Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 21

Politics (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 1998 on Syfy

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  • skip the flashbacks!

    i agree with many of the other rewiers, i dont like clippshows. but luckily, it is easy to jump over the flashvbacks and only see the (26 minutes was it?) parts that benefits the overall story.

    The thing is that i actually agree with the senator on many points. i think he has some very valid points, and all the problems they have with the goaulds has to do with the gate in the first time. as daniel said, the killing of Ra set in motion the Apofis desire to conqer earth, and for every skirmish they have with the goauld they are making them more and more pissed...

    if i was the president, i would really think about closing it down before they make even more trouble! but then it wouldent get to see the best sci-fi show there is right now...

    Senator Kinsey arrives at the Stargate Command to investigate the program and determine whether the great drain on the U.S. budget is worthwhile, prompting the team to recall missions from the past year. There's a connection between the themes of the show and our Canadian government. Often in SG-1 you'll see the political manoeuvres and bizarre aspirations of some characters while the legit and scientific exploratory efforts of our heroes (SG-1 Team). Is big Canadian brother watching you? The answer is yes. Like SG-1 in this episode we have to deal with Politics of our own. Not a pleasant prospect.
  • Senator Kinsey, the greatest threat the SGC has ever faced.

    Yeah, it's a clip-show, but as far as clip-shows go it's pretty good. Ronny Cox does a brilliant job of being a person I can really hate. I noticed that some reviewers say that this is why they don't like this episode. I am the opposite. I love how the SGC is forced to justify its existence and I love to hate Kinsey. I scowl at his out and out ignorance of the events that take place at the SGC. However, I think that one of the things that makes Kinsey so irritating is the fact that if you can detach yourself from your love of the SGC team, Kinsey points actually have a good deal of merit. And it is precisely because Senator Kinsey is so infuriating that I like this episode.
  • After arriving back in his own reality, Daniel warns that it is only a matter of time before Apophis launches an attack on Earth.

    A clipshow, but a good one at that. Introduces Kinsey, a corrupt senator that is determined to shut down the SGC just as Daniel preaches that Earth is vunerable. He claims to be "reasonable" and opens an ear to what General Hammond has to say. The episodes go on with Kinsey recalling various missions SG-1 has been through, criticizing how stargate put the world in danger and that the U.S. has yet to aquire any valuable technology for all the money they pump in to the Stargate program. This leaves General Hammond to defend the Stargate program and how valuable the Stargate is to Earth's defence. Kinsey is the guy we all love to hate and that makes for a perfect well meaning-villian(ex. not a Goa'uld). The constant argument between O'neill and Kinsey is great and the clips are actually great to watch (they are clips from SG-1 episodes after all). Overall, average episode, good for a clipshow.
  • All what have happened with SG-1 on the first season... before the bad guys arrive.

    Flashbacks - I am not one of those people who enjoys that kind of episodes. It looked like nothing took place - it was a beautiful look back to the all previous episodes but nothing knew, nothing at all. And the storyline, why it was like this - I understand it was needed to build the next coming events but standing alone, this episode was worth nothing, even thought the start and Daniel trying to make others to believe what he has experienced on alternative reality - it was quite funny and somehow the best moment. All other, trying to make that senator to understand the importance of that project - it was hopeless as this far - we have had great action and adventure but not much gain.

    Not my favorite episode... not even close to them.
  • Not Terrible...but i'm not one for flashback episodes!

    This was a ok episode!!It was good for a flaskback episode though...and if you like flashback episodes then you will love this!! I did find Jack being a little better with letting Daniel speak his mind!!He will usually stop Daniel from saying anything,but he let him talk this time!! But all in all it was an ok episode!Just not a favorite!There isnt really that much more to say about it!!
  • boring....

    I really don't like flashback episodes. They are so annoying and quite boring. I've already seen all of the episodes, why would I want to watch an episode that recaps all of the other episodes? I didn't like the story either. Kinsey wants to shut down the SGC and everyone else is trying to keep it alive. Daniel is frustrated that no one is listening to him about the imminent danger. The story just wasn't interesting. Another reason I didn't like this episode is because I can't stand Kinsey. He is really annoying. Every episode he's in it's the same thing. He wants to take over the SGC or something like that. It's annoying. Anyways, I really didn't like this episode.
  • Not awful

    This is not an awful episode, but the flashbacks get annoying. Kinsey wants to shut down the SGC (when doesn't he?) and he does. They have to suspend all gate activity and shut down the program. Teal'c asks to leave Earth, but after Kinsey decrees the gate must be shut down he cannot. Teal'c is stuck. Daniel is mad that no one listens to him and believes him. This is a decent episode that does a good bit of recap of the first season, which is kind of needed before moving into the second season. I liked it, though not many people did.
  • Clipshow...

