Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 22

Nemesis (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Here We Go

    O'Neill is about to go on vacation when Thor beams him to his ship. It is over run by little unstoppable techno bugs called replicators. the devour everything in their site and use it to make more of themselves. Can the SG 1 team find a way to destroy the ship before the bugs make it to Earth and destroy humanity.
  • The Replicators debut...

    This was truly an outstanding episode, lots of good action, plenty of humor, and a new really cool enemy. The replicators are favorite enemy throughout the entire series next to the Goa'uld. I just love their theme music, and you get a healthy dose of it here. The music really does a good job of projecting just what a relentless force the Replicators are. While the concept of a technological foe is nothing new(see Borg and Cylons), the way Stargate does it is very innovative. The Replicator are closer to animals than people and unlike the Borg and other technological foes they seek out technology and raw materials rather than seek to obliterate a species, at least until season 6, but we'll get to that in season 6. The only thing lacking in this episode was Daniel, and while that didn't hurt the episode too badly, it does slightly upset the team dynamic. Thankfully, this episode is more about action than anything else. And it has this in spades, plenty of Replicator blasting to keep me happy. This was one heck of a season finale and one that shouldn't be missed. As a matter of fact this was the first episode I saw all the way through, about 7 years ago. Ever since then I was hooked, it is hard to top this show and this episode in my opinion.
  • Another cliffhanger...

    Another season ending - another cliffhanger... It was really exciting episode and.. oh.. I was nailed to the screen all the time, trying to stay calm and not get too excited. The storyline was brilliant - the enemy Asgard were talking about... now it is threatening the Earth. Also, we got the new beginning and it looks like Goa'ulds (even though Aphopis is still not dead) are not so important.

    And the end.. all the things they did on the ship... and then taking the Stargate and getting out.. so good the had one extra... but now they have only one..

    Cannot wait what comes next.
  • In this episode Daniel is recovering from an apendix surgery and the rest of the team is ordered to take a vacation. and Jack is wanting to go fishing and invites sam. But she wants to stay on the base and work on a project that she has been working on.

    As Jack is leaving to go on his trip is suddenly transported to thor's ship. When he gets there he runs into a bunch of machanical spiders. when he finds thor he tells jack that he si sorry for dooming him but they need his help to get rid of the what he called the replicators. But he says there is no way to get off the ship because of the damage they have already done to his ship. So he contacts Hammond via hologram communication. he gives them alist of weapons and explosives he needs to destroy the ship. When Sam offers to help he refuses and makes it an order. But sam and Teal'ccome up with a plan to get them out. So hammond overrides Jack's order and sends them with the supplies. there is alot of shooting and dodging the replicators. They begin to think that thor was right and that they are doomed to die with the ship.
    Thor has become so ill that sam is concerned that he is going to die but he refuses to be put in stasis to save his life until he get back home. Sam decides that the only way to stop the replicators is to place an explosive outside the ship the only way to do this is for Teal'c to go outside the ship and place the explosive. When he is done and tries to return to the safety of the ship the doors will not open, the transport beams cannot reach him because he is to close to the ship so he has to push off so that she can get a lock on him. It takes alot longer than they had hoped, but she finally gets a lock on him and gets him back inside before it is to late. they then transport the stargate onto the ship so they can gate off the ship and then gate back home from somewhere else. But they have to wait till it is just about time to blow the ship to leave through the gate so the replicators dont have time to stop the explosion. Sam brings thor in his pod with her and just as the ship is about to blow they go through the gate. And as the show ends they show the ship entering the atmosphere and it blows up and crashes into the ocean.
    I liked this season finale it was a good cliff hanger. I enjoyed much.
  • A great ending to season 3.

    This episode was great for a number of reasons but the main one has to be that we are introduced to the Replicators for the first time. These little devils show up continuously from this point the main part being season 8. Anyway i was worried that prehaps Thor would not make it but knowing how the Asguard always seem to be ok i'm not too worried. Thsi episode left us with a big cliff hanger is SG1 alive? and now the relicators are on earth. O my god. This show from here on in is simply unmissiable. I am totally hooked. Next season proves to be even greater than this season. The writing is so good.
  • It has its problems, but it's an important episode in that it introduces what is arguably Stargate's greatest enemy.

