Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 17

Reckoning (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Pure quality and simply brilliant!!!

    Both part I and this one represent one if not THE biggest battle so far in the SG1 universe. Everything they've worked for, everything they've been preparing for so long led them to this very point, where every single one of them have to face the the biggest threat they have known so far; the omnipresent and permanently expanding replicator scourge. This episodes brings surprising temporarily "allies", raises some questions concerning Daniel Jackson's power to do that he did (i'm still in awe and quite surprised), and shows each and everyone's strength as they do what they do best against this growing pain in the ass, replicator threat. As the war is taking both high with great magnitude (lots and lots of ships) a true battle, and low, no place is safe, yet they prevail again, but still leaving questions unanswered. This here is what i know SG SG1 is capable of. Well done producers, writers and sg1.
  • The biggest victory of all and the greatest two episodes of 10 years of Stargate SG-1.

    After the 7th season's finale Lost City it was difficult to imagine any events that would be more significant than an attack on Earth itself. But seeing the whole galaxy fall before (as Jacob said) worse enemy than Goa'uld was probably the culmination which we have been waiting for all those 8 years. The Replicators were a perfect nemesis. Now that I think of it the name of the episode which introduced them (Nemesis) was like a prophecy. I don't believe that the writers intended to make them the force which will wipe out the Goa'uld once and for all. But the result of their storyline was the turning point for the series.
    The scale of this episode is definitely one of the greatest ever shown on television. Not only the whole galaxy almost fell to the Replicators but also the biggest space battle took place over the planet which turned out to be the salvation and finale of the 8 year saga.
    Of course there're some issues left (the biggest of which - Anubis is resolved in the next episode), but the main plot (Goa'uld domination, Jaffa freedom, the Replicators) has reached it's end.
    This episode is one of the best examples of how to finish the story and this season could have easily been the last. Of course I loved the Ori saga too but it was more like a spin-off than a sequel.

    [Wrote this review after rewatching almost all of SG-1]
  • After all those small victories trough the years - finally a big victory

    This was stunning episode. This and the previous part of it - all together they just are so huge. The storyline, the stakes.. all that. Just superb. I love episodes like that. First the way everyone tries to give their part. Everyone has their own mission leading to one point - stop the replicators. Teal'c in the ship.. Sam in ground with Jacob, O'Neill and Daniel.. even Ba'al. That episode really made us see that no matter the egos of Goa'ulds there are some ways to work with them. And Ba'al really somehow.. I say - he seems to be the first Goa'uld who looks sympahtic. Anyway - there is numerous action, a lot of excitement. Much ego playing. Best part on that category is Daniel overcoming replicator-Sam. There are those Jaffa talks (love their way of speech)... and saving the entire galaxy on the last minute.

    A really super episode. Replicators are gone.. Jaffa are finally free. Amazing. Never thought it would happen
  • great episode...

    Teal'c and Bra'tac are leading the rebel jaffa in protecting Dakara while Selmac and Sam are on the planet trying to work the ancient weapon to defeat the replicators, with the help of Ba'al. Meanwhile, replicators have breached the SGC and Daniel's mind is being probed by the replicator Carter. In the end, of course, Sam and Selmac make the weapon work just in time to defeat all of the replicators. It was pretty predictable, however, Daniel did die. I wasn't expecting that. I do expect, however, him to come back quickly. He's going to take human form again and that's that. Anyways, it was a very good episode. It had great writing, great action, great funny moments, great recurring characters (Selmac, Bra'tac, and Ba'al), and it was just great.
  • Finally the replicators and Goa'uld are defeated in 1 action packed battle.

    Finally the replicators and Goa'uld are defeated in 1 action packed battle. This review will be for both part 1 and 2. Teal'c goes to the planet where the jaffa slavery was thought to have started. Little did they know that it was home to an ancient weapon that had the power to wipe out all life in the galaxy. Sam and her dad try to make it so it would only destroy the replicators, who were taking over the galaxy. With help from ba'al the program it correctly and take out all the replicators while Teal'c and his free jaffa attack Ba'al, who flees in front of thousands of jaffa. Seeing their, so called "GOD" flee, they stop believing that the goa'uld are gods and by doing so the jaffa turn against the goa'uld, who lose their power.
    This episode was a great turning point in the series and I give it a 10.
  • Really good episode.

    AMAZING episode. This was possibly my favoutite episode of the series. Everything was perfect in the episode, the story was well written, Replicator Carter is amazingly portrayed (one of the best characters in the show) and there was a firefight!!! Yay! Spoiler alert! But seriously, Replicator Carter trying to probe Daniel's mind was one of the coolest things ever. Especially when Dr. Jackson froze the replicators for a while, that was neat. The Sam Carter and Jacob bit was cool, especially when they convinced Baal to help. Teal'c holding Dakara was really good to see especially since he was so insperational with the odds against them. All in all, it was one of the best episodes of the series. I would reccomend watching it whenever it is on.
  • Cracking episode(s)!

    Reckoning parts 1 & 2 are just about as good as it gets!

    Jaffa uprisings, replicator attacks and a major threat from Baal, who is working for Anubis. All this is packed into two episodes that are bursting with action, twists and the neccesary humour.

