Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 19

New Ground

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2000 on Syfy
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SG-1 discovers a planet on which two locals just discovered the Stargate that had been buried for thousands of years. When the team goes through the gate, they meet one of the discoverers, Nyan, an archeologist that was looking for ancient villages. Nyan tells them that the planet is divided into two religions: one that believes that all life began on their planet, and one that believes that the first humans had been brought to the planet using a "gateway." Those two parties have been at war for decades. Unfortunately the Stargate seems to be in territory possessed by the ones that do not believe in the Stargate. Meanwhile the second scientist has warned the authorities and the army comes after the team. Only Teal'c escapes, and he is severely injured. The others are questioned by the army, who thinks they are enemy spies, and don't believe a word of what they say when they explain they came through the Stargate. Now it's up to Teal'c to rescue the rest of SG-1, but while trying to escape he was been shot by a native weapon and loses his eyesight...moreless

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  • Excellent depiction of the True Believer

    Excellent depiction of "longshoreman philosopher" Eric Hoffer's concept of the "True Believer."

    This particular True Believer was a religious fundamentalist, specifically a "creationist."

    But he might just as well have been any believer in conventional government and statist coercion, convinced that individuals must not enjoy "too much freedom" lest "anarchy" prevail.
  • This is probably my least favorite of episode of season 3.

    I don't know what it is about this episode that I dislike the most but the more times I see it the less I like it. I did like the beginning gate activation and the fact that the gate was still half inside a cliff. My biggest complaint would have to be that the people of this planet are so stupid and couldn't see the truth if it bit them in the ass. The leader was the worst and saying that walking through solid rock an allusion was the ridiculous. But I guess I shouldn't expect much from religious fanatics. The episode did have some good humor with the "We come in peace" gags and giant worms. The Teal'c part was kind of weak and that these people had the technology to cure blindness was a little to convenient. Nyan was one bright spot of the episode and his open mindedness was a welcomed addition. The end was pretty cool with the escape but overall this is one of the worst in the third season but much better then the worst from 1 and 2 "Emancipation" and "One False Step".moreless
  • Interesting plot but...

    the plot was quite interesting and really nailed me for while until I understand - there is nothing great coming out. So - the ending was good and promising but the story just fainted in the middle - three chars were caged.. Teal'c alone and blinded in the forest and I do not know - it might have been Teal'c episode but it gave us nothing.. it was quite colorless. I only liked the idea that some people, even if they saw, did not believed on Stargate and denied it. The truth is hard to take, it proves.

    Quite filler episode.moreless
  • SG-1 gets captured, Jack says "Bite me."

    See above for plot line. This episode is filler in every sense of the word, but not only that it was also just plain bad. The guest stars made me want to fall asleep, the set/planet was nothing really new, the alien technology(which we never see again) is goofy-looking and in some cases had really bad CG(i.e. their "shuttles"). Everyone's performance is pretty lackluster, and like I said in the summary the best part was Jack telling off the commandant. The episode is tilted towards Teal'c as he has to rescue SG-1, but he is blinded and cannot fight real well. His performance is well below par, but we do see some nice sparks of determination as he tries to make his way around with his partially damaged eyesight, but generally the warrior's strength seems to be missing. But aside from those two things it was a very dry episode. I often skip this one, you might want to as well.moreless
  • pretty good episode, but nothing too special...

    The SGC connects to a planet that they were unable to connect to before because it was burried. SG-1 goes through and meets a scientist but they are soon captured, except for Teal'c. Nyan, the scientist, helps Teal'c, which was blinded by an enemy weapon and they eventually save SG-1 and that's about it. It was interesting to see a world that was in a war over the belief of their existence. Overall, it was a good episode, but nothing too special. There was good suspense, but it was pretty predictable. Teal'c's junior was injured and they said he may die, but it was obvious he wasn't going to. The enemey technology was pretty cool. They had cages with electrical currents and stun weapons and ships with force fields. Anyways, it was just a pretty good episode.moreless
Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson

Colonel/Brigadier General Jonathan J. "Jack" O'Neill

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Christopher Judge


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Amanda Tapping

Captain/Major/ Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter

Don S. Davis

Don S. Davis

Major General George S. Hammond

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Dr. Daniel Jackson

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