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  • Soldiers and scientists explore the galaxy to fight hostile aliens posing as mythological gods.

    The alien Goa'uld from the same species as Ra (defeated in the movie) are moving against each other to fill the power vacuum left with his death. Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson reunite to form a team to seek out advanced technologies to fight the Goa'uld. Under the Command of General Hammond, they are joined by USAF astrophysicist Samantha Carter and Teal'c, a Jaffa warrior who turned against the false gods who enslaved his people. Season 6 had Jonas Quinn take the place of a (temporarily) deceased Daniel. With the departure of O'Neill, Season 9 has General Landry taking command of the SGC and appointing Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell as the new head of SG1. Season 10 has former Goa'uld host/thief Vala Mal Doran join the team due to her closeness to the villainous Ori.

    During the Showtime era, this show tried to do serious science fiction tales geared toward a more adult audience so much the pilot even has full frontal female nudity. Tapping into multiple theologies like Egyptian, Norse, Greek and Japanese provided unique ways of using characters with a new alien spin. This leads to a very layered mythology of it's own to develop. The acting style of Richard Dean Anderson as O'Neill was much lighter than Kurt Russell's, but it gave necessary humor to balance the others. Michael Shanks as Daniel was such a perfect impression of James Spader that many people didn't know he was a different person at first. Don S. Davis (Hammond) had the thankless job of being the audience surrogate who sent the team on their missions, but when he got to do something more constructive he shined. Amanda Tapping (Carter) does an amazing job of being a brilliant scientist and soldier without ever feeling like a Mary Sue. Christopher Judge (Teal'c) capably takes a very generic concept of alien warrior with dignity and and composure while making reperations for his past deeds and trying to save his people.

    Transferring to the Sci-Fi network, the show went through a creative resurgence. They successfully did more personal stories around individual characters. But it was also to the detriment of the team dynamic that was central to the show, as certain actors (especially RDA) could go entire episodes without making an appearance. The show even began utilizing the stargate, the basis for the show's inception, less and less for the traditional useage of spaceships. Corin Nemec was fine as Jonas, but by the time he found his stride he left. Despite Nemec's claims, Jonas was just a Daniel placeholder who was removed when Shanks returned and was considered the new guy until his departure. Mitchell is okay, if bland, his demeanor seeming like a cross between O'Neill and Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis. The departure of RDA and temporary loss of Tapping due to pregnancy led Vala to recurr on the show bringing back some levity to the show and giving Daniel a verbal sparring partner again.

    Stargate SG-1 is a fun, sci-fi, action-adventure show. It told interesting stories but had no problem poking fun of science fiction tropes. But as the show continued the humor went from tongue in cheek to full on meta, which could get rediculous. And the final episode, while good on its own merits, is not a great finale. For a better conclusion, the movie Stargate: The Ark of Truth wraps up the Ori storyline and completes the arc. The final SG-1 outing, the film Stargate: Continuum, is a forgettable time travel story rendered moot by its ending.

    And Supreme Commander Thor is awesome.

    This has changed my life around from normal to fun and exiting. I not only find this show funny - thanks to jack o'neill/richard dean anderson - and good entertainment - thanks to the script - but I have also found that it has improved my grades in maths and science massively - thanks to sam carter/amanda tapping. I have also gained a collosal liking to egyptology - thanks to daniel jackson/micheal shanks and the main story behind it. Thank you!!!

    But just to say to people who dislike stargate, leave your minds out of our happiness. Feel free to express your opinions, but allow us to be proud of what we enjoy.
  • Of Course

    Few shows capture the imagination and inspire the thought provoking creativity as this work. Accolades are easy to pass along to all involved, thank you.

    Fellow Minnesotan. (again)
  • The best!

    by far the best series ever aired..
  • Awful SF

    I gave up on watching this show ages ago. It is beyond bad. Gives SF a bad name in ways that the Elementary School level rendering of the Star Trek Universe by the whole batch of Star Trek shows that were done starting in 1987 could never achieve. Paved the way for more awful projects like the X-Men movies which have turned most cinemas into places where children go instead of places where adults go.
  • The No.1 Series of all what has been screened on TV

    This is the series that has taken my mind & soul.

    10 Seasons about 200 Episodes and followed by 2 Movies.

    Never seen and will never see anything on TV that will exceed the uniqueness and originality of Stargate SG1.

    I wish I can rate it as 100 while all other series do not exceed a 9.
  • Title too short

    I'll put it this way:

    I cancelled my cable out of spite when SG-1 went off air.

  • Missing you!!

    On of my favorite shows of all time.

