Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Great moral debate.

    The opening space sequence was cool with the Ion cannons for Tollan blowing the crap out of 2 Ha'tak's but the crashing of the death glider is cringe worthy. Then the shocking reveal of Skarra and him being on the Tollan homeworld. This episode had the great debate of the right of the symibote to take a host so that it can survive which was well handled on both sides of the argument. The trial scenes with Skarra where powerful and dramatic especially with his explanation why he would rather die then remain a host. I still hate the way the Tollan treat everyone else. The scene at the cannon always makes me mad because of the way they acted. I must say that I love the location for Tollan (Simon Fraser University) it is so futuristic and alien and it did not surprise me when I saw it in other Sci-Fi shows shot in Vancouver such as Battlestar Galactica and Andromeda. I was so glad that they removed Korel and did not kill Skarra. His relationship with Jack is something that needed to keep going especially with the death of his sister only a few episodes before. Overall one of my favorite episodes of the season.