Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 22

Out of Mind (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 1999 on Syfy

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  • Cop out

    Very disappointing season finale. With all the wonderful ideas and story arcs they came up with in season 1 and 2 you would think they needn't use a flash back episode as a finale. It merely uses Hathor as an excuse to write a very weak idea and then fill it with clips from other episodes.
  • Emulates the 1965 film "36 Hours"

    Emulates the 1965 spy thriller "36 Hours," starring James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, and Rod Taylor.

    Also uses cognates of characters from the TV series La Femme Nikita. Tom Butler plays "Major General Trofsky," a character strikingly reminiscent of the Eugene Robert Glazer character, "Operations." Samantha Ferris plays "Dr, Raully," a character strikingly reminiscent of the Alberta Watson character, "Madeline."

    The casting director probably had the look of the actors from La Femme Nikita in mind during the casting process.

    I really don't mind copycatting. All art is imitation. Including good art. Both these actors do a fine job. The problem is not with the performances.

    The problem is with the story. The producers use "36 Hours" merely as a framing device, as a flimsy pretext to use old clips.

    I hate clip shows. I fast forward through the clip portions and only watch the framing portion of the story.

    In episode #44 SG-1's deadliest femme fatale returns with a vengeance! Suanne Braun is back as the notorious Goa'uld Queen with raw sensuality and steel heart, Hathor. SG-1's memories are blurred by obsession and confusion, when Colonel O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) is lured into a deceptive web of lies and deceit as he begins to believe he has been frozen in stasis for about eighty years. As O'Neill begins to figure things out, so does Carter and Jackson -- and SG-1 faces a choice that will change their lives forever. I Tracey K. Nameth declare "The sexy factor is way past the inferno zone."
  • A clip show finale? what were they thinking

    This is probably the worst season finale in the show and overall not that good of an episode. It started with a good idea that Hathor kidnaps the team to find out what they know about the state of affairs in the galaxy but the use of the flashbacks made the episode slow and boring. This might have been got a better fan reaction had it been a midseason 2-parter but as an end to the season it really disappointed me and a lot of other fans I've talked to. The mystery at the beginning did not work as well as other episodes such as Forever in a Day. It was pretty obvious that it was not earth in the future and it was a Goa’uld plot. When this episode is compared to the season 1 finale there are so many things that are missing from this episode that Within the Serpents Grasp had. For one the humor is not up to par in this nor is the action that made the season 1 finale so great. I defiantly saw the reveal of Hathor coming and the cliffhanger was not very good.
  • Too much flashbacks..

    I do not know - for season final, it looked somehow weak. I could say fast forwarding the first half of this episode did not lose nothing as they offered nothing new, and the scenes later - it was just too visible that it is just one ugly trick and not another time travel. There was some excitement and the ending built up a great cliffhanger what really would make us want to see what is coming.

    The scenes where Teal'c was leaving - maybe that was the best part. It really showed that he is for the theme.. without the theme, there is so little for him.
  • A clip show that's also a season ender, hmm...

    This episode seemed pretty uninspired to me. Much of the episode is just the team members remembering various missions. The SGC mock up was an interesting idea though, but since most of the episode was clips it lost much of its impressiveness. The episode really only picked up when we learned that the other team members were not dead and Jack escapes and releases the others. What little character interaction there was was very well done. All in all this episode felt a little weak, but it is a must see as it leads into season 3, but it is definitely my least favorite season ender throughout SG-1.
  • Very good!!

    I know alot of people didnt like this episode but I personally loved it! I found myself enjoying every part of it and I never had a bored moment throughout the episode!I think it is a very good episode for a season finale! Im done with the review but it wont let me finish cause i need more words so this is just random crap that i am writing to get enough words! Nun nf ngfd bgb hfdbd ghdsbg ghsfh fgsf sfd rfgsf fdg fg fsgf gh fgh df fd hfg fg dfg r fghf fhgf hgh fh gf gh fg df gfh fh
  • ok episode, bad finale...

    Jack wakes up and is told that it's been a long time and his team didn't make it. He eventually finds out that it's a trick by the gou'ld and finds the rest of his team and then the episode ends. It was a flashback episode and was an ok episode, but it was terrible as a finale. Finales need a bang and good exciting new material, not flashbacks. Oh well...Overall, the episode was good. It was an interesting new idea and they executed it pretty well. I got tried of all the flashbacks, but other than that, it was a pretty good episode.
  • One of my all time least favourite episodes.

    For an episode I really don't like, I have to admit that it starts off very interestingly. I can't really remember how I reacted to the situation the first time I watched it, so I can't say if it fooled my or not. Still, the idea is pretty good, and it's nice to see a new twist on the cheesy flashback-episode formula, even if the flashbacks are used too much (but aren't they always?).

    But there are 3 main things that annoy be about this episode. The first is the very little amount of humour. In fact, except for the last scene in the fake gate room I don't remember even chuckling during the episode. The second is the return of Hathor. She was bad enough in her title episode, so it was very disappointing to see her return (thankfully it would be her second last appearance). But the third is the one that makes this episode painful to watch. It's the scene where Teal'c is saying to Hammond that he's leaving the SGC. What should be an emotional and shocking claim comes across with such bad dialogue that it makes me cringe to even watch it. It is one of my all time least favourite scenes ever in SG-1.

    There are some other sequences in the episode that aren't handled too well, such as when O'Neill hears the two supposed future SGC personnel talking in Goa'uld. It's just so silly and camp, and could've been handled a lot better. It always seems to be the case (except with the rare exception) that, especially with Stargate, the second part of a 2-parter is a lot better than the first. This is no exception, and "Into The Fire" almost makes up for this episode's shortcomings.

    Now, as to whether or not to show this episode to a soon-to-be SG-1 fan...I'd day no, otherwise they'd have to sit through the even worse "Hathor", and "Into The Fire" isn't worth it. Although, hopefully by now they've become SG-1 fans, and can go back and watch all the lesser episodes without being too critical. If they don't love the series yet, then it's probably not their kind of thing. Or you could just show them "Window of Opportunity" and they might turn around.
  • Cut and paste episode

    I know this kind of episodes has a name in the TV-industry, but to me, the label is "cut and paste". You take scenes from previous episodes, shoot a few scenes in between, and that's it. I hate this kind of episodes (well, except for Lifeline in JAG, but that's something different. JAG is..., well JAG).

    My score was going to be 5 (or maybe even less), but the final scenes are cliffhanger leading to season 3, and it really made me want to watch the next episode, so I gave it a 6.5.

    If you've got the tape but not the time, watch the last 5 minutes, and get to season 3.
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