    On the SG-1 message board on Internet Movie Database they are (at least at the time of this review) playing a "Greatest Stargate Episode Ever Contest". In each round you vote for your least favourite episode until only one is left, which is the best. For season 3, this episode won. Whilst it is certainly an important episode for broadening the Stargate Universe with the introduction of a great new enemy, it does have its problems.

    As always I'll start with the good points. This episode starts off very well, sort of showing what each character does to relax. Daniel's predicament is quite humorous, Carter's habit is arguably too obvious and one-dimensional, but it also arguably works for her character of being a science geek. But of course it's great to see O'Neill relax a whole lot more than usual (and that's saying something). And of course, the bit where he's beamed away unexpectedly is quite well executed.

    Secondly, this episode has, at times, some exceptional visual effects, and it's easy at times to see why this easy the first episode to be nominated for best visual effects at the Emmys. Thor's ship entering the atmosphere and its crashing fireball are notably impressive sequences.

    The Replicators are very well conceived and presented, and their mechanical sounds, which have become all too familiar to Stargate fans, are quite impressive. It's very clever how the writers came up with an enemy that would defeat the Asgard and be impervious to energy weapons, and yet be completely vulnerable to our guns. This is expanded on very effectively in the next episode. Also, there are some nice little moments of humour, in particular the opening few minutes as I mentioned above, and of course Teal'c's classic "One small step for Jaffa..." Unfortunately, there isn't too much humour in this episode, and considering this is not a particularly well-paced or exciting episode this is a severe blow. The story is okay, not great but not terrible either. I must say it was a clever idea of having them stuck on the ship, and then having them beam up the Stargate in order to escape. It also makes for a rather impressive ending with our heroes blasting dozens of Lego-bugs.

    So, whilst this is an important and pivotal episode for introducing the Replicators, it has some serious problems. While it certainly is necessary to watch for future episodes, it isn't an episode I would like to watch again any time soon.
  • Series Classic In the 4th season finale, that introduced us to the latest enemy in the Stargate Universe, the Replicators, and also in doing, introduced a whole new brand mechanical nemesis to SF World, that would continue to plague then up

    In the 3rd season finale, that introduced us to the latest enemy in the Stargate Universe, the Replicators, and also in doing, introduced a whole new brand mechanical nemesis to SF World, that would continue to plague then up to the 8th season of the show.
    Daleks, Cybermen, the Borg, and Cylons, welcome a new member of your exclusive club, Stargate SG-1’s Replicators, that where up to this point were referred as “A threat that is greater then the Goa'uld” by the Asgard and this episode proved that their assessment of them is on key. While he Goa’uld are a bad, these things are far more worst than they would ever be. That is because of the totally uncompassionate way that these things eat up all thing that is high tech and totally ruthless way that they will defend themselves if they are attacked.
    Like the machine races that I have method above, these machines also have their own signature to them and while it not a phase, it is a sound that they make while they are walking. A sound that if one heard, would be one that one would never forget, and would be one that a person will know also in a matter of seconds what and whom was causing it. It is the unique sound of metal hitting metal and the type of sound that will send shivers down one spine when they will hear it.
    This episode also have a great sense of irony to it, that while the Asgard, that might be the most powerful race outside of the Ancients, are brought to their knees by an enemy with a simple, but yet affective motive that can adjust themselves to whatever the Asgard can throw out them. But the humans, that are less advanced then the Asgard have better luck with them, because the humans also used their own simple plan as well to stop for now.
  • Thor asks for O'neill's help (with the rest of the team joining against orders) in fighting off the Replicators, an enemy more powerful than the Gould.

    This is a great episode. It introduces the Asguard enemy mentioned in Fair Game, who is more dangerous than the Gould. The Replicators can take over and use any metal to replicate and spread themselves. They become one of the best enemies in the SG-1 Universe. This episode shows the usefulness of humans to the Asgard and the threat that the Replicators present. The Asgard would have the military numbers required to stop the Gould if they did not have to worry about fighting off the replicators. They are a great enemy and always make the show interesting. It ends with a "To be continued", showing that there may be a Replicator threat on Earth.