Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 12

Prometheus Unbound

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Dominatrix B&D action

    Daniel is abducted by a masked dominatrix clad in shiny black latex. He is shot with a zat gun, strapped to a chair, slapped across the face, burned on the shoulder, punched in the face, and generally subjected to all manner of psychological humiliation and physical abuse.

    Think I'm kidding?

    Watch the episode yourself. See if I exaggerate.

    The writers surely laughed their asses off during story conferences for this episode.
  • Ugh.

    Sorry to deviate from what appears to be the majority opinion in this forum (although, interestingly, I appear to be in a much smaller minority here than on GateWorld on this subject), but...

    I HATED this episode!

    The Good:

    Vala was introduced in this episode. That's it. That was the one and only good thing about this episode.

    The Bad:

    First of all, if you're going to write an episode for Daniel fans, you should write it for Daniel fans. In my experience, people who fall in love with kind, considerate, understanding, ethical, geeky genius characters are usually not also fans of slapstick humor.

    Nor are they fans of their favorite character apparently being taken over by a pod person, because that's the only way to explain why he was so utterly out of character for the entire episode (more on this later).

    Second, did anybody care about Lt. Novak's hiccups? Anyone? It wasn't funny, and it certainly wasn't interesting.

    Third, this episode was the perfect example of everything that's been wrong with Daniel's characterization for this entire season. He was petulant at the beginning, stupid throughout, and, worst of all, when he had Vala in the brig, and he could freely talk to her over the intercom without any risk to himself, he didn't use the opportunity to try to understand why she stole the ship. Totally unlike Daniel. Where's the person who asks questions? Who tries to find creative, mutually-beneficial solutions to conflicts? Who listens to people?

    And that's not even counting the plot holes the size of brontosauruses. How exactly was the head of Homeland Security allowed to take a trip (by ship, no less) to another galaxy that would require him to be away from Earth for several months/years at a time? Why was a gate technician appointed as the main pilot of the ship? How does a person acheive the rank of Colonel without learning to perform CPR without completely freaking out about giving mouth-to-mouth to another guy?

    Worst episode of the entire series. Seriously. I have every episode in seasons 1-9 ranked best to worst (for a tournament on GateWorld), and this episode was the one that I ranked the worst.
  • funny but stupid...

    Daniel finally gets to go to Atlantis...not...he is on his way in the Prometheus with Walter and Hammond, and others, when they get a distress call. They go to check it out, but it back fires. Daniel, eventually, is alone on the ship with a female names Vala and she takes over the ship. The story just seemed stupid to me and it almost seemed too Star Trekkey to me also. Another problem I had with the show was Vala; I can't stand her. She is like a little annoying child and I just want her to go away. Being the introduction of Vala, this episode is just bad in my books. However, it did have some good humor, but it also had some really over-dramatic fighting. Overall, ok episode that was good and very bad at the same time.
  • This is one of the most interesting episodes of Stargate: SG-1 that I have ever seen.

    Of all the episodes of Stargate: SG-1, this one is one of the funniest. It's funny because of Vala and the fact that she is somewhat "horny". That's the best word to describe it. Adding to the humor is the fact that she is very attracted to Daniel while he is somewhat afraid of her and he's not that attracted to her. One complaint though is that I'm not sure if extraterrestrial humans (You know. Humans transported to the planets by the Goa'uld. I mostly use the term. It's not official.) would use terms like "have sex", which Vala uses. Still great though.
  • Daniel is trapped with a wonderful thief : Vala...

    This is one of the greatest episode of SG-1, I've been laughing during the whole episode, Daniel and Vala are both great and it is so well played by the actors, who fight, kiss and fight again, they become two psychos trapped in the Prometheus... And didn't mind at all the other caracters not being there.
  • Wow!

    Wow, Claudia Black (the Aussie actress from 'Pitch Black' & 'Farscape') makes her 1st appearence as Vala Malduran, an oversexed Kull Warrior, and adds some much needed spice to the series after all the sexual tension between Carter & O'Neil. Looks like she's gonna be a recurring character, so hang on to your seats!
  • I loved it. 45 minutes of fun and good television. This was one of the most exciting and entertaining episodes of this show.

    A new character and the return of a great one :D
    Having General Hammond back was very good. Don S. Davis is a great actor that “gave” us 7 years of his life playing General Hammond. I’m glad to see him again. I loved the fact that he would sacrifice himself for his crew. After years of sending people “out there” he was finally the one to go.
    This episode also introduced us an amazing new character: Vala. She’s a pleasant surprise. Claudia Black is an amazing actress. She is considered by many to be the best actress in the Sci-fi gender. I must say that I can defiantly understand with. Her performance was perfect.
    I personally loved the fighting scene. Poor Daniel. She sure was in a good shape. I laughed the entire time. And the kiss… Oh, it was so good :D
    This was one of the best episodes of this show.

