Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 2

New Order (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 09, 2004 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Weir imprisons the System Lords while the debris from the Replicator ship reins down, invading the planet. The Asgard can't abandon the planet, as it holds the stored minds of the Asgard who yet have new clone bodies, so Teal'c returns to Earth with the Asgard. On Earth, they reveal that the Goa'uld mothership coming to test Earth's defenses has been destroyed by Ba'al, before Daniel is beamed up by Thor. They also beam Jack up and begin to revive him – Thor merges Jack's mind with the ship's computers so they can access the information to find a way to defeat the Replicators, despite the danger it poses to Jack. Jack takes control of the computers and starts building a device, but Thor is forced to revive him before his body dies. They have a handheld device but Jack doesn't remember what it is. They arrive back at the Asgard homeplanet where they find out the Replicators are acting in a organized fashion, suggesting that Fifth and Sam may be alive. They find a human-form replicator and beam it aboard to tap into the Replicator communications. They spot Sam and track her on the planet, but the humanform wakes up and they can't beam it out. Jack uses the device on it, turning it into dust. Thor plans to convert it into a ship's weapon to bombard the whole planet, while Jack, Teal'c and Daniel go after Sam. Sam wakes up to find herself on a ranch in Montana where she is greeted by Pete Shanahan, who claims she left the SGC a year ago. Sam doesn't buy it and Fifth reveals himself, claiming he loves her and is hostile when she refuses his advances. The others arrive and Fifth threatens to kill Sam if they don't desist. They begin to flee the blast radius of Thor's weapon and form a new ship. Fifth is reluctant to kill Sam and leaves her behind as he and his brethren flee the planet. Yu's advisor preaches caution to Weir, and asks her to let them fight against Ba'al themselves. Weir agrees and then Camulus requests asylum, claiming his territories have collapsed. She lets the others go, although they know Camulus is a traitor. When SG-1 returns to Earth, Jack is promoted to Brigadier General and put in charge of SGC, and he promotes Sam to Lt. Colonel. Somewhere in deep space, Fifth has managed to create a human-form Replicator based on Sam.
(Copyright 2004 Steve Crow)