Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 19

Moebius (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2005 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

SG-1 and General O'Neill use the time-puddle jumper to go to Ancient Egypt to recover a ZPM. They successfully steal it but they find Jaffa surrounding the cloaked jumper. The future is altered and SG-1 never existed - Daniel teaches English as a second language, Carter proofreads astrophysics papers, and Jack retired from the Air Force and became a charter boat captain. Archaeologists find the video camera Daniel took with them with instructions to find the stargate, find Teal'c, and return to the past to correct the future.moreless

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  • Geeky Sam is adorable

    The geeky version of Sam is absolutely adorable.

    Excellent depictions of how Sam and Daniel might have turned out under less fortuitous circumstances.

    The long anticipated kiss between Sam and Jack finally happens. It effectively ends the series.
  • All over the place.

    If this had been the finale of the show I would honestly be rather disappointed. After a great episode like Threads, this kind of falls flat, i found it very hard to care for characters that seem to have been altered beyond repair. Along with a plot that really was the worst type of time travel there is. It never had any fun with it or used it for an interesting plot twists, it was just there as a lame dilemma.

    The fact that they strung this out into two parts is what did it in for me, it was so drawn out and such re-paly for the pilot that it bored me to death.moreless
  • awesome episode...

    Wow, this is one of the best stargate episodes that I have ever seen. The story was just great. A lot of shows have done time travel stuff, but Stargate brought it's unique spin to it and made one of the best episodes ever. SG-1, along with Jack, go back 5,000 years to get a ZPM but they become trapped. In the alternate future, Sam, Jack, and Daniel are all contacted because of the tape. That's basically the story. It was awesome and halarious. The alternated future characters were just funny. I was laughing the entire time. I really love this episode and it was a good beginning to a two-parter.moreless
  • Little mistakes lead to big changes...

    So.. Daniel has idea where ZPM might be and they are quite desperate to go after it. So, they take little time travel back to Old Egypt to get it. Everything goes almost smoothly. They get ZPM, but it where it could be find and.. then discover there has been a mistake - they parked their buddle jumper in wrong place...

    And we get alternate reality what might have been - Sam and Daniel.. m.. they are like geeks.. O'Neill is still retired.. and stargate is never found. But there is a tape and they are still summoned. I loved the story.. to show what might have been.. the whole time travel theory. Amazing.moreless
  • Great 2 parter that any true fan would love!

    Lets go back to the beginning...Literally....The beginning of Stargate at least. When SG1 travel back in time and things go haywire (as usual). They are stuck in 3000 b.c. and must remain there,doing nothing, but they dont. They do stuff and screw up time, things change, Same and Daniel are more nerdier than they were before, Jack is a jerk and Tealc is still first prime. None of them work for the Stargate program,until the SGC finds a video from the original team, so they get everyone together and they must go back and find out what happened to make things right. I dont want to reveal to much,but this is on the top of my MUST WATCH episodes. Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping do some excelent nerd acting. And Sam and Jack-for lack of better words-"get it on" ;)moreless
Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson

Colonel/Brigadier General Jonathan J. "Jack" O'Neill

Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge


Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping

Captain/Major/ Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Dr. Daniel Jackson

David Lewis (IV)

David Lewis (IV)

Cameron Balinsky

Guest Star

Alessandro Juliani

Alessandro Juliani


Guest Star

James Purcell

James Purcell

Dr. Hershfield

Guest Star

Colin Cunningham

Colin Cunningham

Major Paul Davis

Recurring Role

Don S. Davis

Don S. Davis

Brigadier General George S. Hammond

Recurring Role

David Hewlett

David Hewlett

Dr. Rodney McKay

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • When the jumper goes back to 3000 BC, Teal'c notes that the stars have shifted; Carter responds by saying that Earth "...was in a different orbit." Actually, Earth's basic orbit didn't change - however, precession of the Earth's axis means that the solstices and equinoxes were a little less than two and a half months later than they are now. Other differences in the sky are due to actual movement of the stars.

