Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 3

Origin (3)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 29, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Hallowed are the Ori, God bless America

    The Ori use their superior military technology to compel less technologically advanced peoples to worship Ori values and parrot Ori religious dogma, or else.

    Benevolent Global Hegemonists use America's superior military technology to compel less technologically advanced peoples to worship "American values" and parrot the secular dogma of "democracy," or else. Anyone who defies the US Imperium is carpet bombed back into the stone age.

    "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war."

    -- Ann Coulter

    "We've killed about 20,000 of them, of terrorists, of militants, of Al Qaeda members, and they've gotten a little over 3,000 of ours. That is where the war is being fought, in Iraq, that is where we are fighting Al Qaeda. Sorry we have to use your country, Iraqis, but you let Saddam come to power, ha-ha, and we are going to instill democracy in your country."

    -- Ann Coulter

    We know the Ori are wrong. We know the Ori are evil.

    But when we point the finger at the Ori, do we know that we are the Ori, and the Ori are us?

    Hallowed are the Ori, God bless America.
  • Taking issues that have exploded in todays world and giving it a 'universal' twist.

    The writers of the show have really out done themselves with these past few episodes. Questions of spirituality have always be a query for generations. This episode was well thought out and planned. I personally believe that the topic of spirituality could have continued to be discussed and debated for a great time. The relevance to the today’s, as Bush put it ‘crusade’ or as the fundamentalist Muslims proclaim as ‘jihad’. I think it’s great. I hope you will to. Asking questions that can have no possible answers are fun.
  • New Enemies even more powerful than the Goa'uld.

    They're new, they're improved yes it's Goa'uld 2.0. The Ori are everything that the Goa'uld wish they could be. They are dangerous to us, to the J'affa, the Asgard, the Tok'ra even the remnants of the Goa'uld. There is potential for crossover elements with Avalon. In short, everything that we watch SG-1 for.

    Ben Browder continues to fit into his role as the new leader of SG-1. With our new enemy, the Ori, Daniel Jackson has a reason to stay. Teal'c is out of power in the new J'affa government so he will stay and Col. Carter will return to fight this new problem as soon as Amanda Tapping is back from maternity leave.

    Claudia Black is a nice, different type of female character. She relates well with Daniel Jackson and has an irreverent air about her that Sam doesn't have. I wouldn't want her to replace Sam but she is a nice change of pace and I would welcome seeing her on addditional episodes after the first six.
  • Great new enemy.

    I really miss RDA. Hope he comes back, or at least keeps showing up. I am not sure of the new characters. Not sure what to think about them. Maybe they should go back in time again and shake things up even more than they already are. I still like the program though.
  • The birth of a new enemy!

    "Origin" brings another perspective of the theological aspect of the show! The Ori certainly have.. large views about how things should be, yet they comprime into the single statement that calls: "You're with us, or you're not at all!".

    Stargate really is coming to an edge this time, in which even Daniel Jackson says it, that we no longer have someone to watch out for us, we're basically on our own. The Ancients clearly don't mesS with lives, further more they won't give any any supranatural power, as the Ori do to their priers! I'd like to see where this is going!

    Good stuff.
  • A new dynamic to a old show.

    This episode is probably one of the better episodes on the series. One of the things that contribute to this is the introduction of the Ori as a new Villain. I have a feeling that they will give the show a new dynamic becouse of the fact that they are extremely powerful and at the same time bring new challenges and adventures to the team. This episode also showed the tensions between earth and the new Jaffa government. I also liked the interaction between Daniel and Vala. While I know she wont remain a main character I hope that she will at least be a recurring one.
  • Very interesting new enemy...