    The Replicators are finally destroyed, using an ancient device found in a temple the Jaffa have just liberated. Teal'c and Bra'tac are hailed as heroes, while Daniel dies. Again.

    Everything I love about this show is in this episode (with the minor exception of some characters I'm very fond of), and I think it shows clearly what SG-1 is all about.

    We also get to see a lot of Baal, arguably one of the most interesting Goa'uld out there.

    Great, great episode, it doesn't get much better than this!
  • Finally something that I like. Firefights!

    Your enemy's enemy is your best friend. Since the Replicators are unable to feel emotions, so I guess that makes Ba'al the only available friend in sight.

    It makes me kind of sad to know that Daniel died. Again. But everything else was rather exciting, I might add. Teal'c and his emotionless face and hair weren't a pleasure to look at, but the moment his posse boarded Ba'al's a special feeling went through me, so kudos to the free Jaffa.

    Carter, her dad and the false God hologram was an interesting love triangle, especially when Ba'al ran away with his tail between his legs because the Replicators were about to board his ship.

    But seriously, there was one major thing that still irks me about this episode. The old Jaffa, no clue what his name is, boards Ba'al's ship, says some words, tries to kill Ba'al but fails because the false God teleports away. Why did he speak those words..?

    Talk about a cheap way of lengthening the plot.
  • After 8 long seasons, we get the two parter that changes everything. Stargate forever!!

    What a conclusion!! I still dont know what to believe. Could Daniel really be dead once again?? it is even possible? All I know as that this should qualify as the best ever episode of Stargate ever!!

    The Replicators finally get what they are asking for, when they are destroyed by Sam and the Ancient device but not without stirring trouble back at Stargate Command. It was great to see typical Jack again, he really does make a good show into a great one.

    But still Anubis, that guy really does scare me everytime i see him. Will he be pleased with Baals betrayal? I cant wait till Threads and see what actully does happen. Until now best stargate episode ever!!
  • WOW!!!!

    They gonna have to pull off something special for the season finale cause there is no way in hell they will be able to top this. EPIC. That is they only word that I can think of to describe this episode. While the first part of this story was all exposition, build up, exposition, some build up and, oh, a little bit of exposition this weeks it was action, action and some f**king epic action. From the moment Ba’al’s fleet arrived to take back the temple this episode never let up even for a moment. Two massive fleets engaged in the biggest space battle the show has ever produced, Replicators invade the SGC on overrun the place, the Carters (Sam & Jacob) try desperately to get the Ancient weapon to work (loved Ba’al’s smugness during these scenes “I am a God. Gods are all-knowing”) and Daniel battles with Replicator Carter for the sake of the Galaxy. But where was Anubis?

    Who cares I’m sick of him anyway.

    Well, the Replicators are finally gone (Yes!!!!) which is something I have mixed feelings about as I was begin to like Replicator Carter. She was a good villain and quite menacing, especially in her scenes with Daniel, but I do think the Replicator storyline was never that strong to begin with and it needed to put to fitting conclusion. I’m still amazed that they managed to keep this story going for almost five seasons but they did and now hopefully it’s all over for good. Maybe now the Asguard can finally get off their lazy little grey butts and help out against Anubis.

    Speaking of System Lords Ba’al is quickly turning into my favourite, which isn’t hard since there’s only him and Anubis left. He was easily the best part of this episode whether being smug while helping Jacob or his disgust at the thought that O’Neill could build the disruptor. Apothis never had this much personality neither has Anubis so its finally stratifying that there is now a System Lord who has more than one dimension to their character. Plus I love the way he interacts with the other characters, especially O’Neill.

    I must send my compliments to the special effects team who have really outdone themselves with their work in this episode. I thought they had reached their peak with the Antarctic battle in “The Lost City” Part Two but that was nothing compared to the sight of Ba’al’s massive fleet going into battle with the massive Replicator fleet. Cool! If that wasn’t good enough there was the Replicator that fell of the wall when they all froze. It’s like that Stormtrooper hitting his head all over again. Brilliant.

    I do have some grumbles though. Firstly no one seemed to give a shit about Daniel until they realised that they might have just killed him. D’oh. How the hell can they dial every gate all at the same time? I thought gates didn’t work like that, and since when did Ba’al get his degree in Gate Tech 101? Anubis has spent most of his life pretending to be a god and now he actually wants to be GOD. Guy has one hell of an ego. How the f**k did Bra’tc and the others get on Ba’al’s ship and to his throne room so quickly? I mean pull the other one. Anyway enough moaning let’s get back to the good stuff.

    The Best Bits
    -Daniel’s battle with Carter II was great despite it being nothing more but Michael Shanks and Amanda Trapping staring at each other intensely for an hour.

    -Jack is in Siler’s will. (“Okay, that’s…weird”)

    -Daniel: Gotcha now!

    -That Replicator falling off the temple wall.

    -Carter: You blow up one sun and everyone expects you to walk on water.

    -Jacob: That was just creepy.

    -O’Neill: It’s a BLAST door.

    -O’Neill: (The Replicators suddenly stop) That’s Odd! (Starts blasting Replicators)