Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Courtroom

    Skaar'a is putting himself on trial to prove himself worthy of being separated from the Goa'uld host and of course the Goa'uld are there to prove that they are superior and have the right to take over lesser beings bodies. As it turns out it is just a ploy to stall the Tollan so the Goa'uld can destroy their planetary defenses.
  • ok episode, but not what I like...

    SG-1 and a goa'uld are invited to a triad (basically a trial) to determine the fate of Skarra. A Nox was the indifferent disider and the choice was between giving the body to the host or the goa'uld. Of course, in the end the host was given the priority of the body and the goa'uld was taken out. This episode was really boreing and slow. They just talked, a lot. However, some of the talking, espcially Jack's stupid/funny lines, made the episode worthwhile. There was also a spoiled goa'uld plan to destroy the planet, which wasn't intersting to me. They've done the whole goa'uld attack before, but it was nice to see Skarra become himself again.
  • The Tollan hold a trial and the plaintiff is an old friend...

    Ah the Tollan and their technologically superior butts! For some reason I've always found the Tollan episodes fascinating. The concept of a group humans advancing so far beyond us is just plain cool. That said this episode is a cut above the previous Tollan episode. Ska'ara returns and they must have a trial to see who should control the body Ska'ara or the Goa'uld. Jack and Daniel's passionate arguments during the triad were especially good. One thing that still irritates me about the Tollans is how they have superior tech to that of the Goa'uld but refuse to do anything to halt the Goa'uld's advance. Ah well what can you do. A fun episode you shouldn't miss with plenty of aliens, tech, and of course humor.
  • Getting Skaara back

    Oh, I loved this episode. Some way it was so positive - as over a long long time.. they got something good. Daniel was unable to save his wife but O'Neill got Skaara back. Fantastic.

    I specially loved the way this episode was written and the moral debat over Goa'uld topic as it really showed and reminded the other side - they are doing it, on some level, for surviving.

    Also we did not have only talking and meeting with old friends (even thought it was somehow funny to see Sam and Narim), there was the vital threat, the conspiracy and Teal'c stepping over his order. So, I would say - all good in one.
  • Great moral debate.

    The opening space sequence was cool with the Ion cannons for Tollan blowing the crap out of 2 Ha'tak's but the crashing of the death glider is cringe worthy. Then the shocking reveal of Skarra and him being on the Tollan homeworld. This episode had the great debate of the right of the symibote to take a host so that it can survive which was well handled on both sides of the argument. The trial scenes with Skarra where powerful and dramatic especially with his explanation why he would rather die then remain a host. I still hate the way the Tollan treat everyone else. The scene at the cannon always makes me mad because of the way they acted. I must say that I love the location for Tollan (Simon Fraser University) it is so futuristic and alien and it did not surprise me when I saw it in other Sci-Fi shows shot in Vancouver such as Battlestar Galactica and Andromeda. I was so glad that they removed Korel and did not kill Skarra. His relationship with Jack is something that needed to keep going especially with the death of his sister only a few episodes before. Overall one of my favorite episodes of the season.
  • A well written episode.

    The beginning of this episode was slow and i thought it would not improve, i was wrong. It turned outt o be a very fulfilling episode indeed. I liked the whole trail idea, where SG1 had to argue a case to free a gost of the Symbiote inside them. This episode also brought back the Tolans who are very advanced in many ways. I was really anoyed that after SG1 saved the Tolan world they still would not traid any weapons or technology with earth much to O'Neills discust. Overall this was a very powerful and exciting episode. Probably one of the best epsidoe so far this series.
  • Most likely my favourite episode from season 3.

    I've always really liked this episode. I remember really liking it before watching it again recently, and I still really like it now. Sure it has its problems, but I can overlook these very easily and find it thoroughly enjoyable.

    As always, I'll start with the good points. It has a very interesting and well-executed story: the Tollan allow Skaara and Klorel to stand trial as to who has the rights to the body. We at last see a final moral battle over whether the Goa'uld can take Humans (or anything) as hosts, and it is played out well. Indeed, there are times when it is easy to understand and almost sympathise with the Goa'uld's point of view.

    Secondly, there is a lot of humour. Even though I'm not really fan of the much beloved "Is that a money back." line by O'Neill, there are plenty of other humorous moments to satisfy me. My personal favourites include "Speaking of rats...” "That's a fine line you didn't cross", after Teal'c disobeys O'Neill's order "Yes, well done", and of course the "Way smarter than we are..." and "Ours is bigger." lines are classic.

    Another great aspect is the introduction of the Tollan home world, and also a continuing and expansion of the relationship between the Tau'ri and the Tollan. I always really liked this particular relationship, and it really gets a lot thicker and more interesting in this episode.

    I suppose I can only see one major flaw with this episode: the visual effects. They seem pretty fake and unrealistic most of the time, but this is something I can easily look past. There are some who don't like this episode simply for Zipacna, and in particular his ridiculous costume. To be honest, I love his costume: it's so over-the-top and silly that it's funny. I also like the character and thought it worked well in the Triad scenes.

    So, in summary, this is most likely my favourite episode from season 3. It's funny, well written, and even has some intelligent moral arguments thrown in too. All in all, a fantastic episode.
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