Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 19

Moebius (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2005 on Syfy

Episode Recap

SG-1 is discussing the new ship, the Daedalus, when they get the news that Catherine Langford has died. At the funeral, Daniel is approached by Sabrina Gosling, Catherine's niece. She gives him a watch and when Daniel returns to SGC, he finds Catherine's entire collection has been shipped to him. Later Daniel discovers a reference to a ZPM amidst the collection, which places it at Giza. There's no indication that it's there now, but Daniel proposes they use the time machine on the puddle jumper to go back. Jack manages to engage the engine and SG-1 is back into the past. Landing at Giza, they blend in with the locals and visit the temple where they are confronted by... the Supreme System Lord Ra. SG-1 slip into the temple's treasure room and Teal'c manages to grab the ZPM. However, a sand storm has revealed the cloak ship and the team can't take it without substantially altering the timeline. They bury the ZPM for future discovery... ...and in the new present, Daniel is teaching languages and Sam is at the Aerospace Research Headquarters when they're approached by the "new" Major Paul Davis of the Air Force. Colonel Samuels is sent to bring in Jack O'Neill, who leaves on his boat. Sam and Daniel meet with Brigadier General Hammond, who reveals that they found a video camera in the Giza pyramid. They play the tape, which was made by the "original" Daniel Jackson and SG-1 – they recorded everything about the stargate program and their own history, much to the "current" people's amazement. Hammond asks Daniel to translate a tablet with hieroglyphs and he does so, determining much of what the original SG-1 knows as well as the location of the second Stargate. Daniel and Sam want to go on the USAG mission to recover the Antarctica gate and they link up with Jack (now a retired military officer and charter boat captain). He doesn't believe them, and Hammond and his men find the puddle jumper in Egypt, but they can't operate it. Even with the help of this timeline's Dr. McKay, the coordinates they have don't work when dialed on the jumper's DHD, but the resulting seismic activity lets them detect the Antarctica gate. However, as Hammond prepares a team to go through, he refuses to let them go...
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