Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 19

One False Step

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 1999 on Syfy

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  • Zippers

    The UAV crashes on a planet and the team goes to retrieve it. along they way the befriend a croup of strange, underdeveloped primitive humanoids that somehow created zippers and spandex. Next thing we know the entire population is sick and its up to the team to discover why and how to cure them.
  • Good Message, Weak Story

    Good message, weak story.

    Best line?

    Sarah Carter: "I talk to my plants."

    During a routine reconnaissance mission, the UAV plane crashes into a cactus-like plant on a planet inhabited by an unusual life form. Sent to recover the plane, the SG-1 team discovers those living on the planet are friendly, gentle and far simpler than their human counterparts. Shortly after the team's arrival, aliens begin falling ill and before long a plague of illness sweeps the race. Carter returns to the base with the sickest alien, in order to work on a cure. O'Neill and Daniel begin acting erratically and complain of headaches which disappear once they are back at the SGC. As the number of afflicted aliens grows, it appears that the SG-1 team has unwittingly unleashed something that threatens the survival of this entire civilization.
  • One of my least favorite.

    This is without a doubt the worst episode of the entire series but there were a couple of things I liked. First I always love the UAV launch and as Jack put it "It never gets old". The aliens or what ever they are were pretty silly and their look was ridiculous. At least there was a point to this episode that first contact can be dangerous to us and the inhabitants of the planet. The fate of an entire race of "people" was threatened because we basically stepped on a plant. The best part of this episode was the scenes between Jack and Daniel. The look on the face of the leader of the "people" when they were yelling at each other was hilarious and then the way he fell over was even better. I'm glad they admitted that Jack and Daniel disagree on almost very matter and it was nice to see them get that out in the open. Well in the end this episode suffers from poor plot but has good points.
  • Great idea but...

    I liked the idea - they tried to show that it is not always so simple go to the other worlds and be there.. not making no problems. But they do make and the pluses of this episode were that they showed us that they can really hurt the balance of those world they travel. And if there would not have been Daniel or Carter, I think they could not have figured it out.

    But anything else, except the idea, it was quite weak episode - I did not liked the dynamics of this episode, the tempo and nothing happened either. Quite boring.
  • SG-1 encounters a very strange race of beings...

    I actually differentiate from many of you it seems...I really liked this episode. The offbeat story line was very endearing and the character interaction were some of the most charming in the season, especially Jack and Daniel's hilarious fight and then their scene in the infirmary. The aliens were very odd, but entertaining at the same time. The symbiotic relationship between the aliens and the plants was fairly unique and well executed. I found the music for this episode especially off-putting and I rather liked that. It was also a nice change of pace to see the alien planet affected by the team's presence rather than vice versa. Bottom line: good story, great character interactions.
  • A welcome break from all the action.

    I noticed that many people did not enjoy this episode but I found it quite fascinating. I watch Atlantis as well and one thing that annoys me about that series is that they take out the language barrier element. Perhaps that is why I found this episode to be so engaging, for it explores that barrier at its highest level. How would you communicate with a race of beings who didn't have any spoken language and whose body language was vastly different from your own? It would be extremely difficult, as SG-1 found out. This episode also contains some of the most beautiful music (sounds?) I have ever heard, as well as one of the funniest scenes in the series to date. Daniel Jackson, you had me rolling on the floor.
  • So they meet another alien species...........

    Unlike the many other stargate episodes this one in particular delves into the alien society more closely than the show has previously. Although I still don't understand how this episode is supposed to contribute to the overall fight against the Gould it was funny to see Dr. Jackson making aeroplane sounds when trying to ask the alien society about the where abuts of the UAV. Another funny moment is when Teal'c was smiling. Although this is a great episode it dose not fit well into the idea of a typical Stargate episode- by the way there is little to no action involved however the SG-1 team tries to save the alien race when they fall ill which is typical of the series. All around a good episode for the Stargate series.
  • This is an ok show but it is deffinately not like most Stargate shows. It is different not bad just differenet. There was not much excitement to this one, but it was interesting. To see how this plant fit into the equation.

