Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 11

Point of No Return

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2000 on Syfy

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  • the only part of this episode worth watching is

    teal'c having is hand out for quarters from o niel

    the smile he has when he lays on the bed

    and then the way he puts on the hat after o niel throws it at him

    and the smile and wave he gives martin.
  • Conspiracy nut or alien?

    An episode that takes place almost entirely on earth, and outside the SGC is a bit unusual for the series but it is well done here. Martin is very well played by Willie Garson and there is a lot of hilarity in scenes with Teal'c, Marty, and Jack. There is a fair amount of action here, and the plot moves along at a very nice pace. The episode also does a really good job of poking fun at people who are into conspiracies, which is ironic considering the show's subject. I also really liked Martin's sneaky alien friends who never actually admit that they're aliens, they did a fairly convincing job of acting like government agents. All in all a very enjoyable episode.
  • Conspiracy theory...

    Oh.. one of those episodes that really had not much point but they were quite ok to watch. Nothing too bad, nothing too good either. Some little funny moments like Teal'c as a chef or he handling that martin Lloyed by not allowing him to come out.

    The storyline it self was worth nothing, I would say. The beginning was little better but on the middle when it started to solve and it was soon understand that they are all aliens and.. I do not know, it did not worked for me. Somehow left me cold... There have been much better episodes.
  • A conspiracy crackpot informs the sgc that he knows of the stargate, and his knowledge is very accurate. They still dismiss himas a crackpot. But different events lead them to believe they need to listen to him.

    This episode is really good, I think it was kinda funy. I liked the character Martin Loyd. He was such a confused little man. Jack had a way with him, it was a continuous act of funny dialog. Poor Martin Loyd, he had no idea just who he ws dealing with. They find out that his medications were laced with a substance that made him have amnesia. He had no idea who he who, or where he come from but he knew he did not belong here.
    He takes Jack to the location where he is supposed to have a ship hidden. But of course he could not find it, everything has changed so much.
    Sam Daniel and Teal'c go to his home and find all kinds of medication, that turns out to lace laced with some kind og memory defector of some kind. They go through all this investigating and realize that that someone is trying to keep him silent about something.
    Martin finds his way to to the motel where jack and Teal'c are staying. At this point Jack is aware of the medication tampering. So he refuses to let Martin take his medication. which panics Martin. All he really wants is to go home. He feels he needs to go through the stargate.
    Sam and Daniel talk to his doctor about his medication and what is wrong with him. He explains to them that he is paranoid. And all they arer doing is fueling his paranoyia.
    He gies them an address to where he is supposedly be working. But when they get there they find out that it iwas a trap.
    Jack can't get Daniel or Sam on the phone, so he leaves Martin with Teal'c and goes to look for Sam and Daniel. when he gets to the doctor's office he finds the office empty cleaned out completely. When he gets back he finds that Teal'c has locked him in the bathroom, Martin then passes out and he finally remembers from where his ship is, so Jack and Teal'c take him back to woods where they went the first time.He finds his ship. They decide that they could use the ship to help locate the others and maybe beable to find Daniel and Sam. So they decide to use Martin to bate them up. When the others find him they start to follow them hoping that they will find Sam and Daniel.
    in which they do and discover that they have all been bound and gaged. They go back to the sgc and they take martin to his home planet. only to find that his world has been destroyed. So they turn around and go back home.
    I liked this episode, it was very entertaining. I feel that all the episodes dont have to be gouald fighting, just fun to watch and this one was.