Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 21, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Sleeping illness strikes! (Literally)

    The main problem I had with this story is that it could've been so much better, especially the ending - It was incredibly cheap... instead of SG-1 solving it themselves they basically got lifted up by a magic fairy and cured.

    It just seemed like a quick and easy fix, one minute they're on the planet and now their home back to normal... what? Oh well there is some good points to this episode as well - I did enjoy the Vala subplot and seeing her crazy antics make me laugh so I'll be a little forgiving of this episode.

    I would've rated this a 5 but i'll give it a 7 because of Vala's subplot. I do rather enjoy brain eating paracites but I do not enjoy illogical quick fixes at the end of episodes.
  • They needed a sleeping time

    The SG team travel to a planet to look for a weapon to fight the Ori. But they ended by catching a sleeping disease caused by a local parasite. Meanwhile in Stargate command Vala is tested to see if she can or not be trusted and that makes her nervures and crazy.

    This episode wasn’t so interesting like the others were and the storyline was a little for the boring way. The end was surprisingly not what I was waiting (in quality terms), the team basically appear in a room on Stargate command cured, the writers cold do better than that.
  • Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.....

    This is not the reason why I watch this show. This is a mediocre episode.

    In this episode, they must fight the urge to sleep. Apparently a bug induces the release of melatonin in the brain. Melatonin is created from serotonin which makes the person sleepy. When you finally sucumb and fall asleep the bug continues to eat the melatonin and eventually it will damage some parts of the brain. This is what killed the people. Also, Vala is being subjucted to a test. This is the only interesting part since she's kinda funny in the episode.

    What a total bummer this episode turned out to be. I mean sleeping is their enemy. That's kinda stupid. The only reason this didn't get a lower score is because of Vala. She is totally amazing.
  • Vala helped make it a good episode.

    We didn\'t really learn anything new in this episode except a little about Morgan Le Fay. I had a feeling that if anyone was going to die it was going to be the guy who was already tired. Me and my dad were both saying how when it came to the cave scenes they could\'ve gone with the story in a different direction. I thought the lizard was going to play some part but not really. All of Vala\'s scenes were GREAT! I really liked the part at the end with Woolsey.
  • They went to a planet got infected and came back. Point?

    This was definatly not one of the best episodes of stargate i've every watched but it did have it good bits (which were mainly the Vala scenes). I her Vala in this episode she was the main reason I didn't give this episode a lower score, but I especially loved the line:
    'You are in the desert. You see a tortoise lying on his back in the hot sun. You recognise his plight, but do nothing to help. Why?" Hmmm...why? Because you are also a tortoise...' It just made me laugh.

    One down side to this epiosde was the way that every thing was just fixed at the end, one minute there on the planet dying the next there at the SGC cured, it didn't seem to be well thought through.

    Again Vala at the end made me laugh with Woolsey. All in all an Ok episode but could of been better.
  • A return to the classic Gate-To-Another-World-A-Week idea.

    In this episode, we have a little of the old with a little of the new. For the main team we have the return to the classic Gate-To-Another-World-A-Week idea. The ending with them being put into the cool Airforce Quasi-coffins support devices was a little too convenient an ending (perhaps some of this episode ended up on the cutting room floor). I would have liked to see the cave pan out a little more (after all there was a hidden magic doorway button). Also the continuation of the medieval influence of the gods continues (since we have exhausted the egyptian myths).

    It was nice to have a week where the team was back to exploring a strange world, tied into the larger scheme but not as directly as a big huge space battle. Sure it gets tied up in a nice little bow at the end of the episode, but that is what the classic episodes were like (solved in the last 10 minutes)

    Kudos also to the addition of the Vala character (played so well by Claudia Black) as a main character. She will bring back the comedy stylings that RDA used to infuse into the O'Neal character, which Browder tries to duplicate - without being as good at it as Flanigan is on SGA. The scenes with her were great and she adds some fun to the show. The end of the show where she is talking about the loot is an absolute hoot.

    In the end, not a great episode, but a good return to what all of us loved about the middle seasons of the series.
  • Slipping into familiar patterns...

    After the premiere, I was left wondering if this season would continue to pave new ground or fall back into familiar patterns. In particular, I wondered if Merlin’s weapon would become something like the “Lost City”: something that would be the focus of a season-long search, with the solution being found in the season finale. While this is not automatically a bad thing, it is repetitive. And for that matter, so are episodes built around a virus or condition encountered on a planet, forcing the team to race against time.