    Origin (3) was a really cool episode.
    First of all because it was another episode featuring Claudia Black, which i really hope will stay a recurring character. Her chemistry with Daniel is just great although i'd like to see a bit of action between her and Browder. (but thats just a wish from an old Farscape-fan).
    The most important part of this episode was the revealing of the new main enemy after the Goa'ould have been defeated.
    The Ori are basically evil Ancients with all their powers and unlike the Ancients we know, are not afraid to share their wisdom with "lower beings" if it forces those to worship the Ori.
    I like the idea that not all Ancients are good and i think they will make a great enemy. Even Daniel said "i'm afraid" and that has to count for something, doesnt it?
    I hope that it will become more of an intergalactic-war not just Earth vs. Ori but that it will include humans as well as Jaffas and my personal favourite the Asgard!
    That Ori-leader (which kinda looked like Jeromy Irons in Die Hard 3) said that they will build ships to transport an army.... sounds promising! let's bring it on!!!
  • the purest evil?

    i thought this episode was great. the moment they arrive and see the temple in the background and the shallow water around their feet beautiful!!. and as for the head monk you can tell he's the devils child because he has a british acsent!!

    ps.. is it just me or do americans always seem to pick british actors to play evil people!!
  • Nice - they always find more and more

    I like that at the end of every season i think - ther can't be anyone grather left to figt, but Opaa :) there are still more and more grather threts

    I hope that writers are often using some drugs to develope more exciting series :D

    And they can moov to season 25 (-;

  • The more things change, the more they stay the same...only worse...

    This is essentially the end of the long process of “passing the torch”, which was, I suppose, an inevitable storytelling concern. I like the fact that they allow the new characters to establish themselves first before having O’Neill show up and give his own brand of approval. It actually feels a bit intrusive when he walks in the door, and that tells me that the writers have made their case for the new team.

    So this is the beginning of a new direction in the “Stargate” mythology. Actually, it feels like an organic extension of what has come before, especially in light of what’s been happening in the Pegasus Galaxy. The Ancients (Altera, Alterans, whatever) started out as these great enlightened folk, but over the past several seasons, their motives and choices have been seriously questioned.

    Enter the Ori (nice play on the word “origin”!), who seem to have taken the whole “holier than thou” thing to a whole new level. As the characters point out constantly in this episode, the Ori are even worse than the snakeheads, because in a lot of ways, the Ori have all the hallmarks of gods. There must be a weakness, but it’s certainly not evident at this point. And thanks to the usual “Stargate” method of taking all possible precautions, Daniel hands the Ori a whole new galaxy to convert or annihilate.

    Granted, it’s not all Daniel’s fault; how could he know that the Ori were assuming that their brethren back in the Milky Way were running things with an equally iron fist? If there’s one thing that “Stargate” has underscored over the years, it’s the fact that a relatively weak alliance built on celebration of diversity will always look like a feast to much stronger totalitarian regimes.

    Naturally, the new Jaffa Nation would be a strong ally for the effort to contain and repel this new influx of “false gods”, but I don’t think it will be that easy. There’s the general disdain of Teal’c, for one thing, and the overwhelming sense that Gerak thinks that he ought to be given a lot more respect and authority in all matters than he really deserves. I suspect that the ongoing struggle to maintain that alliance will play in the hands of the Priory.

    Several things are suggested about the Priors in this episode. First, it seems as though the Ori transform normal humans into some kind of modified servant. Those servants become the Priors, and there’s certainly a sense that there’s some mind control at work. Again, shades of the Goa’uld, but this time, the mind control is inherent, not based on a distinct parasite. Beyond that, the Priors have the resources to build ships and use gate travel to get to other galaxies without much effort. They also seem to remain in general telepathic contact with one another, possible with their relationship to the Ori at the center of it all.

    While the followers of the Priory are not unlike the Jaffa in terms of their numbers and enslavement to a more powerful set of beings, the Ori trump the snakeheads in one major regard: thus far, it doesn’t look like there’s conflict between camps of Ori. The Goa’uld could be set against one another with relative ease, thus providing the alliance with a means of fighting a stronger enemy by fostering internecine warfare. While the Ancients have had a few “bad apples” like Oma running around, they tend to be rather unified in their decisions. It looks like the Ori are the same way, and that’s a problem.

