Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 20

Moebius (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2005 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • In the original timeline, Kawalsky and Jack are both in the Air Force and served together prior to the SGC. In the alternate timeline (approx 1.5 minutes in), Kawalsky's uniform reads U.S. Marines, while the rest of the men in the briefing are wearing Air Force uniforms.

    • First Prime Teal'c managed to pick out the camera from all of O'Neill and company's gear despite never having encountered Tau'ri technology before in this timeline.

    • When the puddle jumper cloaks in the desert, there is no visible trace of it. There should have been indentations in the sand where it landed.

    • Trivia: The ending of this episode is almost identical to the ending of the season 8 episode "Threads," with Jack finally getting the rest of SG-1 to go fishing with him.

    • It is cleary established here that Daniel's eyesight is poor without his glasses on. Yet in "Moebius, Part 1" he specifically takes his glasses off when he's watching the tape found at the Giza excavations.

    • When the puddle jumper comes through the Stargate in Ancient Egypt, it clearly shows the Sphinx as sandy-colored much as it is today. But tests have confirmed that the Sphinx was actually painted when it was built.

    • When dialing the gate using the Puddle Jumper, the inner ring spins instead of just locking like when a DHD is normally used.

    • When the team arrives in Ancient Egypt and they are walking across the desert during the day with the sun relatively high in the sky, you can clearly see their breath, indicating that it is cold where they are filming.

    • As Jack prepares to lift off, a staff-blast hits the wall behind him and to his left. Although the staff-blasts are extremely powerful, there is no sign of any damage to the wall in subsequent shots.

  • Quotes

    • Sam: I don't really like guns.
      Jack: (sarcastic) Neither do I. How do you feel about explosives?
      Sam: Those I like a little bit better.

    • Hammond: Have either one of you even fired a weapon of any kind?
      Sam: Unless you count launching a rocket.

    • Jack: Any idea what to expect?
      Sam: Not really. According to the tape, we're going to be demolecularized, transmitted over two thousand light years through subspace, and then, uh, rematerialized on the other side.
      Kawalsky: I did not need to know that!

    • Hammond: ...under no circumstances is it to be used to travel through time. Understood?
      Jack: Yes sir.
      Hammond: Never in my life would I have imagined giving that order.

    • Sam: Didn't that tape say there were no fish in your pond?
      Jack: Close enough.

    • Sam: Look, if we don't make it... (she kisses Jack - hard)
      Jack: Wait a minute! You said you liked Daniel!
      Sam I lied. I just wanted to get to know you better. You see, usually I'm a very cautious person and I tend to think things... (Jack grabs and kisses her)

    • Sam: I think the power relay was overloaded. I may be able to reroute the circuit to the control interface...What?
      Jack: It's just a little weird hearin' that kind of stuff come out of someone so...
      Sam: So what?
      Sam: Really?
      Jack: Yeah.
      Sam: Wow. Um, it's just're not the kind of guy that I usually attract.
      Jack: No?
      Sam: No. Huh. God. Wow! This is kinda awkward.
      Jack: Yeah, it's gettin' there.

    • Sam: I wonder if the future me has a boyfriend?

    • Sam: There has to be a way that we can cable the Gate to the ship – fly it out.
      Jack: Yeah, but we've still gotta get close to it without being detected.
      Daniel: Well, that's easy. The ship has a cloaking device ... (the others stare at him) makes it invisible.
      Jack: You're telling me this now?!
      Daniel: I was sure I mentioned it on the tape.
      Teal'c: If we were able to time our approach to co-ordinate with the uprising, we may yet have a chance.
      Sam: We'll need to test the cloak. We took an awful lot of damage coming out of Chulak.
      Jack: Because we didn't know about the damned cloak!
      Daniel: I was sure I mentioned it on the tape!

