saying a lot considering the series is about to enter it's 10th season. Michle Shanks did an amazing job on the acting in this one...I imagine it's hard to play the role of somebody who's dying. I also thought that it was great how Jack was definding Daniel and making sure that he wasn't blamed for what happened. That gave a lot more emotion to the episode.
    There were also a lot of deep things said in this episode. The way Oma talked in symbolism was amazing (as always) and so much of it was very true. Also everything that Jack, Sam, and Teal'c said to Daniel when he was dying was very sentimental and added just that last bit of emotion in the episode.
    Daniel is my favorite character and I missed him in the sixth season. Not that I didn't like Jonas, it's just that no character in my opinion can fit into the show like Daniel Jackson does. It's great to see that he comes back and continues to play a huge part in the series.
  • Great episode...

    Well in this episode sg1 comes in to the SGC and it turns out that daniel has been infected with radiation poisonong and he is going to die. This is also a flashback episode because it shows how daniel gets the poisoning. They are on a planet called Kelona and they are developing a bomb. This is where they meet Jonas Quinn and he gives them all a tour and later it shows that the weapon was going to blow but daniel saves them all but is accused of sabotaging it. Jonas comes to earth because he stole some stuff for sg1 and he lives on earth now. Daniel is confronted by Oma in his dream and he evetually ascends. It is a very sad episode and you never want to see a main character die. Later...
  • Emotional and beautiful - end of one journey...

    I liked somehow the story - the way it showed the end of one journey for Daniel - the way we little learned what happened and then while Danile was talking with Oma.. we got that his own vision and understanding to back of his life - the way he felt like he failed, those little memories back - Abydos, Sha're.. I somehow think there could have been maybe little more of those clips back - to get the whole lifestory.. like flashing before his eyes.. but it worked fine this way too.

    Somehow still, if not to think on the story Daniel was learning and telling about himself - I expected somehow little more sadness. Weird to say, but it was not sad enough for me - it looked somehow little too plain. But no matter - it was a episode worth to remember.
  • opens up new stories, while ending others

    keep your tissues at hand! In this episode we say goodbye to our beloved Daniel Jakson, in a very sudden and unexpected way. This episode opens the minds of the other members of SG1 and allows us to see how they truely feel about Daniel. Although he does not believe it Daniel had made a lasting positive impact on everyones life, changing the way they view humanity and life forever. This episode also gives the viewers information on assension, a topic that up to this point had not been dissucused very often, or in any amount of deapth. This episode also introdueses us to two new important characters; Jonas Quin and Oma De Sala
  • Daniel Jackson dies of radiation. One of the saddest eps.

    This episode has to be one of the saddest. Daniel Jackson(Michael Shanks)dies of radiation poisening after saving millions of lives on another planet. As Daniel walks toward the light, his friends(other team member- Jack, Sam, Tealc)grieve for him adn are always by his side.
    Oma greets Daniel and offers him a path which can only be accessed through accension. Rising to a higher plain of existance. A real tearjerker, Daniel accepts his new path of accension and always watches over his friends. But does introduce a new character to the scene- Jonas Quinn, played by Corin Nemec, joins the SGC for a great 6th season.
    A great episode.
  • The Star of Stargate ascends to the Stars

    A sad day for fans of Stargate.

    As anyone who saw the seminal film Stargate knows, the geeky Dr. Daniel Jackson was the lead character.

    James Spader may not have been the lead actor. Kurt Russell was. But Spader's character was the lead character. The plot of Stargate revolved around him, not Jack O'Neill. Jack O'Neill was a supporting character. He was almost a space opera "spear carrier."

    Stargate SG-1 attempted to reverse the emphasis, but with only partial success. To the extent that it succeeded, it merely reduced a plot of ideas to a plot of action. The best episodes of Stargate SG-1 were about conflicting moral and ethical values, Jackson's domain.

    That is why so many fans of even the TV series consider the Daniel Jackson oriented episodes the best.

    Actually if truth be told, Michael Shanks was too "hunky" for the role of Jackson. His performance was too much that of a conventional handsome leading man. In fact, he could have been cast as O'Neill. The glasses always looked like a prop on him.

    James Spader, with his smaller physique, and more nuanced performance, made for a far more convincing geek. The glasses looked like his own, as if Spader put them on that morning and wore them onto the set.
  • Daniel is gone....

    Daniel is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation and dies, well, actually, he ascends to a higher plane of existence. Anyways, the episode was ok. The story was boreing though. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Daniel, but he had a boreing episode to die in. The whole episode revolved around him dying, or ascending, and I didn't like it. I like when they kill off characters without placing a lot of emphasis on it. When they killed Dr. Fraiser, in Heroes 2, they just killed her near the end all heroically and gave her a little speech. That's all I wanted for Daniel. Instead he got a whole boreing episode where he talked to Oma and it was just boreing. Jonas was like a little geek with the worst outfit. Of course I still like this episode because I love Daniel and they gave him a heroic death. I loved seeing the reactions of his team. It was beatiful. Anyways, ok episode...not good enough for Daniel.