Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 24, 1998 on Syfy

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  • After School Special

    Ehh, it was a long and drawn out boring episode that is speaking to the dangers of drug addiction. The team is taken captive and most are sent to a mine for slave labor while Daniel has taken the attention of the Princess. She explains that their legend tells of his coming and that he can live an extended life if he uses a Goa'uld sarcophagus. Once used Daniel becomes addicted to the effects and the team has to ween him off the effects.

    Jackson becomes addicted to the effects of a Goa'uld sarcophagus, and falls for the planet's manipulative princess. Who wouldn't be a sucker for a princess! I like to think I wouldn't but I probably would be attracted to a damsel in distress. Simply put this episode addresses addiction. This is a common theme in every show not just science fiction shows. But I don't think any other current show has addressed it quite like this. As a power struggle between right and wrong! The question remains will Daniel suffer any long-term effects from his exposure to the sarcophagus? The end?
  • Daniel gets addicted to the sarcophagus.

    I don't know what to think about this episode. It's definitely a filler episode, as the story nor the characters evolve in it. You do learn a few things ... like the sarcophagus is actually the root of evil of the goa'uld, and that is why the Tok'ra don't use it. (This doesn't contradict other episodes ... even though, later on, we see some goa'ulds that you know for a fact that they haven't been in a sarcophagus, but are evil straight away - you can't forget the genetic memory thing that the goa'uld have. If your head is filled with all the evil things that all your predecessors have done ... you're most likely to become evil - the tok'ra would be the exception to this rule). Daniel gets involved with an alien woman ... again! (It must be his 3rd or 4th already). What a player ... lol.
    Apart from the usual funny quirks from Jack, this episode was quite dull and disappointing. (This makes it 2 poor-by-stargate-standards episodes in a row [The gamekeeper being the other one - I refused to do a review on that one for fear of putting too many swear words in it :P])
  • Daniel's a real jerk sometimes...

    Daniel becomes more of a jerk than usual thanks to the side effects of the sarcophagus. This was kind of a stop and start episode centered around Daniel. My biggest issue with the episode was that the pace seems rather awkward. We learn that using the sarcophagus has an effect like a narcotic. This episode also pokes fun at the show itself a little bit. Shyla and Daniel walk in the woods and Shyla asks Daniel if he'd ever seen such marvelous things as the trees around them. This was a humorous jab at the show, and how nearly every planet they visit is well forested.
  • Bad effects of good things...

    They just never cannot go without problems and this time the greatest problem is Daniel who saves the life of a princess, only to be captured by Goa'ulds and then forced to work on mine. They almost managed to escape, but Daniel, with his bad habit, get hurt... many rocks collapse on him. So, their escape did not worked. Daniel goes to sarcophagi and is all right with no time, again. But there are bad effects there too and it looks like he is not rushing too much to save his friends.

    Not best storyline but not bad too.. Quite enjoyable for some interlude as this episode does not develop no major events, but we get more deeper looks into Daniel and great character development.
  • Princess have crush on Daniel...

    Great Episode, I love it. Daniel and the team were caught and sent to mines as slaves. The team tried to escape but Daniel was hit by rocks and are very injured. But Daniel was healed by the sarcophagus. The princess fell love with him and forced Daniel to use the sarcophagus few times. Daniel feel so better, much better but there is problem for that. Daniel can see better without glasses and feel so strong. Anyway, Daniel's body is off the chart so Dr. Fraizer are trying to treat him but Daniel want to go back to princess. Daniel did cried and Jack is there to comfort him. I love this episode!
  • Mediocore episode that has a few bright spots

    This was a pretty important episode in the fact that it showed the power of the sarcophagus and it's addictive effects. It also helped to explain the why the Gou'ald are so evil with the effects it has on the host from such massive use. I kinda liked the drug addict Daniel and Micheal did a great job. The biggest problem I had with this episode is Daniel's kirking. I am not a fan of relationships in shows for some reason and this episode is no different. The scene with Jack and Daniel in the storage room was very emotional and I know a lot of fans who point to that as a big moment in their friendship espically the damn slashers.
  • Daniel being the humanitarian that he he is never going to allow anything to happen to someone that should never happen this is how he ends up in trouble sometimes. But you can blame him for not wanting to watch this young woman harm herself.

