Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 16

Off the Grid

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2006 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • When Mitchell is being held at gunpoint by Worrel, one of Worrel's men can be seen holding Mitchell's gun. Mitchell didn't have his gun with him when he was taken, and so there is no way Worrel's man could have had it.

    • Nerus claims he studied the gate system for months to help defeat the Replicators, but the plan to use the stargates in conjunction with the Dakara super weapon was devised and implemented within a few hours not months and up until that point the only defense against the replicators was the disruptor that O'Neill built.

    • At the beginning of the scene in the Odyssey's briefing room, the device that Teal'c has in his hands is a TI-92 calculator. This is a graphing calculator released by Texas Instruments in 1995; it's current successor is the Voyage 200, that costs around $170.

    • Carter's lower lip is bleeding but as soon as she is beamed aboard the ship the cut and blood vanish.

    • When SG-1 was on the planet, about to be shot; they are sitting down. However, as they are beamed aboard the Odyssey they are standing up.

  • Quotes

    • Mitchell: I have no intention of taking anybody on. I'm just going to pose as a buyer.
      Daniel: You?
      Mitchell: Well no offense, Jackson, but you don't strike me as the drug-dealer type. In fact you're not even close.
      Daniel: I think I'm as close as you are.
      Sam: Come on, you're miles away.
      Mitchell: Teal'c which one of us is closer?
      Teal'c: I believe the three of you to be equidistant.
      Mitchell: Oh come on! (points to Sam) Mary Poppins isn't even in the running.

    • Nerus: (to Ba'al) You came to greet me in person. Oh, oh! I have this fabulous innovation I want to... it's called a "cupcake".

    • Worrel: So, you were done slaying System Lords and decided to move on to more pressing agricultural concerns?
      Mitchell: That's exactly it. Corn patrol.

    • Sam: We're supposed to stay under the radar.
      Teal'c: I doubt if this world possesses such technology.
      Mitchell: See, when he's right, he's right.

    • Mitchell: Everyone's jonesin' for some space corn!

    • (after Landry feeds Nerus)
      Walter: Sir, if you don't mind me asking...
      Landry: How did we plant the beacon on Nerus?
      Walter: Yes, sir.
      Landry: It was a piece of cake.

    • Worrel: ...I no longer have any reason to keep you alive.
      Daniel: No wait, I...I...I can think of a reason...
      Sam: We're more valuable alive.
      Daniel: ...Yes! we're more valuable alive... good one.

    • Harriman: Shall I dial the coordinates he left, sir.
      Landry: No it's probably a black hole or worse. If I've learned one thing in this command, it's never trust a Goa'uld, particularly if his name is Nerus.
      Harriman: Yes sir!

    • Nerus: My old friend – you wound me deeply.
      Ba'al: I'm capable of wounding you much more deeply.

    • Mitchell We have got the best job in the world, don't we?
      Sam: I'm going to hit the shower.
      Daniel: I'm going to find a doctor.
      Teal'c: We are indeed suitably employed.
      Mitchell Yeah, it was a good day…

    • Worrel: In fact if you tell me the location of the Stargate I'm prepared to release you.
      Mitchell: Ooh, you are not!! I can't... can you believe he just said that?!?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Mitchell: Oh please, Mary Poppins is not even in the running.
      Mary Poppins (1934) is a series of eight children's books written by P. L. Travers. The books center around a mysterious, magical English nanny who is blown by the wind to Number Seventeen Cherry-Tree Lane, London and into the Banks' household to care for the Banks' children. The books were adapted in 1964 into a musical Disney film starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. They have also been adapted by Disney Theatrical as a stage musical in London (2004), and a Broadway musical (2006).

    • Mitchell: Houston, we have a problem.
      This phrase has become a cliché for understating the severity of a bad situation, having its origins in the Apollo 13 moon mission. This was supposedly the message sent from the command module (also named Odyssey) to inform Capcom that the main oxygen tank had exploded. However, this was not the actual quote. Command module pilot Jack Swigert first said, "Okay, Houston, we've had a problem here." Mission Commander James Lovell later said, "Houston, we've had a problem."

    • Mitchell: Well, tell him Mr. Shaft would like to meet with him.
      This is a reference to the character John Shaft, a black detective first introduced in the movie Shaft (1971). Two additional Shaft movies were made, along with a quickly cancelled TV series, all starring Richard Roundtree. Samuel L. Jackson starred in the 2000 remake of Shaft (with Richard Roundtree in a cameo as that character's uncle "John Shaft.").