Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 19

Moebius (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Geeky Sam is adorable

    The geeky version of Sam is absolutely adorable.

    Excellent depictions of how Sam and Daniel might have turned out under less fortuitous circumstances.

    The long anticipated kiss between Sam and Jack finally happens. It effectively ends the series.
  • All over the place.

    If this had been the finale of the show I would honestly be rather disappointed. After a great episode like Threads, this kind of falls flat, i found it very hard to care for characters that seem to have been altered beyond repair. Along with a plot that really was the worst type of time travel there is. It never had any fun with it or used it for an interesting plot twists, it was just there as a lame dilemma.
    The fact that they strung this out into two parts is what did it in for me, it was so drawn out and such re-paly for the pilot that it bored me to death.
  • awesome episode...

    Wow, this is one of the best stargate episodes that I have ever seen. The story was just great. A lot of shows have done time travel stuff, but Stargate brought it's unique spin to it and made one of the best episodes ever. SG-1, along with Jack, go back 5,000 years to get a ZPM but they become trapped. In the alternate future, Sam, Jack, and Daniel are all contacted because of the tape. That's basically the story. It was awesome and halarious. The alternated future characters were just funny. I was laughing the entire time. I really love this episode and it was a good beginning to a two-parter.
  • Little mistakes lead to big changes...

    So.. Daniel has idea where ZPM might be and they are quite desperate to go after it. So, they take little time travel back to Old Egypt to get it. Everything goes almost smoothly. They get ZPM, but it where it could be find and.. then discover there has been a mistake - they parked their buddle jumper in wrong place...

    And we get alternate reality what might have been - Sam and Daniel.. m.. they are like geeks.. O'Neill is still retired.. and stargate is never found. But there is a tape and they are still summoned. I loved the story.. to show what might have been.. the whole time travel theory. Amazing.
  • Great 2 parter that any true fan would love!

    Lets go back to the beginning...Literally....The beginning of Stargate at least. When SG1 travel back in time and things go haywire (as usual). They are stuck in 3000 b.c. and must remain there,doing nothing, but they dont. They do stuff and screw up time, things change, Same and Daniel are more nerdier than they were before, Jack is a jerk and Tealc is still first prime. None of them work for the Stargate program,until the SGC finds a video from the original team, so they get everyone together and they must go back and find out what happened to make things right. I dont want to reveal to much,but this is on the top of my MUST WATCH episodes. Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping do some excelent nerd acting. And Sam and Jack-for lack of better words-"get it on" ;)
  • My favorite episode ever!

    This has to be my all time favorite episode(s) of the whole show!! It has everything from long time fan jokes, to hard core action and an amazing storyline. Not to mention the massive cliffhanger that leaves you begging for the next episode. Wonderfully written, the episode not only continues on the show’s ongoing story, but it’s also a welcome break from some of the harder episodes. Heavy in the Egyptian mythology the show used to use, the episode really does a wonderful job and holding up the SG1 legacy.