    He knows not who she is nut he knows for her to die by her own hand would just be wrong. So of course he has to save the damzel in distress. But she is not to thankful. Sg1 end working in their mines.
    They finally get an opportunity to make a break for it, in the fight with the guards the tunnel collaps in on top of daniel. But the young woman gets Daniel and puts him in the
    sarcophagus to save his life. She developes a massive crush on Daniel and blackmails him for the life of his freinds and for his heart. She keeps putting him in the sarcophagus and it begins to alter his personality as any addiction does.
    She wants so bad to make him love her and be her king. He agrees to marry her. That's one twist you would never expect. Once he gets back to the sgc the withdrawls sets in and now he believes everyone is against him and wants to return back to her. He even goes as far as to attempt to resign from the sgc but passes out. I feel like Micheal shanks gave a fantastic performance. He really does a great job with pulling off the withdrawls they were very believeable. This was not a very action packed episode but it was still important to the Daniel Jackson character. It shows how trusting he can be. This was more like a fatal attraction type episode.
    It was very entertaining to me.
  • Daniel becomes an addict, while the rest of SG1 becomes enslaved. This is not the best episode (or even a descent one) but it does have its moments.

    There have been a few episodes in the first and second seasons that have been more focused on Michael Shanks' character Daniel. Unfortunately, in each one, Shanks gives a poor performance. This episode is no exception.

    SG1 become enslaved into a mining operation by a corrupted (dying) king. The princess establishes a crush on Daniel, sets him free and plans on making him her king. Daniel's primary intentions to help release his friends are forgotten after he becomes "addicted" to the sarcophagus. By maintaining a trust relationship with the princess, Daniel convinces her and the king to let SG1 go back to Earth. However, when they return back, Daniel is put through an intense detox program that leaves him back to normal (after having the same symptoms of a detoxing heroin addict). Daniel must then go back to the princess and tell her that although he doesn't love her, he still cares :'(

    This episode focuses on Daniel, his relationship with the princess, and his addiction to the sarcophagus. Thrown in with some funny lines and good acting by Anderson, and usually this would make a good story-line. Unfortunately the bad writing and poor acting from Shanks make this one of -if not- the worst episode(s) of season 2.
  • Daniel becomes hooked on the Sarcophagus and his whole personality changes.

    They start off coming to this planet and Daniel saves this woman from jumping off a cliff. As thanks they are arrested and are punished to work in the Naqahdah mines.

    After a screwed up escape attempt Daniel is taken away and the young princess falls in love with him. She gets him hooked on the Sarcophagus and he forgets all about his friends who are still in the mines.

    This is the episode where we learn that the Sarcophagus has some pretty bad side effects. I thought Michael Shanks did a really nice job playing opposite of how he normally acts.

    It was a wonderful change and it kept me interested until the end.
  • For some reason I just don't like episodes like this one. Maybe it's because I'm a guy...

    This just isn't my kind of episode. I hope this doesn't mean I'm one of those people who only like action sequences (not that I'm bad-mouthing them), but I just found this episode to be pretty boring. Maybe it's because this episode took itself too seriously, or because I don't really like Michael Shank's cold-turkey performance, or because I'm just not a fan of the whole romantic genre in general.

    Still, there are some humorous moments in there, mainly thanks to Richard Dean Anderson, and it also adds a little to the Goa'uld mythology, giving another possible reason for their being evil.

    So, whilst it's not my kind of episode, I do know of a few people on these message boards who really like it, so maybe it's just me. Still, if I were introducing someone to Stargate SG1, I wouldn't recommend showing him or her this episode the first time through.
  • Daniel rescues a woman from commiting suicide and she asks him to marry her.

    This episode started off a little slow, but picked up at the end. This was overall a pretty goood episode about Daniel. It was interesting about why the Gou'ld are as bad as they are. It really makes you wonder if they would be as bad as they are without that artifact they use. They probably would be, but who knows. Like I said, this was a pretty good episode, but once again, not the best I have seen in this series. It is good for Daniel to find love again, but you know how it will end since he is still searching for his wife.