Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 7

Message in a Bottle

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 07, 1998 on Syfy

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  • Cheap

    I enjoyed this episode enough aside from the cheap cheap cheap paint effect for an alien.

    THe team brings back a device that starts to infect the Base personnel and the building itself. its up to Sam and the Doctor to reverse its effects. But wait. Its a pretty typical "It's trying to communicate with us" episode,. Fairly entertaining but the worst thing is that they just use day-glow paint as the alien species. its pretty cheap and shoddy to say the least
  • Great Episode!

    Jack got injured, but there is no blood, weird! I loves when Daniel put his glasses on his hair/head. It was so funny when Jack ordered Sam and Daniel to get rest so they will have mission in few hours. I am so suprised that Sam and Daniel were up all night researching on that thing. When Jack got that pole came throught of him, he got really high fever made him very hot! People are trying to get him out so he can get treated. They should not bring that thing to earth, they will never know if it is dangerous or not. Great Episode!

    SG-1 discovers an ancient artifact that takes O'Neill and the Stargate Command hostage. Typical alien invasion episode but there are some important questions to be asked. Teal'c believed he knew the name of the planet where the device was found ("Tel'ak"). Why does he know of it, and what is the planet's significance to the Goa'uld and/or Jaffa? Why didn't Hammond and Carter shut off the auto-destruct sequence before the aliens departed through the Stargate? Did they not regain computer control until the aliens were completely out of the facility? I Tracey K. Nameth rank this episode abysmal at best.
  • A strange visitor...

    The team brings back a strange artifact they believe to be a time capsule. When they decide to return the device to the planet because of its radiation, the device decides not to leave and impales O'Niell. This episode remains to be one of the more unique episodes, it was quite interesting. Once again the imperfection of the SGC is apparent as General Hammond admits that we brought another thing through the gate that will bite us in the rear. The plot did a great job of keeping my interest and I especially loved Teal'c's loyalty and unwillingness to leave Jack's side.
  • Misunderstood

    SG-1 founds one interesting artifact on totally dead planet where is no oxygen. The decide to take it with them and investigate it. But things get bad when the artifact is heating up. They try to get it back trough the Stargate but the thing stops thats and hurts O'Neil. Soon, they all find themselves infected by some kind of virus.

    What comes later - the intense search for the answer, the way Carter first tells not to do the things she later asks and the way they got the whole thing wrong way and the way the solved it. For some time it did looked hopeless. Great episode.
  • great episode...

    This is one of my favorite episodes, though it almost copies the idea of a previous episodes called Cold Lazerus, which is when an alien device formed and took over the Colonel's life for a while just to try to communicate and stuff. Anyways, this episode was really good. The SG-1 team goes off world and finds an alien orb and brings it back. Eventually, it starts reacting and they try to send it back to its world, but it has spikey things that fly out. One of the spikes hits the Colonel in the should and slams him against the wall. Then it spreads around and feeds off energy and oxygen and the base is about to blow up...ya, then the alien talks through the colonel to the others and they eventually save earth and send the alien to a planet where it can thrive. Overall, great episode, good story, and this is an episode I can watch several times without getting bored.
  • Descent episode

    This was an interesting episode with a civilization facing armagedon putting the making of their world into an orb that transforms the envirornment to suit its biology. The best part of this episode is the Jack whumping that so many fans enjoy. This was a good team episode with all of SG-1 helping to resolve the sitation. This episode had some cool effects too like the "moon" walk sequence in the teaser and the artifact shooting its rods into Jack. In the end this was a good stand-alone story that I wish wold have been revisted in the later seasons somehow.
  • So very good!!!

    A great one!!!! Had me jumping up and down on my seat all the time!!!! Teal'c is so great!!!! He never left O'Neill side not even for a moment, always trying to figure out a way to save him....
    Carte and Daniel were also great, going back and foth, running against time to figure out what was that device and how to stop it from killing Jack.
    I think that Gen. Hammond was a bit to harsh with doc. Frasier, when she was asking for more medication.... As allways Daniel have a brilliant moment followed by a brilliant moment of Major Carter and they save the day just in the nick of time!!!!
  • SG-1 brings back a device they know nothing about and it almost destroys them.

    This just goes to show that they really need to be careful of what they bring back through the gate. If you don't have any clue of what it is than don't bring it back. But, what kind of show would that be.

    I liked this episode even though it was mainly on the base, it still kept me interested.

    It mainly revolved around Carter and Daniel trying to find a way of destroying this supposed virus that had taken over O'Neill, the SGC and everyone else on base before it took over Earth.

    I enjoyed every minute of it. This was most likely just a filler episode that didn't cost too much, but it was still a good episode and kept me interested until the very end.
  • SG1 brings home a device that threatens to take over the entire world. This is a great example that proves not all "filler episodes" are dull.

    Although theres no progress in the Goa'uld story line, that doesn't mean nothing happens in this one. SG1 returns from a moon like planet with an orb relic for study. Soon after, the orb activates and SGC prepares to take it back through the Stargate. The orb has different plans, and steel rods extend form the orb, causing it to remain stationary. Jack gets caught in the path of one of the rods, and is pinned against the wall with the rod protruding through his shoulder. While Jack is dying, SGC discovers several unique features about the orb, such as: it feeds on energy, it can communicate through machines and people. With this new found knowledge, SGC is able to talk to the orb via Jack's body, and discover that the orb contains an entire civilization that escaped from a doomed planet. SGC and the orb work out a plan that allows both to live. This is a terrific story that is well-written, and for the most part features good acting. I find Anderson to be the best actor in the series, so I was disappointed that his role in the episode was minimal (like always, he did have a few good lines). This is also the episode that features Teal'c first joke (it's actually pretty funny). Although this episode is not pertinent to the Goa'uld storyline, it certainly is entertaining and suspenseful, and shouldn't be missed.
  • I can't explain why, but I just love this episode.

    I think that for most people with a TV show that they love, there is always going to be at least 1 particular episode that they love and adore and never get bored watching, even if it's not that popular amongst the other fans, but cannot really explain why they love it. For me this is definitely one of those episodes.

    Firstly, there are some great moments of humour throughout. Classic gags include "Booby", "One small step, one giant leap...” and of course "Undomesticated equines...” But also, there are some great serious moments in here that I just love. I always love to quote along to bits such as when Hammond says "One of 'em finally snapped us in the ass". I know the ending is incredibly-cheesy, but I still love it so, especially Hammond's pose from the control room.

    Now comes the final bit of irony in my review. As much as I love this episode, it isn't one that I'd recommend to a soon-to-be SG1 fan. It may not interest them, but I'll continue to love it all the same.
  • When the SG crew return from another planet with an egg-shaped object, poles from the object attack O'Neill and pin him to the wall.

    This was a fairly interesting episode. The object the brought back looks harmless enough, you wouldn't suspect that any kind of weapon or what would seem as a weapon would be on it. Nothing much really happened on this episode, just that the pole holding Jack to the wall is also feeding him a virus which turns out to be something more. Overall, the episode is almost just average since they are just trying to figure out how to get him down. The alien in this episode is fairly interesting. "Message In The Bottle" isn't boring, it's one of those episodes not on the have to see list.