    So what’s the solution? Mitchell is the ostensible leader, but Daniel is definitely taking a more central role. That makes sense, given that the most obvious means of fighting the Ori would involve either his connection to the Ancients themselves or (more realistically) his ability to utilize Ancient tech when it’s discovered. They might even get to use former enemies like the remaining Goa’uld. Assuming that the series continues to have strong support, the arrival of the Ori is actually a great device for exploring the post-System Lords status quo.

    I like this direction (despite some of the retreads of the “false gods” motif) because it opens the door to a deeper sense of philosophical exploration, much like the earlier seasons. There’s still plenty of the trademark cheesiness, but there’s a great chill factor to it all as well. The Doci, played by John Malkovich’s evil twin (Mr. Warlock Julian Sands, I believe), is one creepy guy, and I love how he casually dismisses Daniel’s attempt at embracing cultural differences. Mitchell is showing a bit more of the “John Crichton” personality that Browder loves to channel, but it actually makes sense, given that Mitchell is dealing with adversity through humor. It’s much like O’Neill, before he started being a bit too snarky. Now that the premiere is done and the torch has been passed, it should be interesting to see how the writers deal with the week-to-week cast integration.
  • one of the best episodes

    even though i do not want stargate sg-1 to change , but the new bad guys are cool and it helps explain more about the anicents and what happened to them, the ori have cool powers and they could pose a bigger threat then the gou\'ald have been over the past few years
  • Great episode with new powerful enemy being introduced. [spoiler alert]

    Daniel Jackson finds out the new enemys are in fact a different branch of the ascended. The ascended that they know from earlier has been shielding them from this branch because they wanted us to have absolute free will.

    The new branch enforces the belife in them as gods and will accept nothing less. All others must be destroyed.

    At the end of the episode we meet General Jack O'Neil again. I wonder, will we see him more from now on. He doesn't give any hints.

    Anyway, great episode.
  • Daniel Jackson makes first contact with a frightening race of people bent on purifying evil with brute force. The only problem is that they have a clear definition of evil- anybody that chooses not to believe in them.

    Half way through the show I had already decided that the episode was perfect, and it kept getting better. I saw something from the Ori that I haven't seen on television in a very long time. That is to say I saw real motivation. Not some hokey reasoning from the mind of psychopaths, but real intellectual reasoning. A belief system similar enough to some real world religions while retaining enough fiction to excite viewers. The plot also is the culmination of nine years of great storytelling. The episode gives me the chance to reflect on their universe as a whole. This episode goes beyond sci-fi action, taking the issue of religious fanaticism head on in a way that I've never seen before. Casual fans can enjoy it as a fascinating intellectual discussion while the hardcore SG-1 geeks get their fill of the Stargate brand of science fiction we've loved for nine years. After nine years they're not only still going strong, but continuously evolving into greater pastures. If I could I would give it a higher rating than 10.
  • Better than the two previous episodes.

    I've seen this episode without reading any reviews and I must say it did surprise me. At first I thought that the Ori would be some higher, peaceful beings. I'm looking forward to the next eps. In my opinion, 9th season of SG1 should've started with this episode, not the previous ones.
  • The end to the Avalon three part is shocking and surprisingly makes it all diffrent once again. . .

    Daniel and Vala are led by the Prior up to the Ori and here Daniel actually meets with an Ori. Again I thought that we were going to be stuck with Daniel and Vala in their bodies for the entire episode but we aren't. There are a lot more things going on back at SGC that is working towards finding the answer to bring Daniel and Vala back.

    Daniel meets the Ori and argues with them about free will and all of that. The Ori it turns out are like the ancients except that instead of preaching a non-invlovement with those below them they believe they should be worshiped and prayed to. The Ori are in a sense evil, but in another sense they are not. Its hard to explain but mainly its a matter of religion and belief.

