Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 20

Moebius (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Despite what some may think, I very much enjoyed this episode.

    Time travel and its affects has always intrigued me since I saw the Futurama episode "Roswell that Ends Well". This episode follows a classic science fiction time travel plot probably first started by Ray Bradbury's "A Sound of Thunder", where travel into the past causes catastrophic changes in the timeline. The interesting part is watching them try to fix it, but of course no matter how hard you try, nothin will be exactly the same as it used to be. In this case, Jack's pond now has fish.
  • One of the best season finale

    This episode was one of the bet season finales i´ve ever seen. I enjoy a lot watching the alternate timeline of both SGC, what could happen if the Stargate wasn´t discover?? well, there is the episode which don´t give much space for imagination and tell us "the other life". I always feel fascinated with the timelines, and all the consequences of our actions. So i really, enjoy this season finale.
  • Daniel does like dying, doesn't he?

    An interesting storyline, though not really thought out as well as it could have been. I guess my main gripe is that they never actually explained how they fixed the timeline (I know they discussed it before, but it never showed us whether or not it happened that way). There were sevaral paradoxes present in this story (which is not unusual for time-travel stories...), although in the main they handled it reasonably well. (Such as having Daniel die on Tulac, so he doesn't meet himself in ancient Egypt)

    But in the end none of that really mattered, because the result was a highly amusing episode. I especially like the exchange between Carter and O'Neill in the ship, as they were trying to get the cloak to work...

    The episode ended in the exact same place as 'Threads' did, only with one teensy little difference :-)
  • The alternate Jack, Sam, and Daniel must find a way to find Teal'c and fix the altered timeline.

    Unlike Moebius Part 1, of which I couldn't help but question its existence, Part 2 is an enjoyable and well made season finale. The alternate timeline begun in the last episode is expanded upon in this one, eventually playing out into what is almost a new version of the first episode. Getting to see more interaction between the alternate members of SG-1, including Teal'c, is a treat. The creators even bring Krazinsky back AND kill Daniel off, again. It's quite the fun "what if" look at our heroes, especially concerning the sometimes controvesial Jack/Sam romantic pairing. In his final episode as a regular cast member, RDA brings his best as Jack, showing some wonderful moments of Jack's trademark humor. Two years down the road, he is still missed by many fans. This episode showcases a good reason why. As a season finale, this episode delivers. As a series finale, it probably would have been perfect for many fans. And as a single episode and conclusion to the last, it works, bringing great performances by the entire cast and a fun storyline that ties in with the spinoff series.
  • So SG1 messed up the timeline now the Alternate SG1 has to fix the mistakes that they made 1,000's of years ago, sorta. Sam and Daniel are called apon to figure this mess out. Even tho' they are different, they are still Sam and Daniel.

    This was one of my very favorite Sg1's. I liked the difference in the characters and how funny they were being so different.
    Through this show Sam and Daniel were trying so hard to get their lives, that they really felt were a mistake, back on track where they are supposed to be.
    Jack was really a Character in this one. But for some reason he still listens to Sam and Daniel, after a while anyway.
    They manage to find Teal'c on Chulak and manage to get themselves captured. They try to make him listen to them but he does not. that is until Apophis Seems puzzled by Daniel's reluctance to give him any information, and of course if he is indeed a god why does he need daniel to tell him these things, he should know all, which causes dout. Unfortunately Daniel is compromised by Apophis. But Teal'c decides he needs to help them.
    So Teal'c Jack and Sam take off in the gateship 1 and travel back to the past to stop Apophis from stealing the gate from earth. While they are there they learn of the demise that came about for the first Sam Jack and Teal'c.
    They have to come up with a plan to keep the Jaffa from finding the ship.
    Sam and Jack go back to the ship and proceed to try and get the cloak to work, so they can use the cloak to hide the gate.
    Well needless to say it worked but not exactly the way they had planned it.
    Jack and Sam finally get to have their moment together, and I do believe they liked it. I loved this episode, it had a lot of humor and action at the same time.
  • fixing the timeline...

