Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 1

New Order (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 09, 2004 on Syfy
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While Sam and Teal'c go to the planet of the former human-form Replicators to contact the Asgard to cure Jack, Daniel and Dr. Weir must deal with Goa'uld System Lords who want the Ancients weapon the Tau'ri used to destroy Anubis.

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  • i really hate when writer try political episode about system-lords, i was impressed but great clifhanger.

    Well Season 8 of Stargate was a bit strange because of time-line confusion, as some of you will know Atlantis is currently been shown on Five and Weir is in-charge so I’m try to get that, Before that, Weir was in charge of SG-base on Earth. That’s just one thing I have to get used to however this episode also tell me it’s going towards the politics of Stargate. I personally don’t like this I hated those S7 episodes dealing with that aspect. So system Lords are going to test Earth defences this was a great cliff-hanger.

    Sam might be dead, yeah right as if I will believe that I know somehow she has escaped, anyway so replicators have build a ship which is very fancy not only that they developed the art of transport people off a ship, how is that possible . T’eal has hair guess that’s another change I have got to get used to but it really look awful on him, I prefer him bald but hey after 7 years I guess the actor has a right to have hairmoreless
  • Elizabeth Weir trying to become System Lord...

    I was really impressed with this episode. First, I really liked the change of casting to Weir - the new actress looks much more true and somehow more fit into the position and she really managed to get very great impression - the talks with System Lords were quite enjoyable. There has been some that kind of political episodes before but this was over them all - mainly because now Earth had something to play with but in the end it looked they did not brought it.

    On the other part of the episode, Sam and Teal'c are going to Asgard Galaxy to get them help O'Neill and find themselves in dangerous position between replicators. The fifth is back and he really is angry, having all those negatives emotions. And the way he seems to enjoy the tortument and suffering. And the end - great cliffhanger.moreless
  • good episode...

    Sam and Teal'c go off to try to contact the Asgards while there is a diplomatic meeting between earth and the system lords. This episode was pretty unorigonal, but it was interesting to see Dr. Weir trying to negotiate with the goa'uld. The episode was a mix of interesting and boreing was ok. I just didn't like the story very much, and it didn't help that O'Neill wasn't in it. O'Neill adds all of the comic relief, but at least Weir added a few funny moments. I actually am not too fond of this episode, it was nothing special. It's a pretty pitiful season premiere.moreless
  • About time they brought back Fifth

    Ever since they introduced the humen form replicators I've been waiting for them to bringt Fifth back. They really did him unjustice but I was glad to see how his character still had some humantity left in him. Hopefully he will be back once again to kick ass.

    The Asgards also made a great comeback in this episode, Thor classy as always and the interaction betwean him and Jack funny. Jack might tone it down a little bit though, sometimes I get the feeling like he's not taking his job seriously. Anyone else feel that way? Finally, naming the asgard ship The Daniel Jackson... great!moreless
  • One of the most intrigants episode of Stargate SG-1...

    One of the most intrigants episode of Stargate SG-1, see all that System Lords trying to work toughter with Earth, well, looks promessing. This Episode is the perfect start for a new Season of Stargate SG-1, lots of changes in SGC, and some relations with Stargate Atlantis.

    One of the most interesting thing is that, even trying to make alliance or trade, the Goa'uld still thinking in power with means that they cannot be EVER trust, something that Stargate Command really know...

    The end is one of the best parts of the episode, making some mistery about what will happen on the next episode...moreless
Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge


Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping

Captain/Major/ Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter

Torri Higginson

Torri Higginson

Dr. Elizabeth Weir

Guest Star

Kira Clavell

Kira Clavell


Guest Star

Kevan Ohtsji

Kevan Ohtsji

Oshu - First Prime to Yu

Guest Star

Vince Crestejo

Vince Crestejo

Goa'uld System Lord Yu-huang "Yu The Great" Shang Ti

Recurring Role

G. Patrick Currie

G. Patrick Currie


Recurring Role

Gary Jones

Gary Jones

Technician/Sergeant Walter Davis

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In this episode, Thor refers to the new Asgard home planet, Orilla, as being "rich in neutronium" on which both Asgard and humaniform replicator technology is based. As the term is commonly used, neutronium consists entirely of neutrons, and, if it exists, weighs somewhere around a half-billion tons per tablespoon. If neutronium existed on a planet, nothing would prevent it from sinking to the core of the world. Neutron stars, or pulsars, are believed to be solid neutrons and the densest bodies in the universe short of black holes. Since neutrons can be produced by known nuclear processes, it is far more likely that neutronium is something that would be manufactured rather than found.

