Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2001 on Syfy
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During a visit to the Air Force Academy, Carter makes the acquaintance of Jennifer Hailey, a promising young cadet with a rebellious streak. Carter sees great potential in her, but Jennifer seems determined to sabotage her future with the Air Force. She is fiercely independent, opinionated, and resentful of Carter to whom she is constantly being compared. On the other hand, Hailey is brilliant and Carter eventually decides to show her what she can look forward to if she stays the course - by bringing her through the Stargate. The two of them visit an offworld research base where O'Neill and Teal'c are on security detail, "babysitting" a group of ungrateful scientists. But the seemingly routine mission takes a deadly turn when they are attacked by alien life forms composed of pure energy. Trapped and cut off from the Stargate, SG-1 must make a desperate gamble to reach freedom before it's too late.moreless

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  • Air Force Recruiting Film

    We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of the Department of Defense, Department of the Air Force, and US Space Command in writing the script for this episode.
  • An otherwise good episode marred by an annoying cadet...

    This episode had a lot of good points; the conflict between the lead scientist and Jack was good, the strange energy creatures were really cool, and the idea of enlisting a young officer-to-be at least had potential. Unfortunately, as with most scifi shows that introduce a young know-it-all, that aspect failed tremendously. Much like Wesley Crusher on the Next Generation, I found Hailey to be more annoying than anything else. In fact she single-handedly made this my least favorite episode of season 4! I don't know why scifi shows think that having an early twenties or late-teen know-it-all is a good thing, it seems to fail in my eyes every time they try. Perhaps this episode was aimed at a slightly younger audience, but even when I was about Hailey's age I found this episode annoying. Definitely an episode I usually skip.moreless
  • Possibly this is the worst episode ever!!!!!Who cares about tiny glowing beams of light?

    I can not believe how bad this episode is, the acting is very poor, the progidy girl and staff at the university ham it up something rotten.

    "I'll never complain about mosquitos again!" The most cheesiest worse line ever!

    It is so bad, I can not believe it was written, what a waste of time, after so many great episodes I guess they cant all be great. This is definately one for the infants. Some of the preceeding episodes were political espionage thriller with a bit if outer limits spice thrown in, this on the other hand is a series filler, reminding me of the crap episode in season three when O'neil teaches all the kids on a planet how to play "aah!" the only reason they could have possibly made this was for some hoiliday episode like thanks giving or something. There were a couple of decent quips in it, but overall the special effects were poor, the bad guys just yellow beams of light and it took well over thirty minutes for anything to happen.

    Watch if you want to fall asleep!!!!!moreless
  • Little yellow glowing things...

    So, first it looks like this episode has two storylines - one is boring mission where Teal'c and O'Neill go and the other is Carter giving a lecture in astro-psychics where she mets a young talented cadet who reminds her herself but she has some serious problems of discipline and does not seems to understand that there might be a future for her. So, Carter gets a permission to get her a little walk - to the millions of light years away. Now, all on the moon, the boring mission and little slow episodes gets up the speed and we have quite adventurous ending. So, it was quite enjoyable, little heroic and good episode.moreless
  • pretty good episode...

    Jack and Teal'c go off world to see to the needs and safety of a group of scientist under the orders of the general, which happens to be, at that time, the real generl of the airforce. Anyways, they counter some light alien things and they start getting violent. A new cadet and Carter duke it out on theories and Jack and Teal'c establish a wormhole home and save everyone. Whoopie! Ok story line, but nothing special. There was quite a bit of humor, which made the episode good. The cadet was a little annoying because of her arrogance, but that was her character. It was interesting to see Carter back where she started. Overall, pretty good episode with a unique idea, some funny moments, and that's about it.moreless
Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson

Colonel/Brigadier General Jonathan J. "Jack" O'Neill

Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge


Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping

Captain/Major/ Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter

Don S. Davis

Don S. Davis

Major General George S. Hammond

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Elisabeth Rosen

Elisabeth Rosen

Cadet Jennifer Hailey

Guest Star

Michael Kopsa

Michael Kopsa

General Kerrigan

Guest Star

Hrothgar Mathews

Hrothgar Mathews

Dr. Hamilton

Guest Star

Bill Dow

Bill Dow

Dr. Lee

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • At 22:20 minutes into the episode, a SUV can be seen panning from right to left in the background as the scientists first encounter the alien fireflies.

    • In one scene in Hammond's office, you can see two medals in a glass case (The Air Force Cross & The Distinguished Service medal), but Hammond never got any of those medals because he didn't have the ribbons for them on his uniform.

    • When Carter and Haley walk through the Stargate, Sam is on the right, when they pop out Haley is on the right. I'm sure they messed up on account of the fact that the entering shot was done through the event horizon and didn't need to flip them as they usually do.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • General Ryan: I've read a lot about you, Colonel, in General Hammond's reports.
      Jack: (nervously) Yes… sir?

    • Hammond: (to Jack) Major Carter is giving a lecture at the Air Force Academy in theoretical astrophysics. If you'd care to take her place…?

    • Jack: You boys going somewhere?
      Dr. Hamilton: Uh, yes, we... we were gonna go see if we could find that creature you encountered.
      Jack: Well apparently you didn't hear me the first time I told you, clearly and in no uncertain terms, not the heck yet!

    • Kerrigan: Apparently one of the cadre made a derogatory comment about the young lady. Cadet Hailey told him to knock it off.
      Sam: And when he didn't?
      Kerrigan: She broke his nose.

    • (getting zapped by alien fireflies)
      Jack: I'll never complain about mosquitoes again.

    • Teal'c: Are you ready, O'Neill?
      Jack: No, gimme a warning.
      Teal'c: I am going to shoot you.
      Jack: I was thinking more along the lines of on three. One...
      (Teal'c shoots him)
      Jack: Two! Agh I said on three!

    • Hamilton: Colonel O'Neill has no idea of what we're trying to accomplish here. He's too busy polishing his M-16.
      O'Neill: (overhearing) Actually, it's a P-90.

    • Teal'c: I would suggest you do what Colonel O'Neill says.
      Jack: Thank you, Rocko.

    • Griff: Well we've got a pretty thrilling week! Two days ago Thompson lost his glasses, and just this morning the electron microscope broke down!
      Jack: Wow!
      Griff: Yeah, nonstop excitement!

    • Hailey: We'll hold them off with those phaser thingies. (referring to a zat gun)

    • General Ryan: So far I like your work.
      Jack: Thank you, sir, I like yours - your air force - the air force! I love the Air Force!
      Hammond: Thank you, Colonel...anything else?
      Jack: No sir. Yes! How did Captain Carter and Daniel get out of this... (glances at Ryan) very important mission?

    • Jack: So, what brings you to our little secret base, sir?
      General Ryan: That would be the ridiculous mission you just mentioned.
      Jack: Oh... of course...

  • NOTES (12)