Stargate SG-1

Season 6 Episode 21


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Install an M61 Vulcan

    Why must soldiers armed with small caliber shoulder fired weapons rush to the Stargate entrance ramp each time?

    Couldn't General Hammond order Stargate Command to permanently rig up a six-barreled 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling-style Rotary Cannon pointed directly at the entrance to the Stargate?
  • Jonas's Brain Injury

    Jonas had a few future visions but there are a problems. Janet suggest Jonas are needed to get straight to surgery because he have several seizures. It is pretty cool to watch Jonas's seizures and visions. Jonas was depersate to save whole base, Sam, SG1 team, and successful to prevent that happened in the future. Sam warned and suceed told them. Something had happened to Jonas and he don't want to do surgery on his head/brain. Janet refused allowed it because he got seizures already with his nose bleeding on floor. It is some of my favorite scenes of Jonas. But Jonas is not my favorite character and also I hate he was replaced him for year. Thank god, Daniel Jackson came back on season seven!
  • There's no fate but what we make?

    Yeah, i liked this one, it really makes jonas a team member, just like the audienc at home were waiting for him to almost sacifice himself for the good of the team, so was colnel o neil. Its a shame it was at the end of the series, i'm going to miss him, he brought an edgier side to the archeologist role.
    This was a great episoe as it had predictions in it that came true from attempting manipulating the future which was a clever twist. It also kept you on the ege of your seat till the very end. How did sg1 know though that they had managed to prevent the attack on the base from happening? No one was witness to the spy hearing the raio transmission and then pressing the alarm! Oh well, it didnt matter as still an entertaining episode.
  • Predictable and unpredictable...

    It was a really good episode. I loved the concept and the way things were connected - the way one thought to be act for good still made the future happening. It was a really fascinating theme - the vision, seeing the future and the question - can it be changed?

    A really strong and good Jonas episode what was really enjoyable.

    But it was not only about Jonas - there was also much action, little fun and a lot of to think about. I specially loved Fraiser saying to Jonas that he still feels like he has to prove himself. And even if it is almost a year, he still does not feel like part of a theme...
  • good episode...

    Jonas starts having visions of scenes that occur in the future. He sees Carter being wounded by, what he presumed, a staff weapon but it turned out to be some electrical thing on earth. He also invisioned Jack and his team and SG-15 being ambushed at the gate and helped save them. It was a good episode with an interesting idea. I loved the idea of seeing into the future, but it was pretty redundant with the whole saving the world from Lord Mot and freeing them from the clutches of the goa'uld. Oh well, good overall episode with a good idea.
  • Repercussions of their encounter with Nirti make themselves evident when Jonas begins to experience visions of the immediate future. The problem is that as Jack aptly puts it; Nirti never did anything that didn't turn out bad. A fact they begin to see a

    While in the midst of a 'first contact' type situation Jonas experiences a brief moment of prognostication accompanied by a brief illness that renders him unconscious.

    Back at the SGC Doc Frasier runs her tests and pronounces him perfectly healthy but schedules follow up tests 'just in case'. Meanwhile Jonas continues to glimpse the future, much to his own consternation and after a brainstorming session with Sam determines that this emerging ability could be beneficial to the work he's joined in doing. He is also strongly motivated by a need to continue redeeming himself to the team for his part in Daniel Jackson's death. That these guilt issues are still plaguing him doesnt' skip by the watchful eye or attentive ear of Dr. Frasier whose concern for his health escalates in time with a geometrically growing tumor that may be responsible for these visions.

    When the team returns to the planet where Jonas had his first vision they encounter both a spy in the ranks of the villagers and Lord Mott, a lesser Goaould who's verging on returning to power.

    At the brink of his own demise Jonas sees an ambush that results in the deaths of his teammates as well as the destruction of the SGC and convinces Dr. Frasier to let him find out how exactly this happens so that they may avert the tragedy.

    Using Teal'c's Kelnoreem technique to focus his energies and force a vision of the true sequence of events may kill him, but better that he feels than to make a mistake that further harms the team like his premature warning did with Sam.

    To find out how it ends keep your eyes open for this ep. All in all one of my favorites for its ongoing theme of guilt/redemption, as well as dabbling in an attempt to alter future events.