Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 10, 1998 on Syfy

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  • New Villain

    The team aids a man that is running and asks for aid. When they help the man escape they are found guilty of a crime and sent to an underground prison. While trying to find a way out they meet a woman that holds influence over the other prisoners. As the team escapes and they take her with them they find that she is in-fact a mad scientist and known throughout the galaxy as the destroyer of worlds.

    SG-1 is put on trial and exiled to a prison world, where a woman maintains a strange control over her fellow prisoners. Tough break for SG-1 in this episode as their standard recon mission goes awry. General Hammond and SG-9, a specialty diplomatic unit, led by Major Kovacek try desperately to free SG-1 but to no luck. But lucky for SG-1 they escape on their own with a mysterious woman. Not so much an action packed episode but more of a psychological one. Who is this mad woman that escapes with them? SG-1 is about to find out. The end?
  • boring...

    I watched this episode and it was so boring episode in season two. That planet have no rights to sent SG-1 to prison for life, that is so stupid! The prison take in secret place maybe in underground or anywhere, who knows. The team are depersate to find a way to get out of this prison. But there is only one way out is Stargate but they have to fix to do it. There is not much of action there. It is just of SG1 are trying to get out of this prison, that is it. There is not good storyline there.
  • SG-1 gets jailed...

    SG-1 helps out a man and unwittingly becomes his accomplice. As a result, SG-1 in sent to a planet with seemingly no escape. I enjoyed this episode largely for Jack's usual humor, but I also thought the idea of using the gate as a door to the inescapable prison was a cool idea. What SG-1 didn't know is how bad the person the allied themselves with was. In the end they let the war criminal escape. I thought this was a fantastic way to end the episode, showing that our heroes are definitely not perfect. This also left the door open for another fun episode down the road.
  • After assisting a man convicted of murder, SG-1 is sent through a Stargate to a prison world made to house the scum of the galaxy.

    Good episode, fun interaction between SG-1 and the prisoners and an interesting concept of a sort of 'prison world". I didn't like the character of Linea, I saw right through her, and I just hated her at the end of the episode. It kept me entertained but wasn't a "stand-up" episode, no major plot twists but a decent setup to Linea as a future villian. The entire betrayal was not too surprising so it didn't quite get that effect on me. Good dialogue here and there from an episode with not too much action, a nice break from the Goa'uld. Overall, good.
  • Prison Break on another galaxy...

    I most say - it was not the best episode, but not the worst either. I liked the idea and it looked so original and unique years ago, but now - it is quite humorous to watch it as for most, it really remind me "Prison Break". And I liked the way they had to do to make the stargate work.

    And the irony of this episode - the way that no one looks like they are and they should never trust so easily. Their world is saved but she is out there and I hope that they will continue that storyline - they could start cleaning after themselves.
  • Not good, but not terribly painful.

    This episode wasn't really good. It was only alright. But it was at least entertaining. The team is assisting this man they met on a planet, but it turns out he was a murderer. So they're all sent through the gate to a prison planet which has no way out. They meet the head prisoner - a woman - and she seems alright. It turns out she is a Linea, a Goa'uld. She was a relatively powerful Goa'uld back when she wasn't in the prison. Well, the team figures out how to manually dial the gate and they get out of the prison and go back home. Not good, but the introduction of a new Goa'uld.
  • Boring

    This is one of my least favorite episodes from the second season. It startes with an interesting idea of a culture that uses the gate to send prisnors to another planet but something about it did not work. There was however some good humor in this episode and i loved the "Teal'c look scary and take point" line. Linea was very mystrious and it did not suprise me that she was evil. All in all a very weak episode that I dread everytime I do a marathon.
  • SG1 are sentenced to life imprisonment on the prison planet, Hadante. In order to escape, they must confide in a mysterious old woman.

    I really liked this episode. The acting is above average, and the story plot is great.