    We learn that the ORi consider the ancients to be evil for they have kept these other humans from our galaxy a secret not only from the Ori but from the true nature of the universe as well. The Ori believe that the Ancients are wrong and they are right. Just as the Ancients believe otherwise. Both the Ori and the Ancients believe in free will but the Ori believe it should exist under their rule and their worship while the Ancients believe that all should have a freedom of choice.

    At the end of this episode Vala and Daniel are returned down to the people and once again tried as heritics. They are almost destroyed but Mithcell comes up with a good idea. The device that brought them to the Ori is destroyed by the gates portal just as it opens and Daniel and Vala are brought back. But we have a new threat now. . .the ORI and boy are they ever a real threat!
  • Teal’c and Mitchell must figure out a way to bring back Daniel & Vala from Ori territory.

    The Prior that healed Vala locks the two of them in a chamber with the Book of Origin which explains the basics of the Ori religion, as Daniel reads it to Vala she bites an apple that later offers to him much to his concern. The main issue seems to be a difference of opinion between the Ancients and the Ori that separate them long time ago, shielding the humans from their respective sides of the Universe from one another but now that the Ori have found a new source of potential followers they plan an incursion to find the humans that were denied from them.

    Back on SGC, Landry and Mitchell must use politics and diplomacy to deal with the priors that have crossed the stargate to discuss their current situation which clearly alarms the Jaffa dignitary who has come with Teal’c. The situation doesn’t look good for Vala and Daniel either as their reunion with the priors have come to a dead point and after using them to get to the rest of the heretics, they are about to be killed (this time permanently). Fortunately for them, Mitchell & Teal’c sever the link with the bodies of Sallis and Harrid just before it happens and, after a quick debriefing in the situation room, Vala does the same with the link that tied her and Daniel.
  • Daniel and Vala learned about ORI...

    Ori and Priors want to control people so people serve them as "god". Daniel should not tell the Ori about his people. Earth is one planet that have billions people living in this planet!!! Daniel is correct about religions. There are various religions that people, who have choice to pick any religion to serve. Anyway, Daniel and Vala are desperate to get back to their own bodies at Earth! But HOW??! Cameron and people of this base have to figure out how to get Daniel and Vala back. Whew, Cam and Teal'C decided to get blue device to stargate to any planet so they can wake up. They did success!! I love this episode!
  • Daniel and Vala incounter the Ori...

    For such a great episode i wonder why the score is not higher on Well i think that this episode was the best so far this season, and now the team has found a new even more powerful enemy. I was beginning to wonder if the team would find a new enemy this season and i am glad they did. I think that by having this new even more powerful enemy helps to give the show more direction. The only thing i fear is that i do not believe that the Ori will be defeated easily. We are no longer talking about little enemies like the Goa'uld the Ori mean business and they are far more powerful than earth. Daniel and Vala accidentally opened their mouths and told the Ori leader that there was a whole other galaxy out there which were not followers of the Ori. But what i found most shocking was the fact that they are going to kill all the unbelievers who do not agree to follow Origin. Also they are now making more Priors and building ships so they can send them out to fight the unbelievers. Overall i really do not think that the writers could have come up with a better enemy. These guys are fantastic. I even like them more than the Goa'uld story which dragged on for 8 years. Its just a shame really that we only get to see two seasons of the Ori.
  • Enter Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Beau Bridges and...the Ori!

    After fighting Goa'uld all these seasons, after taking down most of the System Lords, The Replicators and making formidable allies it's about time something new has to happen. I'll begin with the new crew. At first i had some doubts regarding Browder, doubts that washed away quite fast after seeing his enthusiasm, dedication and leadership capabilities, Ben Browder is indeed a great choice to lead SG1. The ever charming Claudia Black with the quite obvious love/hate relationship towards Daniel, but definitely a sight for sore eyes. She's great companionship, and the latest addition the new leader of the SGC Beau Bridges, well i liked him from the first few seconds. probably the most interesting though are the Ori, while clearly they're unlike anything any of them have seen, so yeah great season start (good to have seen RDA also). This is gonna be good.
  • Spreading religion, thinking they know the all, sounds familiar?

