Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 13

Proving Ground

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2002 on Syfy

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  • SpaceCamp meets Basic

    Cross between the 1986 adolescent adventure "SpaceCamp," starring Kate Capshaw, Lea Thompson and Kelly Preston, and the 2003 military mystery "Basic," starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Connie Nielsen.

    SpaceCamp: They came to SpaceCamp with the dream of becoming astronauts. Suddenly... Without warning... Before they were ready... They were launched into space.

    Basic: A DEA agent investigates the disappearance of a legendary Army ranger drill sergeant and several of his cadets during a training exercise gone severely awry.

    A rather pudgy Grace Park makes an appearance as a young cadet. A far hotter Grace Park would later appear on Battlestar Galactica as Boomer/Athena.
  • booooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrring!

    Obvious fom the moment it began that it was a training excercise. This episode was dumb, all of the young characters annoyed ee. I watch SGC to watch SGC not a bunch of teeenagers runing around with paintball guns.
    frankly i dont care about how they train the teams either, i think i would have enjoyed this if i was a kid, but now i like the more adult storylines that have sub plots. for me this was just a lame series filler and proably one to keep the youngsters entertained. There was absolutely no tension for me as from the moment it began i knew it was all just a training session. To make it watchable you had to care whether or not the recruits passed, or think there was a real foothold situation and I didnt.
  • In a training simulation a wanna-be SG team has to rescue the SGC during a lockdown.

    I don't know why, but "Proving Ground" is actually one of my favorite episodes. I love O'Neill and Carter as "Drill-instructors", watching the new team struggling to prove themselves and the overall humour, especially Daniel as the alien leader, O'Neill faking to have gotten shot and Sam telling him to be more careful, because "He's bleeding all over her lab". The episode seems to have an overall light-heartedness. SG1 really seems to enjoy themselves giving instructions and simulating a lockdown with enemy forces taking over the personell. Plus the episode has an unecpected turn at the end with Hailey knowing about the simulation.
  • great episode...

    Finally, we get to see how they train wannabbe SG team members. It was awesome. O'Neill put four young cadets through a training program that seemed like a real foothold situation to them. I just really liked seeing some new characters and the idea of the episode was just awesome. I always wanted to know how they trained the soldiers, and now we see it. The story was great and I actually thought there was a foothold for a while. It's nice to have an episode that's not so predictable, until the end. I figured that Haley was fine...but anyways, great episode!
  • Fine example on how small things gets annoying. Good ep in general.

    Now then! Where to start. The whole idea of the episode was great and they did a good job too. It has its flaws, like aquiring an artifact then running half a mile (7½ km) in 12 minutes... Not knowing wether or not there would be tough resistance in the compound or wether or not the artifact was boobitrapped (as it was). Thats impossible...

    When Daniel and Sam was the only ones conscious was one of the better parts in my opinion (early part of the ep). I loved that part because of the voice changer-gadget thingie. Gimmi one of those ^^

    The whole Foothold situation was GREAT! I kinda knew that it was a setup but still it was exiting. I might had been wrong about it being a setup ^^.
  • When will the scenario be over?

    Mm.. quite different episode than previous ones and a lot of action on it even thought it was seen from the beginning that it is just one huge training - but it somehow opened more to us the reasons and the things needed for SGC members. So, I would say - educative episode.

    It was great to see Hailey again and see her to fit into the role she is, much better. And all the thing running around on the SGC.. and that other female team member.. trying to save Daniel... so I would say - a lot of fun and little good interlude.
  • The SGC is forced into a foothold situation, and O'Neill and 4 young training cadets must reclaim it

    This episode ranks inside my top 30, as in a sense it reminds me of a paintball scenario. I loved seeing SGC personnel acting and Daniel Jackson being in charge of the 'alien invasion'. Some great one liners: "i always knew he wanted that office" - Jack refering to Daniel sitting in Hammonds office.
    Also for some reason i have always liked the character of Hayley. This her second appearance and although i preferred her butting heads with Carter in Prodigy, i still found the "4 foot 9 fighting machine" an enjoyable character to watch.
    For all you battlestar gallactica fans, Grace Park appears in this episode as one of the cadets.
    Overall id say this episode is quite an enjoyable one, and would definitely recommend it.