Stargate SG-1

Season 6 Episode 15

Paradise Lost

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2003 on Syfy

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  • The Maybourne Conspiracy

    Maybourne episodes are always entertaining, but this was especially so.

    Colonel Harry Maybourne is a well-drawn character. He's an opportunistic rogue who is not unmitigated evil. He's a "good bad guy."

    It helps that he's played by a skilled character actor, Tom McBeath.
  • Smart and tense.

    This was a unique episode. The whole idea of a paradise being infiltrated by the Goa'uld was very creepy. And it being a ghost town with all the skeletons. I loved how it had things that had not been seen before. The doorway of course. Not built like a stargate at all, but had the same basic function.
    The Maybourne and Jack duo caused lots of humour, and the fact that they were alone, driving each other crazy added to it. Then on top of that, Maybourne was goin' crazy with paranoia.
    Maybourne: You wanted to kill me from the start.
    O'Neill: Ah, screw you, Maybourne. I was joking. Look what you did to my leg.
    Maybourne: I set the trap for the pig.
    O'Neill: With a grenade?
    Lol, I love that. A great episode.
  • good episode...

    Maybourne claims that he knows where a stash of alien technology is and goes with SG-1 to find it. However, it turns out he just wanted to get to a utopia and Jack, unfortunately, was trapped in the utopia also. They were eventually rescued, of course. This episode has an ok idea, but it seems that similar stories have already been done. Oh well, the interaction between Jack and Maybourne is halarious. Maybourne goes paranoid because of an alien plant and tries to kill Jack, but Jack shoots him first. Sam gets emotional and wants to save Jack, because we all know she loves him. Anyways, pretty funny episode, ok story, good overall.
  • One of my favorites!!!!!

    I loved this episode... It showed how Carter really cares for O'neill and how she is still grieving Daniels death aka ascension.... I also loved how Jack and Harry acted throughout the episode... lots of comedy yet still drama! It was a awesome episode... although it would have been better if we could have seen Carter and Oneill at the end.... Instead it ends with Jack and Harry talking... I would have loved to see Carter when Jack got back! Oh well.. It was still an awesome episode and I enjoyed every minute of it... Some of it was a little creepy at times... All those dead bodies:P But I loved it:)
  • A great show cannot be a great show for only one or two reasons, such as story and characters. It takes all parts of the puzzel to make the picture and that includes cinematography and music!

    Okay, this has got to be one of my very favorite episodes. It doesn't further the story-line much, it doesn't have a large amount of dialogue and funny jokes. The part I super-like about this episodes is the feature-like feel it has to it. The "music" is subtle and appropriate. The desaturating of the color was artistic and telling. My favorite scene was when Jack O'Neill starts to feel the effects of the plant, the color fades out, and I, as a viewer, can see his paranoid state through his acting and through the camera work. Some of the moments between Jack and Harry are so funny but subtely so. Even still, I laugh out loud. But I'm focusing too much on O'Neill and Maybourne. The scenes with Samantha Carter despairing over the loss of Jack O'Neill and Teal'c's reaction to her is really good. The locker room scene, though short, was rather powerful for me and I appriciated Teal'c for being there for Carter.

    I can't forget Maybourne. I have grown to love his character. As my husband has stated, "He's just slimey enough to love." I truely enjoy episodes with him in it. I think his character is just right.

    So all in all, great episode, made greater by great cinematography and good choices by the creators. :D
  • Apocalyps now meets sg1

    This is clearl one f the best sg1 episodes ever. it workson so many leels. i was frightened for maybourne and jack, felt a great deal of sympathy for carter but also found myselflaughng at some of the dialougue. it showed how even without weapons, the gaould are a vry dangerous ha a cool sub plot of the adudience having to work out what wen wrong on theplanet and also figuring out that they had been transported to the moon. rda was absolutely gorgeous in this episode and played the part of the more combat focused colnel with ease. this episode is defo in my top ten, apocalypse now is one of my fave films an his just took it to a whole other level..the cinemotography was imense, can i have some of what the creators are on
  • Emotional and exciting

    In some ways, I liked this episode - it was adventurous- all that find out what happens, the lost paradise and Maybourne. He has really made a big change of character as he is so far from the man we first met. And his changes has been only to the good.

    Also, the episode was very emotional. Not on the lost paradise side but the other - Carter doing everything she can to get him back and she and Teal'c crying over O'Neill - it was one of the most beautiful scenes here.

    On the other hand, I did not liked the story itself so much - there was nothing of that I loved. The mystery was not too mysterious and... it was some slow episode.
  • Maybourne and Jack an odd couple to begin with, Jack wants to hurt Harry all the time so imagine them being trap somewhere together without any buffers along. But yet that is where we are.

    Harry wants to go on a mission that will take the team to a cash of weapons and technology, he has the gate address but he will not give it to them unless he can go.
    When they get there there a arch way that they have no idea how it works there is no kind of dhd or anything to work it.
    While Sam is trying to figure out how it works he Zats sam and puts this piece into the archway and it opens a portal, as he is jumping through Jack follows behind him.
    When they get there realizes that when they came through his Zat was taken somehow. Harry tells him that it is a safty thiong to keep the Gouald from being able to mess with them. But Jack still has his side arm. It is not of Gouald tech.
    Harry notices that there is no one there to greet them, cause ther is actually no weapons or anything else it is a Utopia and he was going there to stay cause he had nothing left on Earth. They search but there are no people and in fact the only people they do find are dead. They don't have any signs of wepons injuries, so they are not real sure why they died.
    mean while Sam is going nuts trying to figure out this thing to get Jack back.
    They are just not sure what to do. Sam contacts the tokra' and give the the gate address and they go do an areal they see nothing.
    Meanwhile Jack and Harry are experiencing something else. Harry has become very paranoid and thinks Jack is trying to kill him. So he runs of in the woods, Jack looks around and he starts to eat this plant and he realizes that the plant is effecting him in the same way so he goes off to find Harry to get him to stop eating the plant. Harry has set a booby trap and jack gets caught in in it. while Jack is laying there this wild boar comes running at him so he shoots at it, and acidently hits Harry who is hiding in a cave covered with brush. Now he really thinks that Jack is really trying to kill him. Sam is thinking and thinking and she looks at the picture of the device and they see something the map to where they went. they didnt go to another planet it went to the moon above the planet.
    They contact the Tokra' and they head off to get Jack and Harry. In the mean time Jack and Harry are having a massive battle withgranades and guns. both are wounded and Jack finally gets one on Harry and shoots him. Harry thinks he is going to die and Jack explains to him what wwas making him act that way.. Just then the tokra' fly over head. Jack informs Harry that he is going to be ok . Harry doesn't really want to be saved cause he does not want To go back to prison. Jack tells him that he thinks that he has suffered plenty and has the Tokra' to take him somewhere else to live.
    Great show I loved it it was full of anticipation.