    It's little deja vu. Like many many years ago when they went trough the gate first time, they met Goa'ulds.. now they met a new problem - quite similar to their last. False Gods, trying to make everyone do like they say. unbelievers will suffer, they have glowing eyes in one point. Sounds familiar?

    Anyway, I love where the storyline went - now there is a really great ground for many new adventurous and much to discover. The problem with Ori.. I afraid we will get much space battles as those words that high priest said in the end - it sounded like they are going to take it very seriously. Great new storyline.
  • The end of an awesome season opener...

    Wow. This episode was just amazing. daniel and vala are taken to 'The City of the Gods' by the man from the last episode. We learn that that man is called a prior of the Ori. louis gossett jr. makes his first appearence in this episode. he was considered for the role of general landry. the show would have been a little different if he was. I like Beau Bridges a little better. This episode also sets up a whole new adventure for SG-1. A new enemy known as the ori. I really liked the fact that Richard Dean Anderson was in the last five minutes of this episode. he made some pretty good quotes, funny ones at that, like when Daniel said he is actually scared and O'Neill replies by saying "Well I'm Hungry. Wanna get something?" That is classic O'Neill. Later...
  • Daniel and Vala get up close and personal with the Ori while back at Earth Landry and co. must deal with their own new faces.

    After the disappointment of the last episode, this one delivers rather well. In the final installment of the trilogy that sets up the show's new storyline, our heroes meet the enemies that they will be up against for some time in the exceedingly powerful Ori and their followers. Complicating things further is the new leader of the Free Jaffa nation Gerak. It's nice to finally see the Big Bad that our heroes will be fighting. An evil group of Ancient-like beings opens up a lot of story possibilities and, in my opinion, works as a higher scaled enemy than Anubis and the Goa'uld. Not that that problem is gone either. It seems that Gerak may provide some trouble for Earth as well as the new galactic powers he mentions forming, one of which we are introduced to in the next episode. Overall, this episode provides a good end to the season's three-part opening and nicely sets up the stories to come.
  • They learn of a new enemy!

    Daniel learns more about the Ori and what they are capable of. Meanwhile, on Earth, General Landry learns of the Ori and ends up meeting with one to find out what they're all about.

    Daniel and Vala find themselves back in the village and assume they are there because the Ori want to find more unbelievers.

    For the first time I didn't care for Mitchell's attitude when he talked to or about the Ori. I don't care for the Ori and of course I know they shouldn't believe anything they are told about Origin, but Mitchell was comparing the Ori to his Christian grandmother which bugged me.
    I am a Christian so hearing him talk like that annoyed me. For one thing you have a choice to be Christian or not, no one is going to strike you down one way or the other. While the Ori make you follow them or make you pay the consequences.

    Well, I don't want to get preachy on anyone so I guess I'll just let it go at that. I still like Mitchell's character, I just don't care for that side of him.
  • A new galaxy, a new threat...

    Daniel and Vala used an ancient communications device, and ended up taking over the bodies of people in another galaxy.
    While there, they discover a new threat, the Ori, who are ascended beings that demand humans worship them as Gods. Those who do not are destroyed.
    Even worse, thanks to the arrival of Vala and Daniel, the Ori are now aware of the fact there are many 'unbelievers' in the milky way...

    Meanwhile, the new leader of SG-1, Mitchell, is doing his best to fit in, and to get Teal'c to re-join the team.

    So far, it has taken me some time to get used to the new dynamics of the show. It's not bad as such, just very different.
  • A new enemy.

