Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 22


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 17, 2002 on Syfy

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  • Great characterization of Sam

    Sam: Please, Teal'c, don't give me that 'way of the warrior' crap. I get enough of that from Colonel O'Neill.

    Great characterization of Sam. The woman's touch. Desperately needed acknowledgement of the surviving team members' sense of the loss over Daniel.
  • bad for a season finale...

    Season finales are supposed to be huge and have exciting, crazy story lines, but this one didn't. Season finales are also supposed to have big cliffhangers, but, again, this one didn't. It just ended with Daniel blowing some wind at Jack to tell him that he was there. Anyways, SG-1 goes to save Thor and an Asgard scientist from Anubis and they suceed, of course. The episode wasn't anything special. It was a good regular episode, but a bad finale. In this episode we got to see the reactions of the team to Daniel being gone. Sam was all sad and Teal'c and Jack were over it. Anyways, it wasn't a good finale.
  • Much to learn but as a season finale?

    As the episode title promises - there is so much to learn - and I specially loved that it was much about the Asgard. They are great guys and we have not get much of them lately. So, it was great to see them. Episode itself was really good - a little fun, some dark tunes, action and excitement all the way, Thor in danger (we all love him, don't we and we do not want Goa'ulds doing bad things for him) All the hologram thing, new bad guy who looks so mystical and dark and has some very powerful technology - it was just so good.. but season endings have usually been cliffhangers and this one.. I do not know.. the ending was lame.. and just would ask like O'Neill: "That's it?"