    Conclusion: Great acting from Don S. Davis, Claudia Black and let’s not forget Michael Shanks (he can pretend to be beaten senseless better than everyone else). All the other actors were very good too but I just wanted to call the attention to the outstanding performance of Don S. Davis, Claudia Black and Michael Shanks.
    I love the new character and I think that the words of Daniel at the end of the episode summons it all: “she’s good.”
  • A great episode with a splendid storyline. Funny, and there’s no lack in action either.

    The start of the episode is great. Jack being overwritten by Hammond like that. And seeing Hammond in action was cool to. It was funny when Reynolds almost gave him mouth to mouth.

    What also was funny was when the super soldier was revealed to be a woman. This made for some very funny situations and it was fun to see Shanks act with another woman than Carter or Sarah too. Vala was a… colorful character to say the least. And she and Michael Shanks had an amazing chemistry. The combo of an extremely aggravated Daniel and a rather open Vala was great.

    Daniel looked really hot in half a super soldier outfit. And the fight with the alkesh was cool. All in all an awesome episode, and I’m glad there’s promise for Vala to return.
  • Wow! Great return of Gen. Hammond and the chemistry between Daniel and Vala is definitely there.

    I watched Seasons 1-7 and season 9 but I am watching season 8 on DVD and just got to this episode. I knew that Vala and Daniel had a history from references in Season 9 so it was good to see where it came from.

    I liked this episode a lot. I knew I missed General Hammond but until this episode, I did not realize how much. Don S. Davis was just terrific in that role and brought just the right air of command and compassion to his role. Seeing him again made me wish they had kept him and I am sad that they did not. Jack does okay and the new General for season 9 is okay but no one can really replace General Hammond for being in command of the situation.

    Daniel and Vala really played off of one another well. Her flirtiness and his dislike for her really made the dialogue snap and move. I commend both of them. I thought Season 9 was something they had worked on but I can see they did it right from the start. I am even more excited about Season 10 when she is a regular to torment Daniel.

    Bring back General Hammond.
  • Anubis Drone alert! Or not?

    It\'s getting better and better! For the most part, anyway.

    First of, the Prometheus! I love it! And it\'s flying, even better! Then they find really cool ships.. getting more exciting. Then a drone gets aboard the ship, lovely.

    And her the fun starts! Everyone gets transported to the really cool ship (not the Prometheus), and the drone turns out to be a woman.

    A beautiful woman with an even better accent! And when she takes the suit off.. oh Lord! No, really, a gorgeous lady and a thrilling scenario, what more could you ask for?

    Two beautiful women, of course.
  • When Daniel met Vala.

    Jack and Daniel are in the middle of an argument as Jackson pleads, once again, to go to Atlantis (this time as part of the rescue mission about to be sent there), but before O'Neal refuses they are interrupted by General Hammond, who's actually there at mission commander capacities to take both Daniel and Walter to Pegasus Galaxy with him. Onboard the Prometheus we're introduced to some of the crew that would've arrived to Atlantis have not been by one Vala Mal Doran who steals their ship stranding everyone onboard of it.

    Everyone but Daniel, who has the most hilarious reactions to Vala's interest in him before she would take off her suit and reveal she's a female. A battle of wills ensues as both Vala and Daniel use their wits, charms and fists to gain control of the ship outsmarting each other successively until Jackson manages to neutralize her at the very last minute. Finding herself trapped, Vala finally tells him the truth - at least part of it - as she reveals to be the former host to a Go'aul that was captured, tortured and beated back when its people rebelled against it who's now on a rescue mission trying clean her name by saving them all from the current threat using Prometheus to carry them as refuges.

    However, her story turns out to be nothing but a con to scam a group of mercenaries for their money, although if it weren't for Vala Daniel would've never got out of there alive. As the Prometheus crew managed to fix the ship in which they were stranded to rendezvous with Jackson, the General hails them just moments after the attack and you can see how much Vala and Daniel have bonded throughout their experience, none of them wanting their adventure to be over. In fact they've come to know each other so well that Daniel stunts her before she could distract him with her goodbye and she has the courtesy not to knock him out this time as she steals a ship to run as far away from Prometheus as possible.
  • Daniel and Vala

    I love this episode! I started watching Stargate SG-1 when Vala is as recurring Role in this show. Vala brings lot of laughter, and exciting moments for this show. I love her character, she is my favorite character. Daniel and Vala are so perfect couple for Stargate SG-1. I have to be really honest, I don't like Orignal team because there is no Vala in there. It is so amazing to watch Vala and Daniel fighting in the ship alone! Way to go, Vala! Vala's character made me brave and tough. We need more women in the show, lol! Great Episode and very special time!
  • Funny..