    • When Jack was frozen in the Ancient outpost, his jacket's collar was folded down, but when he was transported to Thor's ship, his collar was folded up.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Weir: That's the bright side?
      Daniel: More of a slightly less dark side.

    • Daniel: I guess you did learn something from your father's poker games.
      Weir: Always bet big when bluffing.
      Daniel: I just didn't know you were looking to become a System Lord.

    • Carter: I know. So, you wanna talk?
      Teal'c: Concerning what subject?
      Carter: I dunno. How's Rya'c?
      Teal'c: Fine.
      Carter: You still keeping in touch with Ishta?
      Teal'c: Indeed.
      Carter: Bra'tac?
      Teal'c: Bra'tac is well.
      Carter: C'mon, Teal'c, throw me a bone here!
      Teal'c: How is Pete Shanahan?
      Carter: He's fine.

    • Weir: I was never good at bluffing.
      Daniel: Trust me you better learn quick because if they learn we can't use the Ancient weapon to defend ourselves this game is over! (Weir stares at him) Too much?

    • Thor: The mass of Replicator blocks has begun moving away from the event horizon.
      Sam: How is that possible?
      Thor: They have the time dilation device, I do not know exactly how, but they seem to have used it to counteract the gravitational effects that should be pulling them in.
      Sam: Frightening... not only that they can do that, but that you don't know how.
      Thor: I agree.

    • Thor: Time space distortions caused by the black hole have been interfering with my ship's long-range communications.
      Sam: Understandable.
      Teal'c: Indeed. To some.

    • Daniel: And the last one is Lord Yu?
      Weir: You?
      Daniel: Every joke, every pun, done to death, seriously.

    • Daniel: The System Lords can't be trusted, either as a group or individuals. They're posturing egomaniacs driven by an insatiable lust for power - each one capable of unimaginable evil.
      Weir: See, why should I be nervous? Sounds like an average day at the United Nations.

  • NOTES (13)

    • Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O'Neill) does not appear in this episode.

    • At some point in this season, they change Walter Davis's name to Walter Harriman because there is an actual USAF officer with the name Walter Davis. This was actually changed in Season 6, but the patch of his uniform was not fixed. You can tell by looking at his nametag, it changes from having two words (Walter Davis) on the top line to having one long word (Harriman) on the top line.

    • Kira Clavell (Amateratsu) auditioned for the role of Teyla Emmagen in Stargate: Atlantis.

    • Slightly new footage in the opening credits, including Christopher Judge's cast picture showing him with his new 'do. Don S. Davis also no longer appears in the credits or stars in the series.

    • All guest cast and co-stars are listed for both episodes, although some only appear in one part or the other.

    • As the season premiere on SciFi USA, this episode and the next one, New Order (2), aired as a single two-hour "event" and were preceded by a "Making of..." hour-long feature on the series and its spinoff, Stargate: Atlantis. For subsequent repeats the episodes were divided with pre- and post-credits for both.

    • The Asgard fleet is now primarily made up of O'Neill class starships.

    • Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge and Gary Jones are the only actors to appear in the first eight season premieres.

    • This episode marks the debut of Torri Higginson as Dr. Elizabeth Weir. She takes over the role from Jessica Steen, who played the character in the seventh season finale, "The Lost City."

    • Steve Bacic previously played Major Coburn in "Maternal Instinct" and "The First Ones."

    • This episode shares many connections/similarities to the third season episode "Fair Game." In both episodes, three of the System Lords, one of whom is Yu, visit Earth, Sam gets a promotion, the Asgard play a large part as do the Replicators, whose existence was first hinted at in "Fair Game." and both episodes first aired on 9 July (in 1999 and 2004 respectively).

    • As of season eight, Yu is the longest-running Goa'uld recurring character. He first appeared in the season three episode "Fair Game" and is the only major Goa'uld from that point who is still alive.

    • Thor's new ship is called the Daniel Jackson.