Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 2

New Order (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 09, 2004 on Syfy

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  • A little bit of everything...

    Carter and Teal'c attempt to find the Asgard to see if there's anything they can do for O'Neill. But when they find the Asgard, the discover the replicators have broken free, and Thor needs the ancient knowledge O'Neill posesses to try to defeat them.

    Carter has been taken prisoner by the human-form replicator Fifth, who claims he is in love with her and wants her to stay with him.

    All in all an interesting episode, with a brilliant ending. O'Neill gets promoted to Brigadier General, and is given command of the SGC. Carter is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. The one thing bothering me about this was the lack of ceremony for Teal'c and Daniel. They may not be part of the military, but surely they could have given them some small nod of appreciation?
  • Brilliant

    Sunday afternoons are always dull without Stargate and this was an excellent episode after months of drought. Picking up where New Order 1 left off with Sam's battle with Fifth is excellently played out as she struggles with all the torture he put her through. Fifth was played perfectly as a machine with human emotions, with his admissions of afection for some conterbalanced with his sheer creepy obsessed stalker factor off the scale. His admission to Sam was startling but logical as well as his defintions about human emotions and cruelty as he struggled to cope with his attraction and his desire for revenge.

    It was also good to see some of Jack's sense of humor as he invented the machine to beat the replicators as well as his Daniels and Teal'c desire to find Sam. Thor also adds something to this episode with his usual calm minded self.

    The new weapon against the replicators is long overdue and perfectly timed as Jack Daniel and Teal'c make their way through the forest along with the nail biting tension as the standoff ensured.

    The scene where they find Sam is touching without being sappy as the team are finally re-united.

    The final scene where we see that Fifth has created a replica of Carter is also a stroke of brilliance and a great storyline to come.

    Sunday cannot come fast enought
  • Jack's back, but now Sam's missing. God, oh, God, are they gonna be at the same place in the same time any time soon???

    So, meet the Samantha's second half, evil Sam (also known as RepliCarter, probably with some good reason, I'm not sure cause I haven't seen episode in which they name her yet). Not only she's made from weird metal parts, she's also spent her youth in gelatin. How cool, right?

    Anyways, Jack's awake and good again, but he's missing his fourth member of the team (and also his secret love) Sammy. But, Thor's gotta plan - Jack's gonna save Sam (well, not alone, of course, what are T'ealc and Daniel for?) with his new toy - something that strangely assembles water-gun, but is actually an ancient device for replikilling (yes, this is an allusion on replicarter), and Jack and co. use this "gun" to dematerialize (again I'm not sure, but that's how it looked to me) replicators.

    Now, as for where Sam is... well she's trapped inside an imaginary world made by sick mind of repliguy also known as "Fifth" (I wonder why not replififth?), who claims to be in love with Sam, quite possibly cause she's the only woman he met. Ever. If you don't count Asgard girls, but then they're so not as hot as Samantha, right? So, Sam's trapped in his or her mind (whatever) and she has very nice hair in it. Just for the record. Though, as that "farm life" is a little bit too much... I'm pretty much sure Sam never wanted to live on the farm, and if I ever find out that she did, it would be a great disappointment for me.

    All in all, this episode is pretty good, especially considering that Hammond's gone. But, Jack's now the general, and he's so hilarious when he says something like "Then I can do anything", and Sam's like "Within reason, sir". And then he makes her colonel, and everyone's so happy, plus Liz gets her own show... I mean command, so people are now like "she's actually really cool", and not "who to hell's this person, and why is she here, and where's general Hammond, is he gone because of her, let's all hate her".

    So, in the end, everyone's happy, including Goa'uld whos name I already forgot, and to whom Liz has given asylum. And Fifth is also happy, but Sammy wont be, as soon as she finds out she has an evil twin - and not even real one.
  • Saving the Asgards, once again

    I liked this episode - first the action, a lot of excitement, all those things what were on stake.

    First the Goa'ulds who have left Earth in not the best position. But the Asgards come and beam Daniel out and to see those faces on that room.. And the ship never gets Earth.. lovely

    But most of the episode is spent on Asgard said of their Universe as their new home planet is on danger and once again, they have to say it. Also, Carter is taken by the fifth and he is showing another part of himself and comes out saying that the team does not care about her as they continue to kill replicators even if the know he would kill her. And all the thing with O'Neill - he waking up, that new weapon..

    and the end.. beautiful episode.
  • General O'Neill...interesting...

    Well, this is the continuation of New Order and it was a very good conclusion. Weir and Daniel are negotiating with the system lords and the Thor revives Jack to try to stop the replicators. This was a very good episode. It was nice to have Jack back too. It was really funny when he first came on the sound system and I love seeing him in ancient mode. He made a wacky looking gun and just pulverized all of the replicators. The part that annoyed me a little was the whole love thing between Fifth and Sam. It was a little annoing and a little boreing, though a bit interesting at the same time. Weird. Anyways, back on earth, the system lords were a bit boreing too. Oh well, overall, great episode...oh, and Jack got promoted.'s good that the show is doing something different. However, Jack as a general...I'm not sure if I could get used to that....hmmm...
  • 8th Season start couldnt really be any much more special

    Episode holds much of known people on SG universum, we get to see most of system lords who are now against Ba´al all the sudden since he has found his way to the army of Anubis and his elite soldiers. We get to see Supreme commander of Asgard fleet, Thor of course (nice little fella) :)

    And certainly been waiting for this one like 5 seasons or so that Colonel Jack O´Neill would be promoted to General lvl in army, oooooooooh yeaa
    Well now he will be known as Brigadier General Jack O´Neill (thats O´Neill with 2 L´s, like Jack always likes to put it out)
    His first act as commander of the base was to promote Major Samantha Carter to next rank which would be Lt Colonel. Really gotta love this stuff, maybe i am army nut or something but really turned me on. Lt Colonel Samantha Carter, really like the sound of that aswell.

    Most of all, nothing beats the fact that we get to see Teal´c firing replicators with shotgun for a few mins, back to the days eh? :D
    All in all this is series best episodes no doubt about it!