Stargate SG-1

Season 6 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2003 on Syfy

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  • good episode...

    SG-1 is captured by Nirti and her soldier type things and she messes around with their dna. In the end, or course, Jack convinces Nirti's soldier people to turn on her and they kill Nirti and put all of the dna back to normal in the people. Anyways, the idea wasn't new but it was still a good story. The scary looking people with crazy powers reminded me of mutants from X-Men or something. The Russians were pretty annoying. I really don't like their incorportation into the SGC and they seem pretty usless with annoying accents. Oh well, it was still a good episode.
  • Besides providing Jonas Quinn with something identified in a later episode and the death of a 'god', this episode was pretty average.

    There was fun to be had with any episode involving O'Neill and Teal'c. Jonas Quinn picked some more importance as we discovered what about his "advanced mind" that made him extra-special compared to the others. However, Nerdy trying to seduce him with the man voice was funny although a bit....freaky even for me. Still Jonas' response was perfect. And the ending was good. So hooray, "the wicked witch is dead".
  • Nirrti and her evil plans...

    Mm.. if not count some slight character development, it was nothing too special. Nirrti is definitely not the best "bad" creature made and even if it looked quite promising at the start - Sg-1 and Russian team and that promised much, it was not worth it. The good things on this episode: the grim on those mutated aliens. Really flawless and worked superly - that was amazing. Also I enjoyed those quite clear hints (like in previous episode) about there is more than just usual feelings between Jack and Sam. I am quite glad that storyline is not abandoned.

    And the end - those creatures taking back their world and revenge on Nirtti. It really showed.. the emotion involved.
  • Well this one was different I guess, except there was the constant pending doom and perel. I liked it ok. The Russians find a planet where Niirti has started her old games over again. She is still ooking to create the Hok Tar.

    each one of the poeple on this planet had different supper powers I guess you could cal it. they could not understand how SG1 consideered Niirti such a bad ghuy they thought for sure she was there help save their people. They used these powers from Niirti to imprison the team.
    Jack tried so hard to make them understand that she was doing it ifor herself.
    They just could not believe so they felt they needed to protect her from the SG1.
    But finally convinces the one with the telepath powers to look into her mind and she what her intentions are. He discovered that he was not lieing. and Killed Niirti with the powers that she gave them.
    Good show but it was not the best. Buti will watch it again. Besides there was a question as to why shje did what she did with Jonas. Could it be she liked him or wanted to own him for her new partner in crime. It would've nevr happened.
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