    So this episode was somewhat disturbing, because it fell into those familiar patterns. The virus itself is hardly unique, nor does it serve to reveal anything particularly meaningful about the characters. Is it such a surprise that Teal’c would struggle to the bitter end, the last to fall to the effects of the virus? Nor is it surprising that the parasite had no long-term effects on the team. By episode’s end, they’re back to normal, no worse for the wear. Even a couple weeks of lag time can’t account for that!

    But, there are some interesting twists. If the Goa’uld gave the writers an excuse to mine Egyptian mythology for story concepts, then the Ancients War is the perfect chance to play with Arthurian/Celtic mythology. Arthurian concepts are often fun, and in this case, the idea of Merlin being an Ancient is a nice touch. Equally fun is the idea of Morgan LeFay running around, making things difficult, and a connection to Atlantis, furthering the deeply interwoven nature of the franchise.

    It remains to be seen how far the writers choose to take this Arthurian conceptual connection. It could be taken to extremes, and then the fun new direction becomes trite. If the writers try to cast Mitchell as the new “Arthur” figure, that would be the immediate effect. (I can hear the screaming from the fandom now, cascading from that possible future timeline!)

    To make another reference to “Babylon 5”, those Arthurian comparisons have been made before, and they’ve worked. So long as those references are metaphorical, played out visually and thematically, it can be subtle enough to avoid the worst excesses. It remains to be seen whether or not the writers will be able to pull it off in the “Stargate” universe.

    For all the familiar elements, the virus plot thread is at least a solid (if uninteresting) storyline. Vala’s psychological evaluation doesn’t pass the same muster. In fact, while revealing some measure of progress in Vala’s moral development, it doesn’t go nearly far enough to justify the outcome. Vala doesn’t really prove that she can be trusted. I would have felt better if the end scene played out, and then Landry pulled Mitchell or Daniel to the side, making it clear that they should deal with her if she poses a problem. But that kind of dark territory is out of the question, despite the moral ambiguity at play on “SGA”.

    For me, Vala’s plot thread kept the episode from succeeding. With the rest of the episode being average at best, it was really a matter of how well they dealt with a tricky situation. I, for one, was left unimpressed and disappointed. Hopefully this is just a minor blip for the tenth season.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Future episodes will highlight “Stargate SG-1”, so it might be something of interest . Go to if you want to listen!)

  • Just where did they dig this idear up? This is all just the crap they give us to fill more episodes on the series. A complete waste of time.

    The SG1 teammembers get sick... again. this time it is a parasite... again. they get saved by an indiginous lifeform that happend to live in some caves that had to look at in search of the weapon against the ori.

    I mean any one see a pattern. This happens every time they made a superb episode the mess it up by sending a boring episode afterwards.
  • Don't fall asleep....

    this i think, was a very original storyline and one that stargate sg1 had not had anything to do with before. i like how they were searching for Merlins weapon and they whent to a planet that Aurthur was said to have went to. the whole planet was hit by a disease that make peoplr fall asleep, and if they fall asleep they won't wake was avery good episode of stargate sg1 and season ten is turning out to be very well writen and i think that season ten will be my favourite.i hope 'pegasus project' is even better.later.
  • sweet...

    what else can I say other than that I am loving this season. This was a very good idea for an episode. I know it didn't have alot of action in it but not every episode to a show can have action in it. The team go searching for merlin's anti ori weapon but come to a village where you ant to fall asleep. Vala has to undergo a psych evaluation. I think she ended up becoming a part of sg1. When they all got back the weapon was not there but daniel found a reference to something else... Atlantis! which means the weapon could be there. later...
  • The Oricy’s mother must take a psych test.

    The team is about to go to a search for Merlyn’s weapon while Vala’s fate hangs in the balance. As the one who knows her the most, Daniel pleads her case to General Landry pointing out her value as the Oricy’s mother as well as her recent involvement on the latest event, Landry is willing to give her a chance as long as she takes a psych test and Daniel’d keep an eye on her, a decision Daniel almost come to regret as she takes over his computer to prepare for any possible question.

