Stargate SG-1

Season 7 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2004 on Syfy
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Sam, Teal'c, and Daniel head to a warehouse where they hope to find a rogue NID operation. Instead, they find a girl held prisoner there and a bigger mystery than they ever expected.

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  • Tapping turns Stargate into Law and Order

    or some other modern cop show. Yes it's different. Not exactly my style, but being a Stargate fan I was determined to watch the whole thing and give it a chance.

    It was hard to follow at first. Major Carter seemed to always finish everyone's sentences with an amazing amount of detail that only a mind reader would be capable of. That detail distracted away from the fact that the plot was actually easy to understand, if you didn't listen to it all. (eyes rolling)

    I gave it a chance. But it did not "grip" me in the end. I'd never want to say anything bad about Amanda Tapping because I love her as an actress. But she did direct this one after all. So, um, no comment. But it is not entirely her fault.

    By far IMO the one thing that made me want to forget I ever saw this episode (and shake off my disbelief that this was actually Stargate SG-1 I was watching) was the horrible acting job by Kristen Dalton.

    1) Switching between personalities was not instantaneous, or fluid enough, to be made believable. You can see her slowly changing her facial expression instead of "snapping into it" as if the other personality was taking over.

    2) Her "rage" when she was tearing down her drawings and turning over furniture did not have enough energy and anger in it. She "calmly" grabbed the file cabinet and pulled it over casually. More akin to a child's temper tantrum to get attention, than a pissed off adult female.

    3) She couldn't even "die" in a realistic fashion. She just simply turned her head quickly to one side as if to say "oops, I'm dead now" (again, similar to how a child would do it) instead of putting some effort into making it look as though the life was leaving her body.

    Her acting was so bad that it made the brilliant acting done by Michael Shanks look drastically over done.

    For these reasons I hope to never see this episode again. Or even associate it with the Stargate franchise. Amanda I hope you get another chance with better quality single-appearance actors.moreless
  • Not so much a review as a comment.

    It said in the trivia (which I can\'t add to) that there is a gaff with the explosion being big enough to blow up orange county, even though LA is in LA county. Now, I don\'t know the geography or scale of the two counties, but maybe what was meant was the explosion is big enough to wipe out an area the size of Orange County, regardless of the fact they are in LA county.moreless
  • Teal'c Daniel and Sam go to a wharehouse where everyone is dead and the only lead they have is a girl who locked in a cage in the middle of the wharehouse. She has no memory of this but they know she done it. Daniel tries to find out why.moreless

    Daniel is trying so hard to help this girl to recall the memories of the simbiote that was she was given by Kefler he figured it would be a good why to learn all the memories of the simbiote. She has all these drawings that she has done and they seem to be apart of a puzzle sorta. She says she has no idea wht they mean. They have accidently started the timer of a bomb that is of gouald orgin. Now they can't seem to figure out how to stop it. Daniel goes to her and tells her what is going on and asks her to help him.

    She had been tortured and she is very angry about the way she has been treated. So she eventually sets a fire and while they are trying to put the fire out she gets away and she goes after Kefler. Aparently she had more control of the body than they thought. When she finds kefler she informs him that he will not beable to ever treat anyone like this again. When she kills him she dies from a poison pill or capsule or something like that he had inplanted in her body.

    Fortunately the team is able to stop the count down of the bomb after daniel figures it out from the pictures she had in her cage.

    I liked this one it was really pretty good. It was full of suspence. Daniel is really under the gun in this one and he erally does a great job, but he is so upset that he was unable to save the girl.moreless
  • no O'Neill...hmmmm...

    Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c go to an NID warehouse and find a girl that was "grown" and her DNA is part goa'uld, or something weird like that. I really didn't like this episode. It was a stupid story with Daniel being all understanding with the girl, which gets very annoying. The whole point that Jack O'Neill wasn't in it made it even worse. There was no comic relief. It was all stupid story...though I did like the NID scientist character. He was interesting. The whole bomb will explode thing didn't seem very threatening and it was obvious they would fix it. I really didn't like this episode at all.moreless
  • Different...

