Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 5

Red Sky

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 27, 2001 on Syfy

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  • Little mistakes...

    So, Carter overrides some security protocols in Stargate to get to the planet they did not get lock first. They get there is and it looks good at the moment - it is another Asgard protected planet. But with few moments later, the sun turns to red and they are thought to be messengers of doom. And it comes out that they really are responsible of what happened to sun. So, trying to fix it.. dealing with Asgards and failing most of the time.. so, great story, little slow motion and nothing too catching or funny but worth a watch, that's true.
  • good episode...

    When SG-1 goes through the sun with their wormhole it causes problems for the people of the world they visited. An asgard was their "god and protector" but refused to help. SG-1 attempts to help but meets resistence until the problem is solved, probably by the Asgards. This episode's story wasn't that interesting, but they executed it well. There were a lot of funny moments between Jack and the Asgard and between the people of the planet and SG-1. I also liked when the people of the planet blew up the rocket and Jack got pissed. Anyways, it was a pretty good episode, but nothing too special.
  • Human ingenuity frells it up again... sometimes we just don't get the point when we run into a brick wall that maybe we should stop. That said, Sam's too clever for the good of the planet they're visiting. Is she clever enough to save it?

    Rarely in my life have I ever wanted to hurt someone as much as I wanted to hurt that loudmouth stinker.... Jack I'm with you if you want to blow his head off... does that make me a bad person?

    With a little finessing to bypass certain security measures SG-1 arrives on another Asgaard protected world and starts the age of Ragnarok by riding the wormhole through a sun... oops.

    The Asgaard won't help, if they do it blows the treaty protecting so many other worlds from the Goa'ould so it's up to these clever humans to find that ever popular loophole to exploit.

    Not really one of my favorite episodes but I wouldn't turn the channel either. That says something about this show in general, even the episodes that are simply "Fine Examples" are worth watching more than once.

    I'm a fan of the character nuances and this particular ep is a "Grand Example" of that, maybe that's why I keep coming back. These actors and writers know what they're doing. Let's hope they're ushering in a new era of originality. Television could use some of that... oh wait, we're talking cable here cause network television is in the midst of being hobbled to its knees. Heaven and right wingers forbid someone has to change the channel to avoid seeing something they don't like... better to take it all of the air and homogenize creativity into oblivion.

    That rant said...keep up the inspiring work, cable will persevere when the big four fail.