    • Daniel: Well, this can't be a good sign.
      Jack: Why's that?
      Daniel: Where am I?
      Jack: Ancient Egypt?
      Daniel: No, I mean the me from your timeline.
      Teal'c: I killed you.
      Daniel: Why?
      Teal'c: You were a Goa'uld spy.
      Daniel: Good reason.
      Sam: It was horrible.
      Daniel: Yeah, I'm sure. Why are you here?
      Jack: Yes – excellent question.
      Daniel: You don't know?
      Jack: Well, I thought I did, there, for a while, and then I realized I ... didn't.
      Daniel: Well, I know why I'm here.
      Jack: Good! Let's start there.

    • Apophis: I think there is much you can tell me.
      Daniel: Well, if you wanna know about the early settlements of Mesopotamia, I am somewhat of an expert...

    • Apophis: Who are you?
      Daniel: Name's Daniel Jackson. Uh, if you give me back my eyeglasses, I could actually see you.
      Teal'c: He claims he is of the Tau'ri.
      Daniel: You weren't supposed to tell him that.
      Apophis: The Tau'ri have no chappa'ai.
      Daniel: Oh! Sorry, guess I was wrong. I'm sure your information is correct fact, I'm usually quite wrong, quite unreliable actually. To be honest with you, I'm insane.

    • McKay: Gateship One, you're go for launch.
      Jack: 'Gateship'??
      Daniel: Well, it's a ship, it goes through the Gate, so...
      Jack: All right.
      McKay: What? It's a ship that goes through the Gate – it's a Gateship! Well, I thought it was clever.

  • Notes

    • Amanda Tapping was pregnant during this episode. You can tell by her awkward stride. The crew had everyone wear gear that made them look puffy.

    • This episode won a Leo Award for Best Costume Design in a Dramatic Series.

    • In the scenes involving the jumper, the desert set being used in the filming is the exact same set used in the Stargate Atlantis episode: "The Defiant One" season one episode 12, in which Sheppard's team is sent to investigate a downed Wraith ship on a desert planet.

    • So Peter Williams wouldn't have to shave his head again for his brief appearance, the headdress that Apophis is wearing was specially designed to cover up Peter's hair.

    • Daniel was the only one alive in Egypt, and he died in the alternate timeline, so he did not go back in time again.

    • Similarities to the original timeline:

      The scene in which Daniel wakes up in the Chulak prison hours after his team were captured is a reference to the first episode "Children of the Gods" in which the exact same thing happens
      Jack asks Daniel "You do have the address to get us back, right?" This refers to the film, where Daniel says he can get them back, but realizes he can't once he reaches Abydos.
      As in "Children of the Gods," one of the team members is implanted with a Goa'uld symbiote: Kawalsky in that episode, Daniel Jackson in this episode. Both times Teal'c kills them.
      The gang still meet at Jack's cabin to fish and drink beers (as at the end of "Threads"), even if there are now fish in the pond.

    • This episode marks yet another not quite permanent death of Daniel Jackson.

    • Originally aired on SkyOne in the UK on February 22. 2005

    • Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) is the only actor to appear in all twenty episodes of Season Eight. Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O'Neill) did not appear in "New Order (1)"; Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter) and Christopher Judge (Teal'c) did not appear in "Prometheus Unbound".

    • Actually, Joe Mallozzi (Writer and Executive Producer) stated that fish have always been in Jack's pond, but he could just never catch any.

  • Allusions

    • Jack: Close enough.
      At the end of the episode when SG-1 finally returns to their own time hoping things are back to normal, Sam notices that Jack's pond which was supposed to be barren, now has a fish in it. She points out this little disparity which Jack shrugs off commenting "close enough." In Jack's favorite show The Simpsons, there was an episode ("Treehouse Of Horror V") in which Homer time-travels, and after attempting to set things right, returns to his own time to finally find things back to normal, almost. He shrugged that off saying "close enough."

    • Alternate Daniel: Well, it's a ship, it goes through the Gate, so...
      This conversation is very similar to the one on the Stargate Atlantis episode "Rising, Part 2." In both cases McKay thinks the name is "cool".

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