    It was a comedy, I most say. There have been some jokes and fun before but not like this and I do not know - Wormhole-Xtreme it could work but this.. it looked like serious action episode but it was just.. I do not know - the action was good, Vala looks to be promising char and all the lies... and the fighting.. it was something refreshing but looked somehow silly, I do not know.

    It was so great to see Hammond again and he was the leader of this mission. Really great. Plus Walter outside the command - something more to say than just "Cheveron one locked"

    So, on the whole, it was somehow middle of the great action episode and comedy episode not being anyone of them, so it was confusing and little.. blurry, but generally good and enjoyable.
  • Hilarious!

    While on the way to what they assume to be Atlantis, the crew of the Prometheus, under general Hammond, are transferred from the ship to an Alkash by what appears to be one of Anubis' super soldiers.
    Only Daniel remains behind on the ship, and is captured. He soon discovers it is not one of the super soldiers that has stolen the Prometheus, but a woman by the name of Vala Mal Doran.

    This episode is easily the funniest of the entire show so far. Though I wasn't impressed with Claudia Black's performance - I thought it rather flat and 'rehearsed' - I put this down to it being her first episode and that she hasn't had a chance to develop the character fully yet.

    Shanks however shines, proving again that he's not afraid of looking silly.

    Excellent episode! One of my favourites!
  • The sultry, recurring caracter played by Claudia Black makes her first appearance in the SG-1 world, as does the first long range hyper-space flight, originally on course to Atlantis. A series of plot surprises, twists and suspenses checkerboard this ep.

    It is evident from the beginning that this is going to be a "Daniel-based" episode, and Shanks always holds his own and is brilliant in portraying the character of Dr. Daniel Jackson that only he could have created. Also, allusions, and hints to more, start the budding, albeit twisted, 'romance' between himself and the new recurring female character Valla, much in the style of Teal'c and Ishtar.

    British accents always get me, and the revelation of this sultry, overt woman instead of the uber-soldier that Daniel is expecting to find is an excellent surprise, and a welcome character dynamic.

    Also, General Hammond, off-world, on a mission always is a welcome pleasure to these eyes. He was never enough of an 'action' guy, though he did come through in some very useful, and successful rescues and such throughout the series.

    All in all, the most important plot element in this episode is the recurring character of Valla, introduced here for the first time, who will come to play in several upcoming 'canonical' episodes.
  • Daniel's Adventure

    I think there'd only be one thing I didn't like about this episode, and that's the fact that Daniel makes a huge deal about the fact he's going to Atlantis, and yet he doesn't go there is this episode. I think that kind of sucked, but anyway...

    I liked this episode, mainly because Vala is such an interesting and quirky character. Maybe she and Daniel will hook up in a later episode, who knows.

    Another great thing was General Hammond finally got to risk his life on what could have been a hopeless mission. It's great when the guys who just sit back and watch actually join in the fun, and the bit with Reynolds afterwards was pretty funny.

    All in all, a very good episode.
  • This is a special episode. Not bad, but special.

    This episode was one of the few to mention a rescue mission to Atlantis, thus reforming the close bonds between the two shows. We understand how close from coming back the SGA members are.
    Having Gen. G. Hammond back is also a good thing. In that sense, we see him as an active part of the mission, not just the one who gives orders.
    In other aspects, the episode is intertaining but further from the old Stargate than the other episodes of the season.
    The character of Vala is amusing and the interaction she has with Jackson leads to funny scenes and humoristic quotes, to the point that sometimes it seems like a comedy. Jackson and Vala spend their time fighting orally and physically, and of course, it is made to be sexy. They are almost like two old friends - or ennemies, flirting with each other in an odd kind of way. Yet, the whole story happens a little too quickly to be realistic. But as the episode ends leaving several questions unanswered, the viewer may let his imagination do the rest or wait for the next time he will see Vala in SG1.
    This time, we see aliens who, although they have two legs, two arms, two eyes and speak english, do not look like they are coming right from Earth. Actually, they reminded me of Star Wars.
    Funny episode.