    In this episode, SG1 are sentenced to a life term on the prison planet, Hadante. While in prison, they encounter a social system where the strong eat first and make all the decisions. However, the most feared person in the prison is an old woman named Vishnor (crime:accelerating a disease that killed many). With her assistance, SG1 are able to dial home and return to SG1 with Vishnor. While back on Earth, it's revealed that Vishnor was actually the person that created the disease that killed half a world. This information comes too late, since Vishnor has by now infiltrated the computer system, copied all of the information on Carter's computer, and has activated the Stargate. SGC tries to stop her, but their computers have been locked-out.

    This was a good episode that features wonderful writing and exceptional acting. P.S. I especially liked the ending when SG1 realizes that they aided in the escape of a mass murderer.
  • SG-1 are stuck on a prison planet with no means for escape.

    SG-1 have yet another misunderstanding with an alien race and are sentenced to life in prison.

    I didn't think this episode was that bad, sure they have betters episodes, but this one was still good. I don't know how everyone thought that Daniel could of possibly won that fight. I understand that everyone was preoccupied and couldn't actually watch the fight, but still, it was obvious that Daniel couldn't of won. How could he be unconscious and win the fight at the same time?? That should of been their first clue that something was wrong with lenea (or however you spell her name).
  • Not a bad episode, but not a great one either.

    The beginning scene with the SG-1 team on the forest planet shows is a great little moment. That chemistry between O'Neill and Daniel and their conflicting interest is not only funny and entertaining but another hint at things to come.

    The chemistry between the whole cast is one of the many aspects about this episode that make it enjoyable. Others include the legal ideological conflicts, a little bit of humour, and an engaging performance by Bonnie Bartlett as Linea. One of the truly great moments in the episode is the scene where that blind man regains his sight: his reaction and the music are so effective it gives me chills every time. Another great addition is that ending, with Linea leaving through the gate, the power going out, and that message appearing, as well as the final pieces of dialogue. This certainly has one of the first and darker, win/lose endings of the entire series.

    However, it is a little slow (especially in terms of Stargate), and not much happens throughout the episode. So, despite having some great qualities, this isn't really an episode that I would recommend to a soon-to-be SG1 fan. It isn't really on par with some of the better episodes, and it doesn't offer anything in terms of the show's mythology and character development (arguably).
  • Stargate Command tries to rescue SG-1 after they become imprisoned on an alien planet.

    This episode wasn't incredibly terrible but wasn't all that great either...

    Basically the team gets captured after unknowingly helping a murder flee. The team then must try to escape an underground prison on Hadante.

    My main complaint against this episode is that nothing really happened. There wasn't really any suspense or anything to keep me interested. They help the guy, get sent to prison, and then escape. The whole foreign prison thing is such an overdone story line and the writters didn't really do enough to make it unique or interesting.

    Another thing that I would have liked to see was more as far as "the destroyer of worlds. " I didn't feel that the writters gave enough of a sense of how evil she really is. She is basically seen as a nice woman who somehow is able to be in control of the prisoners which we later find out is because she is the destroyer of worlds. The writters don't really give much information as far as what all she can do. Obviously with a title of 'destroyer of worlds' she is pretty evil but the episode doesn't really portray that.

    I also feel that too much time was spent on trivial stuff in the Hadante prison and not enough focus on put on when Linea overtook the systems at SGC. The whole mountain was about to self destruct yet only a few seconds were spent depicting it. I think that this scene could have been done a lot better to create more suspense and to make Linea appear a lot more evil.

    I did think that it was good to see General Hammond go off world. It was nice to see him outside of sitting around giving orders.

    Overall, I don't think that this episode was really worth viewing. It didn't really develop the show or characters any and wasn't very interesting.
  • The crew meet a woman in prison who can help them escape, if they take her with them.

    This was just an average episode, but it is important because this episode is the first time General Hammond goes through the Stargate. The crew are sent to prison for helping a murderer, there they meet an old woman who turns out to be more than she appears. It has it's moments but it does also have a few dull spots. The most interesting part of the episode is how the prisoners believe that if they stand in front of the Stargate when it is first activated and are hit by the water-like wave, it will send them back through. In this episode, you find out what it really does, but it never actually shows it. Overall, this episode is just average, not that great, but not bad.
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