    • Trivia: It is revealed that Dr. Catherine Langford, the matriarch of the Stargate program whose father found the Stargate in 1928, has died. The character appeared in the original "Stargate" movie, the Season One episodes "The Torment of Tantalus" and "There But For the Grace of God" and the Season Two "1969".

    • Trivia: Cameron Balinsky is now assigned to SG-22. He was previously assigned to SG-13 under Colonel Dave Dixon in "Heroes, Part I".

    • Alternate timeline similarities:

      Carter still makes the "reproductive organs" line as she did in the pilot.
      Jack left the Air Force and they want him back (whether his son accidentally shot himself with Jack's gun is not clear).
      Samuels and two other Air Force officers still go to get Jack as they did in the pilot.
      McKay still lusts after Carter.
      The "USAF Advanced Research Institute" serves jello (and Carter still eats blue jello just like the SGC version).

    • Alternate timeline differences:

      Jack is a charter boat captain and has an emphatic Minnesota accent.
      Daniel is still an Egyptologist, but times are hard and he's making a living teaching English-learning classes.
      Sam works in the Aerospace department where her genius is unrecognized.
      Sam wears glasses.
      McKay doesn't have a lemon allergy
      Major Davis has a mustache
      Robert Kinsey is President of the United States while Henry Hayes is Secretary of the Interior.
      General Hammond is only a Brigadier General
      Cheyenne Mountain doesn't house Stargate Command because they never found the Stargate. Rather, the "USAF Advanced Research Institute" (which can be briefly seen on the shoulder patch of one of the guards) is in charge of the program.
      Apophis has a beard and mustache.

    • Trivia: It is revealed in this episode that Ra controlled both Serpent and Horus guards at one time.

    • Daniel states that the book he found in Catherine"s collection "details the customs and rituals observed by the worshippers of the ancient sun god Ra".
      However, the figure holding the ZPM in the drawing is clearly the pharaoh Akhenaten (14th century BC), who was probably the only Egyptian king who didn't worship Ra. He founded a monotheistic religion, in which all the ancient gods (including Ra) were abandoned and only the Aten, the physical appearance of the sun, was worshiped.

    • Trivia: When Daniel says that it looks like Kathryn sent her entire collection to him, Jack says that he prefers stamps. This is not the only time he has mentioned his penchant for stamp collecting. Earlier this season in "Endgame", when Carter said that the Trust was only able to steal the Stargate by tagging it with a locator beacon, he quipped "so my stamp collection is safe?" Even though he keeps using a sarcastic tone, Jack may actually have a stamp collection.

    • When SG1 travels in time in the puddle-jumper, Tealc confirms this by noting the "stars look different." Sam's explanation is that the Earth was in a different orbit around the Sun a few thousand years earlier, which is essentially wrong: any changes in Earth's orbit over a few thousand years are very small, and they do not influence the appearance of the star patterns, only the overall orientation of the sky. The star patterns do change over thousands of years, but it's the stars' own motion within the Galaxy that makes the constellations look slightly different over the course of millennia.

    • Trivia: There are now at least 22 SG teams, as shown by Balinsky's patch.

    • When SG1 first gets to ancient Egypt, and are walking around the village, the whole time Daniel's jacket zipper is clearly visible. The metallic reflects off of the light making it stand out.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Daniel: So what are we supposed to do?
      Sam: Nothing.
      Jack: Nothing?
      Sam: Well, close to it.
      Jack: No. Here's a better idea. We take back our ship.

    • Sam: Earth was in a different orbit around the Sun 5,000 years ago. I think we did it.
      Jack: Huh.

    • Daniel: (after Sam hooks up power to the time device) 3,000 BC.
      Jack: Any particular day of this century for you?

    • Alternate McKay: What's your area of expertise?
      Alternate Carter: Astrophysics.
      Alternate Daniel: Archaeology.
      Alternate McKay: And I would listen to you because...?
      Alternate Carter: We're on the tape.
      Alternate McKay: No, I'd listen to you if you were reading a phone book.

    • Alternate Daniel: Are you listening?
      Alternate Jack: I was trying not to!
      Alternate Daniel: Yeah, I suppose it does sound a little crazy.
      Alternate Jack: (sarcastic) Really? Which part? (pause) I'd have to say the moment I let you on board.