    SG-1 from an alternate future, except for Daniel, are 5,000 years in the past and trying to fix the timeline. Daniel from the real timeline is already there and is helping. Anyways, in the end they succeed, of course. This episode was amazing. It was halarious and had good writing; it had everything. I loved the end where Sam finally goes fishing with Jack. It was great, and he has fish in his pond! Basically, the story was absolutely awesome and this is one of my all-time favorite episodes of Stargate. I would have liked this episode to be the series finale instead of Unending. If they stopped the series here it would have just been an awesome ending to an awesome series. Oh well. Overall, great episode with great writing, great humor, great action, great story...great everything!
  • A highly entertaining two part episode and also the end of an era.

    Moebius was pretty good and funny too. Jack, Carter, Teal`c and Daniel travels though time to get a ZPM but changes the course of history on the way. It`s the final episode with Richard Dean Anderson as a regular. He will be missed and just cannot be replaced. But it was great to see all four back together in this episode. And at least, even if its some 2000 years B.C, Jack and Carter`s relationship have a better closure.
    Great performances by Amanda Tappings and Michael Shanks in the role of the alternate Daniel and Carter.

    Amusing and highly captivating 8 years of Stargate Sg1. Now its the end of an era ...Richard Dean Anderson leaves......and its the beginning of a whole new story.
  • Amazing finish for 8. year

    This was stunning. The whole episode. The ending most of all. I still have to say - our version of chars are much better but it was really great to enjoy all those hints and little similarities with things happened before. The way whole thing on Ancient Egypt remind Abydos and Daniel there - he lived with locals, tried to rise an rebellion.

    I really, really liked this episode. And somehow it feels like end of era, just like "Full Cricle" did. That kind of episode you won't forget soon.

    And this time - there was even a fish in Jack's pond.
  • To me, this episode was the perfect series finale. Some loose ends, not too loose, though. And some perfectly resolved issues. SG1 finally enjoying themselves... So what's with the new season coming over? What else is there to tell?

    We've seen Carter evolve. We've seen Teal'c evolve. We've seen Daniel and Jack evolve, and even die and resuscitate or ascend a couple (dozens, actually) of times. We've seen Hammond private life, we learned what Walter does there; we saw two Presidents in command, we saw Selmac and Jacob die. We saw the Goaul'd being defeated. We found Atlantis. And we even know that some stories are just about to begin, as the one between Sam and Jack -no need for anyone to blind us with prosaic details of it: it's there now, in the open, they know it and they'll do something about it.

    And that's why this episode was destined to be "The End". This is fiction: there's no need to loop, to repeat, to keep with daily life's details and new adventures. This is a show that had to have a decent, deep, meaningful and epic and even sentimental ending. This episode was it.

    Anyway, as some gaters over there like to say, "The Gate's still open". I'll cross over. I love Stargate. It's just that I love SG1 a little more.
  • The episodes that never should have been... I must say that i\'m deeply disappointed with the season 8, to that extent that i\'m not sure if SG-1 ever will be the same again. I will keep this short but time travel is something you have to b

    In this episode, in a sence, they killed off the entire SG-1 team. The people that we have come to love are now dead and have been replaced with mere copies of themselves. How can the writers expect the new team to be exactly like the old one? Quite frankly, it\'s a ridicolous thought and i will all together just ignore this finale.

    And oh my god... the moment that we had been waiting for between Carter and O\'Neill was turned into a stupid \"try-to-be-funny\" scene between a geek Carter and Jack. Why did they even do this episode?
  • With the timeline changed by SG-1's actions in the distant past, an alternate version of SG-1 must use the newly-discovered time ship to set things right

    This is probably the greatest and best episode ever made.
    Although it's not my favourite episode (this is "Window of Opportunity") i like it very much. Especially the "Hot"-scene is very silly and funny. I think except for one or two episodes season eight is the the best of SG-1. Right after that comes season four ("Window of Opportunity" and "Upgrades") and then season three ("Deadman Switch" and "Urgo"). Also a funny aspect is the other timeline Mckay who has no citrus allergy wants to show other timeline Sam the S.G.C and nearly grabs her butt when he pushes her out of the Puddle Jumper.
  • Not its finest hour.

