Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 21


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 10, 2002 on Syfy

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  • This episode was a pivotal one in that it marked the temporary exit of Daniel Jackson and the Reentry of Oma Desala who in later episodes played an essential role in the fall of the Goauld, But why Mel Harris and not Carla Boudreau?????

    Tha fact that this episode marked the exit of Daniel Jackson and the reentry of Oma Desala makes it a MUST SEE, if you are to understand the background of many later Episodes. I always wondered why Michael Shanks left the show for a year, and still don't know.

    Oma Desala's return here marks the beginning of a long saga of epsiodes where she continually opposses "the others" and their narrow minded ways regarding ascension, to be followed by "Full Circle" and "Fallen" and also the episodes in season 8 ending in "Threads" where Oma Desala takes out Annubis, supposedly never to be seen again.

    Meridian was personnally, emotionally, a difficult one to watch, i.e. seeing one of our favorite characters leave the show.

    The show left me with 2 unanswered questions: 1)Why did Michael Shanks leave? 2)Why Mel Harris instead of Carla Boudreau as Oma?

    After seeing Carla in the role of Oma in season 3 "Maternal Instict", Mel just seemed so "Unancienty" to me, to quote Joe Flannagan from Stargate Atlantis. My curiosity got the best of me, so I contancted Carla Boudreau through her personal website and she told me "I truly enjoyed my role as Oma Desala. I was disappointed when they chose not to fly me from NY to continue the role. Perhaps my fans can request my return!"

    I was wondering if other Stargate fans felt the same way. Stargate producers - Why not bring back the "original" Oma Desala if she returns in any future movies. How about it fans?

    And Michael Shanks, if it's not too personal, we want to know why you left us for a year?