Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 1

New Order (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 09, 2004 on Syfy

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  • i really hate when writer try political episode about system-lords, i was impressed but great clifhanger.

    Well Season 8 of Stargate was a bit strange because of time-line confusion, as some of you will know Atlantis is currently been shown on Five and Weir is in-charge so I’m try to get that, Before that, Weir was in charge of SG-base on Earth. That’s just one thing I have to get used to however this episode also tell me it’s going towards the politics of Stargate. I personally don’t like this I hated those S7 episodes dealing with that aspect. So system Lords are going to test Earth defences this was a great cliff-hanger.

    Sam might be dead, yeah right as if I will believe that I know somehow she has escaped, anyway so replicators have build a ship which is very fancy not only that they developed the art of transport people off a ship, how is that possible . T’eal has hair guess that’s another change I have got to get used to but it really look awful on him, I prefer him bald but hey after 7 years I guess the actor has a right to have hair
  • Elizabeth Weir trying to become System Lord...

    I was really impressed with this episode. First, I really liked the change of casting to Weir - the new actress looks much more true and somehow more fit into the position and she really managed to get very great impression - the talks with System Lords were quite enjoyable. There has been some that kind of political episodes before but this was over them all - mainly because now Earth had something to play with but in the end it looked they did not brought it.

    On the other part of the episode, Sam and Teal'c are going to Asgard Galaxy to get them help O'Neill and find themselves in dangerous position between replicators. The fifth is back and he really is angry, having all those negatives emotions. And the way he seems to enjoy the tortument and suffering. And the end - great cliffhanger.
  • good episode...

    Sam and Teal'c go off to try to contact the Asgards while there is a diplomatic meeting between earth and the system lords. This episode was pretty unorigonal, but it was interesting to see Dr. Weir trying to negotiate with the goa'uld. The episode was a mix of interesting and boreing was ok. I just didn't like the story very much, and it didn't help that O'Neill wasn't in it. O'Neill adds all of the comic relief, but at least Weir added a few funny moments. I actually am not too fond of this episode, it was nothing special. It's a pretty pitiful season premiere.
  • About time they brought back Fifth

    Ever since they introduced the humen form replicators I've been waiting for them to bringt Fifth back. They really did him unjustice but I was glad to see how his character still had some humantity left in him. Hopefully he will be back once again to kick ass.
    The Asgards also made a great comeback in this episode, Thor classy as always and the interaction betwean him and Jack funny. Jack might tone it down a little bit though, sometimes I get the feeling like he's not taking his job seriously. Anyone else feel that way? Finally, naming the asgard ship The Daniel Jackson... great!
  • One of the most intrigants episode of Stargate SG-1...

    One of the most intrigants episode of Stargate SG-1, see all that System Lords trying to work toughter with Earth, well, looks promessing. This Episode is the perfect start for a new Season of Stargate SG-1, lots of changes in SGC, and some relations with Stargate Atlantis.

    One of the most interesting thing is that, even trying to make alliance or trade, the Goa'uld still thinking in power with means that they cannot be EVER trust, something that Stargate Command really know...

    The end is one of the best parts of the episode, making some mistery about what will happen on the next episode...