    This really is one of the worst episodes of "SG-1" in a long, long time. Probably the worst since "Prodigy", one of my least favourite episodes.

    After "Moebius Part I", I was expecting a lot more from this episode especially since it was Richard Dean Anderson's swansong as a regular. It was cool to see General Hammond, Dr. McKay, Apophis and Kawalsky in "SG-1" again but, in fairness, they didn't really do anything *that* important. It seemed to me that they were just brought back for the heck of it. One character is okay but FOUR is a little overkill.

    I also really disliked the stupid, sappy ending. I'm all for Jack and Sam getting together at some stage but it's not the only reason, or the main one, I watch the show. I watch it for the humour, the great storylines, the great special effects and the usually above average acting. Unfortunately, this episode was low on all of them. It was obvious that they'd spent most of their special effects budget on "Reckoning" and "Threads." It was such a cop-out to kill off the original timeline Jack, Sam and Teal'c and the alternate timeline Daniel so they wouldn't have to do any split-screen shots. That's one of the main things that I love about time travel/alternate reality episodes.

    The actual ending was a big anti-climax. Describing it was certainly not enough to satisfy or even engage the viewer. To think that this would have been not such the season but the SERIES finale if the show wasn't renewed for a ninth season makes me shudder...and gives me an upset stomach. Either "Reckoning" or "Threads" would've have been a much better season finale and a swansong for RDA.

  • Alternate Sam Carter and Dr Jackson go back in time to change their past, present and possible future.

    As stand alone episodes, Moebius parts 1 and 2 are fine, but as a season finale, they were average. The great season that was season 8 (in my opinion) was wrapped up in episode 8x18, Threads. To then add Moebius parts 1 and 2 on the end was stupid. The only reason i can see them wanting to do this is to connect it to Stargate Atlantis' season 2. Nothing is really revealed and the episode ends like nothing really happened.
  • “I said baby, baby, baby you’re out of time”

    When I watch this episode it reminds me of the first time I read The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. Perfectly paced, densely plotted yet never feeling confusing or unreadable and with a sense of wonderment that blew my mind it was the finest book I read since Frank Herburt’s Dune. This episode, however, is none of those things, coming across as Jack once said “a galactic waste of time”. As much as I tired to enjoy this story by the tine the end credits started to roll I was left wondering what was the point of it all.

    The ending is so rushed, badly plotted and anti-climatic it makes you feel as if the writers couldn’t be bothered to think of a decent ending in time. So they just rehashed the ending of “Threads” only with a little twist that isn’t as funny as the writers might have hoped. We should have at least seen a clip of the actual uprising against Ra instead of just jumping back to the present and having SG-1 deciding not to go after all. Which just creates a massive temporally paradox where if they never went back in time and screwed thing up in the first place the alternative team will not have exist and been able to set right what SG-1 had done and therefore SG-1 wouldn’t have the ZPM because they never went back in time and…ahhhhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa Kill Me Now!!!

    This story might have worked better as a mid-season three parter rather than as a season finale. The Reckoning/Threads trilogy should have been the close to the season as all the major storylines and character arcs were brought to a close in those three episodes. Hell, if the Sci Fi Channel hadn’t renewed the show this would have been the series finale and I dread at the very through of that. This two-parter could only be used to help set up Stargate: Atlantis finale “The Siege” and nothing else. Everything was moving at such a frantic pace that there was no time for any development of character or story. As cute as Jack and Sam scenes were they just fleet forced. The two of them had known each other for about a few hours and suddenly they are making out in the back of the puddle jumper. I’m sorry but throwing in a few fan pleasing moment into the mix doesn’t make up for the lazy writing throughout.