    As Vala plays with Daniel’s computer the SG-1 team arrives to a planet where everyone died on their sleep which wouldn’t have gone beyond the usual mystery have not been by a parasite that apparently is now trying to kill the SG-1 team during their sleep, one by one the member of the scientific team fall sleep and die while Mitchell and Teal’c go to the caves to capture a life form that is immune to the parasite. Things are no better for Vala who not only fails the polygraph and cards test but is also approached to become a spy on the SG-1 program due to her colorful past. She finally has it and dumps her frustration on the psychologist that monitors her confessing a past where she has cheat and lie and steal to get what she wants, had circumstances repeat itself she would probably do it again despite this phase in which she finds herself compelled not to because of someone who in a small way believes in her but don’t worry, she’s sure it’ll pass too. Apparently, this is all what they needed to know for she passed the test – that includes the spy proposition as one of the items – and Vala becomes a proud member on probation of a team that found the cure to the parasite thanks to Teal’c and the SGC.
  • good episode...

    SG-1 goes off world in search of Merlin's weapon but they get exposed to a parasite that will kill them if they sleep. In the end, of course, they make an anitdote and they're ok. Meanwhile, Vala is undergoing a psyce test. I thought the parasite story line was unoriginal but it was pretty interesting nonetheless. It was funny watching everyone that was tired. I was a little annoyed that they used the same actor to play the doctor that played the archaologist in "Window of Oppertunity." Oh well, it's no big deal. He's a good actor anyways. I thought Vala's story line was very funny. I actually liked her in this episode, and that's saying a lot because I can't stand Vala. Anyways, she was funny. Overall, ok story with a lot of funny moments.
  • Don't fall asleep...

    Oh.. I adored the idea. We have had many problems, many planets were dangers are but something like this - sleep will kill you and team trying to stay awake, some failing and then a hopeless feeling, last hope by trying to find something to cure it. Very good emotion and atmosphere creating and the solution and the whole color of the episode, remarkable.

    I also must say - the Vala little storyline was enjoyable too - to cram for psychiatric validation. Who would have come to that idea? But she did. I do not know but for me it seems that she is adding little humor to the serie what has been lost in while. It used to be here when O'Neill was around.. but...
  • this episode was realy good. It had it';s questions. Vala wnats to be apart of the team so bad but now she had to go through many examinations and psych tests. she is detemined that she can study for these exams, no one can make her understand what it is.

    This was to say the least a puzzling show. Especially when Sam is puzzled. But i8t had it's moments. Every one starts getting tired and irratable from lack of sleep and the knowledge that there will be no sleep until they figure this thing out.
    Vala on the other hand had her own adventure going on back at the sgc.
    She really wants to do this and they are really putting her through it. When Woolsy confronts her and offers to have her passed if she would just agree to provide information to the nid about what they find and what goes on at the sgc.
    After they realize that the stimulants that are taking to stay awake are getting to the harmfukl level they decide that they can no longer take anymore of them and they have to stay awake the old fashioned way. Sam and Daniel are left at the base and are slowly but surely running out of juice. Just in time for the hazmat team to come in just in time to save them. There was a lot going on in this episode, but it was realy good and had a great ending. I liked it much.
  • Two Voyager scripts for the price of one.

    When I watched this episode, there were times when I felt similar plot threads from other shows were being used.

    In fact, there were two from Star Trek: Voyager that came to mind. The first was \"Waking Moments\" from season 4, about the crew falling asleep. The second was \"Macrocosm\" from season 3, where they encounter a virus that uses hosts to grow into a larger lifeform.

    Not to mention that the episode was... well... a little dull. The Vala b-story was amusing, but hardly compelling.

    This is evidence to me that SG-1 is past it\'s best, and I for one am glad that this is it\'s final season. It should have ended when season 8 was completed.
  • Vara is being sent to a psychologist to see if she is ready to team back with SG-I while the team experiences a virus.

    Well everyone seemed to review this one, this episode was boring and wasn't very good. SG-I is at it's best when they can bundle in action with an involving storyline.

    This had relatively little action and relied more on comedy. Plus another unoriginal storylines involving a virus just made it look that much more mediocre.

    If it wasn't for the fact that I know this is part of an arc to an Ori angle, I would have mistake this for another episode. Performances were decent just the storyline itself
    sucked even though Claudia Black is wonderful as Vara.

  • Well i think that the disease was affecting me too ... 'cause i almost reached the NREM in this episode...XD

    this was one of the most boring episodes since RDA left the show....

    if the 9 season haves average episodes, the 10th season its going for the same way....i hope that the episodes related to SGA wont be the most interesting this season in sg1...

    but we have a lot of episodes incoming! im sure that the things will improve!!!
  • @ 2crour93,

    One of the reasons SG1 was so successful was because they never took themselves too seriously.... You, obviously, take this sh@t wwwaaaaayyyyyy too seriously!