Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 12

Prometheus Unbound

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2005 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

General Hammond and Daniel go on an expedition on the Prometheus to Atlantis. They encounter an abandoned Goa'uld Al'kesh and decide to salvage it. A Kull warrior rings aboard the ship and rings everyone else onto the Al'kesh leaving only Daniel onboard the Prometheus. The Kull warrior turns out to be a woman named Vala who wants to use Prometheus to evacuate her people from a Goa'uld occupied world. But is she telling the truth?moreless

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  • Dominatrix B&D action

    Daniel is abducted by a masked dominatrix clad in shiny black latex. He is shot with a zat gun, strapped to a chair, slapped across the face, burned on the shoulder, punched in the face, and generally subjected to all manner of psychological humiliation and physical abuse.

    Think I'm kidding?

    Watch the episode yourself. See if I exaggerate.

    The writers surely laughed their asses off during story conferences for this episode.moreless
  • Ugh.

    Sorry to deviate from what appears to be the majority opinion in this forum (although, interestingly, I appear to be in a much smaller minority here than on GateWorld on this subject), but...

    I HATED this episode!

    The Good:

    Vala was introduced in this episode. That's it. That was the one and only good thing about this episode.

    The Bad:

    First of all, if you're going to write an episode for Daniel fans, you should write it for Daniel fans. In my experience, people who fall in love with kind, considerate, understanding, ethical, geeky genius characters are usually not also fans of slapstick humor.

    Nor are they fans of their favorite character apparently being taken over by a pod person, because that's the only way to explain why he was so utterly out of character for the entire episode (more on this later).

    Second, did anybody care about Lt. Novak's hiccups? Anyone? It wasn't funny, and it certainly wasn't interesting.

    Third, this episode was the perfect example of everything that's been wrong with Daniel's characterization for this entire season. He was petulant at the beginning, stupid throughout, and, worst of all, when he had Vala in the brig, and he could freely talk to her over the intercom without any risk to himself, he didn't use the opportunity to try to understand why she stole the ship. Totally unlike Daniel. Where's the person who asks questions? Who tries to find creative, mutually-beneficial solutions to conflicts? Who listens to people?

    And that's not even counting the plot holes the size of brontosauruses. How exactly was the head of Homeland Security allowed to take a trip (by ship, no less) to another galaxy that would require him to be away from Earth for several months/years at a time? Why was a gate technician appointed as the main pilot of the ship? How does a person acheive the rank of Colonel without learning to perform CPR without completely freaking out about giving mouth-to-mouth to another guy?

    Worst episode of the entire series. Seriously. I have every episode in seasons 1-9 ranked best to worst (for a tournament on GateWorld), and this episode was the one that I ranked the worst.moreless
  • funny but stupid...

    Daniel finally gets to go to Atlantis...not...he is on his way in the Prometheus with Walter and Hammond, and others, when they get a distress call. They go to check it out, but it back fires. Daniel, eventually, is alone on the ship with a female names Vala and she takes over the ship. The story just seemed stupid to me and it almost seemed too Star Trekkey to me also. Another problem I had with the show was Vala; I can't stand her. She is like a little annoying child and I just want her to go away. Being the introduction of Vala, this episode is just bad in my books. However, it did have some good humor, but it also had some really over-dramatic fighting. Overall, ok episode that was good and very bad at the same time.moreless
  • This is one of the most interesting episodes of Stargate: SG-1 that I have ever seen.

    Of all the episodes of Stargate: SG-1, this one is one of the funniest. It's funny because of Vala and the fact that she is somewhat "horny". That's the best word to describe it. Adding to the humor is the fact that she is very attracted to Daniel while he is somewhat afraid of her and he's not that attracted to her. One complaint though is that I'm not sure if extraterrestrial humans (You know. Humans transported to the planets by the Goa'uld. I mostly use the term. It's not official.) would use terms like "have sex", which Vala uses. Still great though.moreless
  • Daniel is trapped with a wonderful thief : Vala...