    Continuing with the disappointments when I heard that Jack, Sam and Teal’c had been killed I felt cheated that something that important was only mentioned in a passing piece of dialogue and then quickly forgotten. This was the original team the people we have followed for eight years through thick and thin and their deaths are treated like a bad football result. (Ra-3 SG1-1). Daniel’s complete lack of consideration for his friends also struck me as right out of character. Since the beginning Daniel has always been the most emotional member of the team, the guy with the biggest heart who always look out for those who where in need and yet here he comes across a right cold bastard. Granted he’s spent the last five years in the ancient Egypt and watched his friends die but you think he would at least try to remain some of his humanity.

    Apart from Daniel’s moody and cold behaviour to his everyone I was really pissed off when the plan to steal the Gate was never show at all. This could have been an action sequence to possibly rival the ice battle from “Lost City”. I can’t help feeling that the producers wasted all their money of “Reckoning” and were forced to make some cut here and there. So instead the rather limp battle with the Jaffa is the closest we get to dramatic resolution and it sucked big time.

    Despite the overall lazy writing and rushing about, there where several highlights that did keep me entertained before I considered throwing the remote at the telly. It was nice to see Kawalski again (did they have to kill him again) and Teal’c killing Daniel caught me completely off guard. And I am starting to warm to the alternative Sam, but once again the best scenes belonged to one Dr. Rodney McKay. He is quickly becoming one of the franchises (god, I can use that term now can’t I, damn) most lovable characters despite being an arrogant, self-centred smart arse. In fact I’ve notice that all the good characters on Atlantis are all doctors, Becket, McKay and Zelenka. Then again Weir is also a doctor so there goes that theory. Anyway getting back on track by end I was left wondering what happened to the other SG-1. Are they still in the past, will the use the time ship to return to the future at some point next season? I hope so and that it is better written than this uneven mess, which has to rank has as the shows weakest season finale.

    As I look back at this season I can’t help thinking to myself that I’m glad there are going to be some major changes next season. While I rank this as one of the strongest seasons I attribute that purely to the work of the central four, who have all had a chance to shine this year.

    Jack promotion worked and gave Richard Dean Anderson some of his best scene ever despite his decreased screen time.
    Teal’c had three (yes, three) whole episode centred around him, a few years ago it was hard to have three whole scenes centred around him let along a whole episode.

    Sam had to deal with her impending wedding to Pete, her feeling for Jack and the death of her father all of which showed why we love Amanda Tapping and even Claudia Black returning won’t be able to make up for her absence next season. Well, maybe a little.

    Daniel became the shows resident hunk and man of action racing around the galaxy fighting bad guys and managing to snog Claudia Black while he was at it. Lucky bastard.

    But there has been this feeling that things were starting to get a little old. Season 8 has to rank as the season where the team did as little gate travel as possible and just stayed home. There were at least eight Earth based tales, three that centred on off world missions and only one (“Icon”) that wasn’t arc laden. I love that the show has embraced the idea of character development but I do wish they stop trying to turn the show into a drama about space travellers with emotional problems. I want to tune in one week and watch a tale where SG-1 go off world and I don’t need a degree in Stargate History to understand what is going on. I do like Earth based tales but why must they all revolve around the rouge NID or the Trust or whatever they call themselves these days. Get some new villains.

    Which brings me to the next point in my extend rant: Bad Guys. All the classic characters are pretty much gone so it would be great if the team could get back to the core idea of being explorers searching the galaxy and not soldiers fighting a war that is now over. SG-1 should encounter some new and interesting aliens unlike any of the others we’ve seen before and I do think it would be great to finally meet the Furlings. But no more time travel, I still have nightmare about all the times they’ve done it to death in Star Trek we don’t need SG-1 going down that dark and confusing path as well.
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