    This episode was just a clip show of basically the first season. This episode also marks the first appearence of one of the biggest pests in stargate history, Senator Kinsey. Sg1 have to convince Kinsey to keep the SGC open. Daniel says that the Goa'uld are coming to invade them but Kinsey really doesn't care. The clip shows aren't that bad. Guess who is helping Kinsey, major Samuels from the pilot episode, except he is a Lt. colonel now. This episode didn't really end in a cliffhanger but just ended with sg1 staring at the gate. I liked how O'neill wasn't afraid of Kinsey at all. Later...
  • Take out the clips and its a really good episode

    The first of many clip shows in the series which most fans have come to hate but I kind of like this episode. The best part of this episode was Ronny Cox and his character Senator Kinsey. He plays the villain so well and his back and forth with Jack was great. The plot is very realistic in the fact that the United States Government would not want to spend the money to run the Stargate program if they are not getting anything out of it.
  • Was a flashback of what happened in season 1 so far, done in an inventive way.

    It was another good example of the prowess of the writers of Stargate. The episode starts out as a continuation of There But For the Grace of God, and starts when Daniel gets back to earth and is getting his shoulder bandaged. He tells them about the alternate reality he visited, but they don't believe him. I mean come on! Who would believe the startling story he just finished telling, I mean Teal'c still being Apophis's first prime, Daniel dead, the earth under invasion, Sam and Jack engaged......wait WHAT?! Yep, that's where my favorite line from this episode comes from. Here's my favorite quote:

    Jack: Alright, wait a minute, let me...let me get something straight here...engaged!? (waves hands between him and Sam)
    Sam: It is theoretically possible.
    Jack: It's against regulations.
    Sam: I'm talking physics, sir.

    Gotta love it! And of course it wouldn't be Stargate without a highly annoying villian, namely Sen. Kinsey who turns out to be a complete jackass. He shows up for an "immpartial" hearing where SG-1 can speak in behalf of saving the Stargate program, which is undr fire because of the high cost it is to run, somewhere in the area $7.4 Billion I believe. Which is where another good qoute come from.

    Hammond: It costs nearly a billion dollars just to turn the lights on around here.
    Jack: How about a bake sale? Yard sale? Garage...?
    Hammond: This is what I look like when I'm not laughing, Colonel.
    Jack: Car wash?

    This is basically a flashback episode of the first season, but it is really good in it's own right. This is actually part 2(there but for the grace of god was part 1) of a 4 part story arc. 3 of the parts were in season 1, and the last one is is the premiere of season 2. Just watch it you won't be dissappointed. And to leave you on a good point, here's another good quote.

    Kinsey: Need I remind you the enemy Earth faces?
    Daniel: Oh, could you? I mean, go slow. LOL
  • I usually dislike flashback episodes, and this one was no exception. The Stargate program is threatened to be shut down on the eve of what could be a full scale attack from the Goa'uld.

    The reason I hate, sorry dislike, flashback episodes is because there is usually no development in the story, or no growth in the characters. Although there is an interesting story line in this episode - Senator Kinsey threatens to shut down the SGC due to operation costs, and threats - the flashbacks themselves take up more screen time than the actual episode. In a sit down with SG1 and his advisers - Incl. Lt. Col. Samuels - Senator Kinsey reviews the mission reports from Col. O'Neill and Gen. Hammond from several different Stargate voyages. While discussing the reports, the viewer is shown the flashback footage from each mission. Although there are some good transitions between the flashback footage and the new footage, the flashbacks themselves are obscenely long and sometimes uneventful. Some of the missions discussed are: The Broca Divide, Brief Candle, and Enigma. Although this flashback episode does include some good acting, specifically from Ronny Cox as Senator Robert Kinsey, the flashbacks take up the majority of the screen time, and add little or no dramatic effect during the episode. I did however like the suspenseful cliffhanger ending that leaves you wondering if SGC will get shut down.
  • Senator Kinsey comes to listen to SG-1 about why they believe the SG program should remain open not that he cares one way or the other.

