Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 21, 2006 on Syfy

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  • The Oricy’s mother must take a psych test.

    The team is about to go to a search for Merlyn’s weapon while Vala’s fate hangs in the balance. As the one who knows her the most, Daniel pleads her case to General Landry pointing out her value as the Oricy’s mother as well as her recent involvement on the latest event, Landry is willing to give her a chance as long as she takes a psych test and Daniel’d keep an eye on her, a decision Daniel almost come to regret as she takes over his computer to prepare for any possible question.

    As Vala plays with Daniel’s computer the SG-1 team arrives to a planet where everyone died on their sleep which wouldn’t have gone beyond the usual mystery have not been by a parasite that apparently is now trying to kill the SG-1 team during their sleep, one by one the member of the scientific team fall sleep and die while Mitchell and Teal’c go to the caves to capture a life form that is immune to the parasite. Things are no better for Vala who not only fails the polygraph and cards test but is also approached to become a spy on the SG-1 program due to her colorful past. She finally has it and dumps her frustration on the psychologist that monitors her confessing a past where she has cheat and lie and steal to get what she wants, had circumstances repeat itself she would probably do it again despite this phase in which she finds herself compelled not to because of someone who in a small way believes in her but don’t worry, she’s sure it’ll pass too. Apparently, this is all what they needed to know for she passed the test – that includes the spy proposition as one of the items – and Vala becomes a proud member on probation of a team that found the cure to the parasite thanks to Teal’c and the SGC.