    Good show. Vala continues to be the bane of Daniel's existance, which is thoroughly amusing. The episode fleshes out the new enemy for the series, the Ori. Lt. Colonel Carter doesn't make an appearance in this episode, either, which is kind of a loss. I'm sure she would have been less inept at dealing with the Ancient device than Dr. Lee, meaning it could have been salvaged rather than destroyed. (Wonder what ever happened to Siler, he seemed more qualified to replace Sam than this newbie...) Anyway, all in all a decent episode, though I hope the writers don't lose sight of the characters that made the show a success.
  • The ninth season storyline continues to develop and grow with the introduction of this new threat.

    The ninth season storyline continues to develop and grow with the introduction of this new threat. The Ori, although not so different from the Go'uald regarding their view of the universe will make for an interesting new enemy.

    My only 'serious' issue with the new seasons of both SG-1 and Atlantis is the intro credits sequence. Who's idea was it to shorten it ?! I'm cutting one point from every episode I rate for this very reason! :)
  • So this is the new Stargate SG1. I´m not impressed. The new enemys rhetoric seems to be copied from reality, to much politic for my taste. But apart from that there is a nice chemistry between Shanks,Bowder and Black that is promising.But why keep Tealc o

    So this is the new Stargate SG1. I´m not impressed. The new enemys rhetoric seems to be copied from reality, to much politic for my taste. But apart from that there is a nice chemistry between Shanks,Bowder and Black that is promising.But why keep Tealc on the show?

    He dont fit anymore. A new interesting Jaffa character would add a sting to the new season.

  • After a new team, a new villain... allowed are the writers!!!

    On the long run even the best series are coming to some kind of dry state. During 8 seasosn we saw the pretty evil snakes descending from arch overwhelming villains, to challenging adversaries, to finally scrubs in the dust bin.

    In a world (might say universe) without replicators or goa'uld, and the competitive wraith from Stargate Atlantis, the writers must have had a hard time to come up with this : the Ori. Taking into coonsideration that the path of evil is paved with good deeds, and that religious zealot could be far far more dangerous than pretending false gods, we are now going deeper into the world of the ascended ones, whose so called path of enlightment is no more a goal to achieve but a way to follow through strict obedience.

    This is opening a gate (no kidding) to many possibilities. And as i stated before we should regard this 9th season as the first one of a new stargate serie. Now we should expect this full season to give us an idea of the extensive power of the Ori with some defeats on earth side, divisions among former allies and maybe strange alliances.

  • Great episode revealing many new stuff

    Great episode very revealing the new enemy is realy nice and dark.. this is one of the best story lines,the ori turn out to be some kind of ascended goul that have been on the dark about our part of the universe...
    the unrest between the jaffa nation has been put to a rest at least for now since the new oponent has cauth at least their leaders atention..
    let's see how this goes on
  • Mitchell: "Now thats what im talkin' 'bout!" Kinda getting old.

    Ok, now I know that Ben Browder (Lt. Col. Mitchell) was on Farscape, so he has some following. I never did watch Farscape and I so far Hate his character. That stupid line about "Now that’s what I'm talkin' 'bout." is really starting to get annoying to me. Is that something he did in Farscape or something? I love this show. I own all the seasons so far, and I think that it should have ended at the 8th season. They had a perfect opportunity to do it with the episode "Threads." That one wrapped up the whole series, hence why it’s called threads. Anyway, now they are trying to make a new enemy out of the Ori. Now the idea of a religion being the new enemy is rather interesting for our time. The only problem is that they are now making their master enemy a race that is supposed to be able to do anything they want basically. They are basically the Ancients, but they mess with people. It’s just my opinion that it’s just not really a great storyline, kind of like they threw it together. I’m also just upset with the cast in general this season. That is obviously because of Richard Dean Anderson leaving the series, but also that Amanda Tapping is sidelined for a few episodes. I’m really concerned whether or not the show can stay afloat with out O'nell and with this new storyline. I'm a diehard fan of the show and I will follow it to its end, whatever it may and whenever it may be.
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