    I'm not a really big fan of flashback episodes. For one thing it was still pretty early in the series so I hadn't forgotten that much about the previous episodes. I think they do these shows because they don't cost that much money and I'm sure they can shoot it fairly quickly.

    Luckily, when I watched this episode for the second time so I could do this review, I was watching it on dvd and I fast forward past the flashback scenes. It's amazing how short the show became once I did that.

    I really do not like the Kinsey character. To quote Daniel Jackson 'He's a fool'. I couldn't believe that he didn't think the Goa'uld wouldn't just come to Earth whether they shut the gate down or not. I know it's in the script and he's just acting, but it still bugs me.

    Needless to say, this was not one of their better episodes and if it wasn't for those long winded flashbacks maybe it could've been better.

    Surprisingly, I didn't mind all the talking in the briefing room, it was the flashbacks that annoyed me the most.
  • The first and one of the better flashback episodes, with its only flaw being the flashbacks themselves.

    I've read on a lot of message boards postings in the last few years (more than I'd like to admit), and it's pretty obvious that most fans don't like the flashback episodes at all. I'm one of the few that actually enjoy them, that is except for the actual flashbacks used in the episodes.

    So, apart from the clips, this is actually a strong episode. The intelligent debate between the very skilled Ronny Cox and Richard Dean Anderson is undeniably entertaining. Their passion is very effective and absorbing, making it hard not to watch.

    As well as the great debating scenes, it has an all-time classic SG-1 opening sequence, with Daniel trying to convince the team of his vision. O'Neill's reactions to Daniel's claims of his alternate self and his Wizard of Oz allusion are not only hilarious but a hint at what SG-1 would become.

    So, despite the flashbacks themselves, this is a pretty good episode. This is a must for any soon-to-be SG-1 fan, although it's probably best you fast-forward through the flashbacks.
  • Senator Kinsey visit SGC in order to determine the "value" of the stargate program.

    As the title of this review says, this was basically a flashback episode and not a very interesting one at that. The premises of this episode is that Senator Kinsey comes to visit, under orders of the president, to allow the team to make their case for keeping the program before it is shut down permenantly.
    I thought that this episode really lacked any sort of action. Even with the flashbacks there was nothing that really made it interesting. I found myself wanting the episode to just be over throughout the whole thing. A lot of it was just arguing about the politics which has a point but belongs more on a news program than on sci-fi. I feel that the writters could at least have created a sub plot so there would be something that happened.
    Overall, this episode did set up for hopefully better ones to come but didn't really have much value in itself. Basically just know that the government wants to shut down the stargate program and skip watching this one.
  • The SG crew has to convince the government not to shut down the SG program.

    It's sad that this episode had to be a clip show because the story itself was very interesting when it wasn't showing flashbacks. Cox always makes a great villain and he does so again here. This is a good episode for people who haven't seen the rest of the season to somewhat catch up. A lot of flashbacks are used, about 70% of the episode are flashbacks. It's hard to believe that the government doesn't believe those who work for SG-1. I'm American and love America, but I think this episode laid the "America is the greatest country" on too much.
  • Returning from the alternate universe, Daniel tries to convince SG-1 of the danger to Earth. Meanwhile Senator Kinsey with now Lt. Colonel Samuels arrives to hold a hearing on the value of the SGC.

    Clip shows are an effective way to update new viewers on the history of the show, save money and sometimes tell a story. Usually such episodes are boring, especially for viewers who have followed the show from the beginning. That being said, this clip show is not that bad. With the introduction of the character of Senator Kinsey, SG-1 encounters an enemy within the US government. This episode also sets up a spectacular season finale, making the excessive use of old footage a little more forgivable.

    The Good:
    Ronny Cox's portrayal of Kinsey is what makes this episode worth watching. From the moment he walks into the briefing room, you can sense his arrogance and you know he is going to mean trouble. O'Neill clearly senses this too and their relationship is antagonistic from the get-go. The feeling of danger from the last episode is still present. Daniel seems driven throughout "Politics" to convince everyone, including his own team, of the danger Earth faces from the Goa'uld. Ultimately, the strength of this episode lies in the acting.

    The Bad:
    It's a clip show. While the idea of a hearing is an acceptable role for such an episode, it is evident that SG-1's efforts to convince Kinsey are futile after about three minutes. After we know that Kinsey has already made up his mind, the entire episode seems pointless.

    The Bottom Line:
    "Politics" is basically a way to save money and set up the season finale. The introduction of Senator Kinsey is an important development, but the episode as a whole is rather lackluster.
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