    NID rouge agents always come up with something new and this time the way the episode starts - quite interesting - all those things - the lab, the artifacts, then the girl. It did great a quite good ground for the episode. And there was little excitement too but not too much, I feel. Anyway, the story goes around that girl, Anna, who has Goa'uld dna inside her usual dna and she has been treated badly to get her knowledge. I loved the way Daniel tried to communicate with her.. the get her talk. It really shows that after descending, he is more and more like the Daniel we knew. So, it was somehow the episode.. i cannot say it was Daniel's nor Sam's.. and it has little connection to anything else.. maybe somehow filler.. maybe just offconnected... but it was enjoyable episode.moreless
Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge


Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping

Captain/Major/ Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Martin Novotny

Martin Novotny

NID Interrogation-Room Guard

Guest Star

Kristen Dalton

Kristen Dalton


Guest Star

Brad Greenquist

Brad Greenquist

Dr. Keffler

Guest Star

Peter Flemming

Peter Flemming

NID Agent Malcolm Barrett

Recurring Role

Bill Dow

Bill Dow

Dr. Lee

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the beginning of the episode they state they are in Los Angeles. But when asked how far the explosion will extend, he is asked how big is Orange County. Los Angeles is in Los Angeles County, not Orange County.

    • Not exactly a goof, but amusing how the writers, producers, etc. cater to American standards of feminine styling. Anna's armpits are quite clearly shaven (see her death scene). So did Keffler give her a razor? Shave them himself? Omit the armpit-hair growing gene when he created her? Or what?

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Anna/Sekhmet: If it were up to me, I would rip the beating heart from your chest and feed it to you.
      Keffler: Such colorful language.

    • Barrett: His nitro says he has a bad heart. I say an x-ray would confirm a total absence.
      Sam: I don't know, I think he's starting to crack.
      Barrett: Come on. That guy was colder than Hannibal Lecter in there.
      Sam: Still, obviously no match for a master interrogator.
      Barrett: I didn't see you get all Clarice Starling on his ass.
      Sam: I didn't want to step on your toes.

    • Sam: Failed experiments of some kind?
      Agent Barrett: What kind is the question.
      Sam: Well, there's one way to find out.
      Agent Barrett: No forget it major, we've already tried that; all the codes are encrypted. I've requested a data retrieval team.
      Sam: Present and accounted for.

    • Dr. Lee: (after Teal'c defuses a bomb) That's it. It's off. I mean the lights turned off, that means it's off right.
      Teal'c: Indeed.
      Dr. Lee: (trying to high five Teal'c) Well, hey!

    • Dr. Lee: Let's uh, see if we can disarm it here first.
      Barrett: I'm going to get the local authorities to start evacuating the area.
      Dr. Lee: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    • Dr. Lee: According to these readings there's a ten-pound block of naquadah in this thing.
      Barrett: What's that supposed to mean?
      Dr. Lee: That would be very bad if it went off.
      Barrett: Well, it's a bomb - usually it's not a good thing when they go off.
      Dr. Lee: True.

    • Barrett: (holding up an object) What's this?
      Keffler: That unlocks my car.

    • Barrett: I'm going to go back at Keffler again. Do you want to join me?
      Sam: Sure.
      Barrett: Just thought you might like to watch a master of interrogation at work.
      Sam: You call in someone special?

    • Teal'c: This indicates it belonged to Sehkmet.
      Barrett: Who was that?
      Teal'c: A Goa'uld who at one time was loyal to Ra.
      Daniel: Well, we know she was a powerful ally of his, who he routinely dispatched to rule planets in his stead. Help put down rebellions, oversee mass executions, that sort of fun stuff.
      Agent Barrett: Sounds like a real sweetheart.

    • Barrett: At approximately 0800 hours we intercepted a 911 call, we moved in just after local authorities arrived. We've been in lockdown mode ever since.
      Daniel: Wait a minute - someone from a top secret, not to mention illegal, NID operation called 911?

    • Barrett: You're kidding, right?
      Dr. Lee: Do I look like a practical joker?

  • NOTES (5)


    • Barrett: I didn't see you get all Clarice Starling on his ass.
      Clarice Starling is a rookie FBI agent who leads a manhunt for a serial killer in the 1991 movie Silence of the Lambs, and is played by actress Jodie Foster.

    • Barrett: Come on. That guy was colder than Hannibal Lecter in there.
      Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a brilliant, cunning, psychotic killer in the movie Silence of the Lambs (1991). Anthony Hopkins performed this character AS very chilling and cold.