    This is one of the greatest episode of SG-1, I've been laughing during the whole episode, Daniel and Vala are both great and it is so well played by the actors, who fight, kiss and fight again, they become two psychos trapped in the Prometheus... And didn't mind at all the other caracters not being there.
Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson

Colonel/Brigadier General Jonathan J. "Jack" O'Neill

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Ellie Harvie

Ellie Harvie

Dr. Lindsey Novak

Guest Star

Christopher Pearce

Christopher Pearce


Guest Star

Don S. Davis

Don S. Davis

General George Hammond

Recurring Role

Claudia Black

Claudia Black


Recurring Role

Eric Breker

Eric Breker

Colonel Reynolds

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Daniel and Vala are at the table and Vala is eating, they are supposed to be in hyperspace, yet the stars behind Vala aren't moving at all.

    • Vala says her suit absorbs zat blasts, yet Daniel is able to knock her out with a zat blast to the side.

    • Trivia: This episode reveals that, since becoming head of the Department of the Homeworld Security, George Hammond has been promoted to the rank of lieutenant general.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Daniel: Well, I try to be honest but, occasionally a little white one slips out every now and again...
      (Vala slaps Daniel)
      Daniel: Ow!
      Vala: Shall I kiss it better?

    • Vala: Well, in this case, it's the size that matters... I think that's pretty much in every case.

    • Daniel: (to Vala, under the impression she's a Kull warrior) Hey, how's it going? Guess it's just you and me, huh...? It's a little strange, isn't it? See, that weapon I shot you with should've killed you... What's even stranger is you guys don't usually take prisoners, either. I mean, it's kind of kill first, that's generally about it, just the killing. (long pause) I'm just going to talk to myself here for a while, because you're not going to talk to me...

    • Daniel: (to Vala) You're a fruitcake!

    • Daniel: Well... you kept the wrong guy because I don't know anything about this ship.
      Vala: (in manlike armor) But you are very attractive.
      Daniel: (cough) ...QWhat?? Hey big guy, I'm flattered, really I am, it's just that, uh, you're not my type. Uh, more than a little disturbed that I might be yours.

    • Vala: Come on, Daniel, you've seen me naked - the least you can do is cook me dinner.

    • Vala: Did you have fun taking off my clothes?
      Daniel: It was your idea.
      Vala: No, I meant when I was conscious. So I could distract you and kick you in the head.

    • Vala: You hit me!
      Daniel: You hit me.
      Vala: You know, we could just have sex instead.

    • Vala: Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you.
      Daniel: Thank God.
      Vala: Much. I hope.

    • Novak: (hiccupping) Please ignore me.
      Daniel: It's hard to.

    • Jack: Miss the chair?
      Hammond: Actually I do.
      Jack: Want it back?
      Hammond: As a matter of fact I do - my new one just isn't the same.

    • Jack: With all due respect, sir, I think you should tell the mission commander that I need Daniel right here.
      Hammond: You just did.
      Jack: I did... I did?

    • Daniel: Because... I'll quit.
      Jack: Why don't you just hold your breath – you haven't done that for a while.

  • NOTES (7)


    • Vala: In armor
      Just as in the her first appearance in Farscape, in her first appearance here, Claudia Black wears glossy black armor and attacks the first Earthman she meets, and it isn't initially clear what she looks like until she takes off her helmet.

    • Daniel: The name is Olo... Hans Olo.
      This is a joke using the name of Harrison Ford's Star Wars character "Han Solo," and delivered the same way that James Bond introduces himself: "The name is Bond, James Bond."

    • Daniel: Crushing your head!
      When Daniel is pinching Vala's head on the monitor this is a throwback to Kids in the Hall where it was a regular gag.

    • Episode Title:
      The title comes from a well-known and complex "lyrical drama" by Percy Shelley.