    • Alternate Daniel: (teaching English) Introduce yourself and talk about the weather. (One person raises a hand.) Yes?
      Carlos: (with a heavy accent) Hello, my name is Carlos. You make me so hot.
      Alternate Daniel: (pause) OK, umm, uh... Not quite right but the introduction part was good.

    • Daniel: What's going on?
      Jack: You been shopping online lately?
      Daniel: What are you talking about?
      Jack: Well, you got a little delivery here.
      Daniel: It's from Catherine's estate.
      Jack: Yeah, looks like she sent the whole thing.

    • Jack: (about to shoot Ra in the past) Let me do it now and I won't have to do it in 5,000 years

    • Alternate Carter: So, did you try dialing the Stargate address that the Daniel Jackson on the tape mentioned?
      Alternate McKay: No. Why would we do that?
      Alternate Carter: Well, just to see...
      Alternate McKay: Of course we tried. It's called "sarcasm."

    • Sandra: You know, my aunt used to talk about you all the time. It's funny – I always used to picture some Indiana Jones type with a bullwhip and a pistol chasing bad guys through some ancient temple!
      Daniel: Yeah, well, I generally leave the whip at home...

    • Balinsky: Now, (the rock) is undergoing further testing but we hope to have the results on your desk first thing tomorrow morning.
      Jack: Don't you keep me waiting!
      Balinsky: No, sir! Now, here's where things get really interesting, because you will notice in this...
      Daniel: (entering) Jack! We need to talk! Oh, sorry for interrupting.
      Jack: No! It's okay. If it's important, you must interrupt. You must.

    • Alternate Carter: Now, just because my reproductive organs are on the inside instead of the outside...God, that's horrible! Who would ever say that?

    • Jack: You really think they're gonna let (Teal'c) just waltz in and take it?
      Daniel: Well, like I said, they don't even know what a ZPM is. To them it's like any number of dozens of ritualistic objects they pull out for any number of occasions. Besides, he's wearing the shiny suit.

    • Daniel: Well, we can't just walk into the temple unannounced. A public audience is the perfect way to get inside.
      Sam: We just have to (looks at Jack) keep a low profile.
      Jack: Yes. But more importantly, did they say what was for dinner?

    • Sam: You can't be serious.
      Jack: What?
      Daniel: It's the only way.
      Jack: What?
      Sam: No, we agreed.
      Jack: If I have to say "What?" one more time, heads are gonna roll!
      Daniel: We have a time machine. We can go back and get the ZPM.
      Jack: She wouldn't let me go back and watch the Cubs win the World Series!

  • NOTES (5)


    • Jack: Well, shouldn't we test it on a slightly smaller leap, say to 1908?
      Combined with the earlier reference to the Cubs, Jack is alluding to the Chicago Cubs not having won a World Series since 1908.

    • Daniel: I left the whip at home.
      Alluding to Daniel's profession as archaeologist, in relation to the whip-wielding Indiana Jones as played by Harrison Ford.

    • Title
      The episode title is a reference to August Ferdinand Möbius, a 19th century German mathematician and astronomer. A Moebius strip is an object with one surface and one edge, and it is often used as an analogy to space-time curving in on itself, forming an infinite loop.

    • Jack: Mmmm...
      During the riveting mineral/rock presentation, Jack makes a very Homer-ish "mmmm" sound.

    • McKay: "Mr. Fantastic" Shirt
      Mr. Fantastic is the leader of the Marvel superhero group "The Fantastic Four." He has the ability to stretch his body like rubber but more importantly, he is one of the most brilliant minds in the Marvel universe and one of the top scientists, which perfectly fits in with McKay's personality.

    • Carter: I keep thinking I'm going to step on a bug and change the future.
      In Ray Bradbury's short story A Sound of Thunder, a time traveler steps on a butterfly 65 million years ago and returns to a present that is drastically changed.

    • Jack's Boat: The Homer
      Jack's boat is named after Homer Simpson the main character in "The Simpsons". Even in an alternate world, Jack is still a fan of the show.