    This was not what you would normally look for in a stargate episode.
    There was no enemy trying to kill or blow them up. But they were still affected by them anyway.
    Jack and Daniel seemed to be at each other's throats before the end rolled around. But come to find out that it was the plant thingys. They set off some kind of frequency that affected the life of the aliens and of course the team.
    It took the whole show to figure it out but of course they did finally figure it out and sam was able to come up with a way to fix what they had broken, I guess you could say.
    Like I said it was not a bad show it was just not what you are used to seeing on stargate. Personal opinion, good show, good acting and effects, not action but alot of character enteraction and personality exposure.
  • The SG-1 team goes to a planet and doesn't do anything.

    This episode was the worst of the entire series. There was no reason for this show to exist except for the potential of having an environmental message attached to it.

    Beginning with the costumes, this episode was awful. I couldn't figure out if the creatures were supposed to be wearing little jump suits or if we were to accept that each had a zipper down the back.

    The story did not go anywhere and I had no reason to care about the creatures that they were trying to "save." Rather, I was hoping that the SG-1 team would leave the planet and never go back there again.

    If you want to start watching Stargate: SG-1, do NOT start with this episode.
  • Aptly dubbed "Planet of the Mimes" amongst the fans. Still, I don't find it as bad as other fans.

    It's obvious to any SG1 fan that has seen any SG1 message board that this episode is not very popular amongst fans. I must admit I wasn't surprised when on the IMDb "Greatest Stargate Episode Ever Contest" when this episode was the first to be eliminated in the second season round. In fact, it was there that I first say the term "Planet of the Mimes", and it made me laugh quite a bit.

    However, I don't find this episode as terrible as a lot of others do. It has a humorous, almost camp quality about it, similar to that I got out of "Spirits". It's an incredibly silly situation, played almost so seriously that it makes it so entertaining. It's also kind of cute, all these innocent-looking mimes running around and acting the way they do: I just find it really funny.

    As always, there's a lot of humour derived from the characters, in particular Jack and Daniel, as they get really angry at each other. Then there's their reactions with the weird white aliens, in particular the obvious main-mime, who is just so silly that he makes my chuckle whenever he's onscreen. I mean, when he walks in dragging the UAV, looks at Daniel and does that plane impression, it's very cute and funny, makes me chuckle every time.

    However, the episode is still very flawed, maybe because it takes itself a little too seriously. The look and idea of the aliens is pretty ridiculous, even for Stargate; the episode is a little slow; and it's a bit melodramatic and boring at times.

    So, in summary I wouldn't recommend showing this to a soon-to-be SG1 fan the first time around. They may be turned off the series because of its style and quality, missing out on one hell of a series.
  • possibly the worst SG-1 episode of all time. Thankfully there are very few bad episodes to this FANTASTIC show.

    This is a HORRIBLE episode of SG-1. Quite possibly THE worst. Where to begin? Well, the all male, all skinny, sickly white aliens that walk around (like chickens) in tight ballerina outfits is the best place to start. Really, really bad! If I were showing anyone an episode to make them like this show, THIS would be my last choice. I cant believe they even made this episode. Shame on the producers, and the writers. Why were there no women creatures? Just a bunch of leotard wearing guys running around. Garbage, I say. Dont even watch. It got the lowest score I could give it.
  • A very creative episode, well thought out in spite of its simplicity.

    I thought this episode was very creative. It was out-of-character for SG-1, but all the more interesting for it. The idea of having a symbiosis between plant and animal was interesting, especially one based on sound instead of a more obvious biochemical process.

    I also admired the imagination that went into the humanoid race. It takes a lot of skill to create a race so unadvanced compared to us, and yet still have them have their own unique ways of doing things.

    My one concern about the episode is in the solution. It seemed a little simplistic to have a wave generator planted in only one spot be the fix for all the problems. Are we to believe that this then allowed the symbiosis to function, and then the plant to be fixed as a result? If so, it needed to be explained better.

    While out-of-character for SG-1, I found it a refreshing, light-hearted episode.
  • This is not a typical Stargate quality episode.

    This episode was very disappointing. I love Stargate; I think it's one of the best series on TV today. But this episode was just horrible. It describes SG-1's visit to a planet where the inhabitants don't speak. The inhabitants get sick and SG-1 feels that they are they cause and tries to help out this race. It was boring, it lacked action. Nothing that happens in this episode impacts the SG-1 universe or story arc, which can be said of many of the other episodes. The only bright spot was seeing Daniel try to explain the UAV by running around and making airplane noises. This was not a typical Stargate episode and in my opinion was probably the worst episode.