    But all good things must come to an end they say... :(

    Thank GOD for re-runs
  • quiete good

    This show is prettey good, not as good as Stargate Atlantis and Universe, but not at all bad. extremely long arch's and too any fill inn episodes to make it a higher rated. Richard Dean Anderson's humor is a big plus, And Michael Shanks is also fgreat in his potarayal of Daniel Jackson, Christoper Judge is not such a good role, and Amanda Tapping is a boring i know it all role. The show has a great ending, and some legendary i recommend Universe and Atlantis before you watch this show.
  • Starcheese

    The writing for this show is painful, the characters uninspiring and the acting embarrassing. And did they consult with any military personnel for advice on how the military actually conducts itself? Or military strategy? Not to mention the lousy costumes and special effects. The first episode was laughable and set the tone for as long as I could stomach it, hoping it would improve. The fact this series lasted ten seasons is a mystery I can only speculate relates to high numbers of the easily amused or ignorant. The original 1970's Battlestar Galactica was better done.

    Firefly was twenty times better - writing and acting and characters - and that little gem was canceled after only one season. Battlestar Galactica was Shakespeare compared to Stargate, and they jumped ship after four seasons. The Star Trek series - TNG, DS9, Voyager - all light years ahead in terms of writing, characters and acting (even Worf) - yet each of these lasted only seven years. So for any "fan" of Stargate who equates "longest running" sci-fi series with "best", I suggest you check into sick bay for a hypo-spray of taste.
  • Poor =/

    I would love it if the writer wasn't a chimp.
  • Step Through

    A series sequel to the 1994 Movie, Stargate SG-1 takes us on a 212 episode adventure spanning almost 10 years. The longest running science fiction series ever created, Stargate SG-1 takes us on the harrowing adventures of the SG-1 team lead by the Col. Jack O'Neill. Journey after journey they explore different worlds and cultures all in a desperate hope to find a way to defeat evil aliens, slave masters, technology out of control and humans gone awry.
  • Will eternally be my favourite show

    It is more than a personal favourite. It is, in every way, the best show that has ever been or ever will be and that needs to be recognized as more than just a personal thing. It is brilliant. Absolutely captivating. The best writing ever seen on TV. It is just amazing how such an unordinary and extraordinary story was put in a present world, in the lives of American Air Force personnel. It is our world as we know it, but with a big secret. The biggest twists on our reality. With bad guys, allies, and heroes like none other. In this world, but like nothing that has ever been seen.

    Oh, there are bad guys. But they are not simply bad guys, because that would not be unordinary. Goa'ulds. Evil beyond evil and uncompassionate beyond uncompassionate. They are a species like none other that have been seen in the genre, stealing people, and their lives, and their minds. Ra, Anubis, and Baal, all real enemies with incredible powers, not of this earth. Ruling through fear that survived the thousands of years since they were chased from this world. With the support of a galaxy of Jaffa who now blindly fight for these false gods, it is not an easy battle for our heroes, but they vow to free the galaxy of oppression. They fight to protect the weak and the unaware; they fight in the name of the truth they know.

    But there are allies, little grey men with incredible knowledge and power, but, most importantly, an unbreakable loyalty to the people of Jack O'Neill. The Asgard will forever stand by the side of humanity against its enemies, even when the enemies come from within (i.e. Inauguration). They are valued friends, and although our heroes have inferior firepower, they will help defend the Asgard with all their strength and courage, against their enemy, the Replicators, a seemingly unstoppable army of morphing machines.

    SG-1, our eclectic group of heroes are led by their fearless leader, Colonel (more recently know as General) Jack O'Neill, with reckless courage and an infinite sense of humor. Typical? Jack O'Neill is anything but typical. "How 'bout a bake sale?" And Dr. Samantha Carter, a lovely young astrophysicist. A woman who was kidnapped and sold for the price of ten women on Simarka, but beat the feared and vicious chief in a traditional battle to the death, winning back her freedom. Teal'c, strong and noble. A Jaffa, a former enemy with vital intell on weaknesses, strengths, and strategies of the Goa'ulds. But again, with unwavering loyalty and friendship with earth. He has pledged allegiance to the planet, to assist in destroying his former oppressors, and with a vision that one day his people will be free. Dr. Daniel Jackson. The nerd, yes, but still in no way stereotypical. Archeologist, linguist, and anthropologist, he is their expert, incredibly knowledgeable in the history, mythology, people, culture and language of almost every civilization that ever was on earth, and elsewhere. He is a significant asset when traveling in a reality as this. A reality where all mythology is real. The legend of Merlin and Avalon, Atlantis, Thor's Hammer.

    There is nothing ordinary about this show, nothing that is not splendid. It is in every way original, unique, and distinctive. It is a show that can make you feel as if you have an emotional attachment to the characters, characters that you greatly care for. And nothing could be as captivating as the worlds that you visit and the adventures that ensue.

  • yeah another season of Stargate SG-1(i mean season 10)

    Boy,I do hope so there will be season 11 and beyond-I hope we see 300th ep of this series and maybe 100th ep of Atlantis.I am a huge fan of this franchise and I'll be very upset if another season(s) aren't made.I'm married with this series,if you think about it(for good and bad,till death,...)let's face it there were some not so good ep of SG-1 and there were those that were wordless :) I am also watching spin-off SGA and is also great like it's SG-1.Since I live in SLovenia I can't watch SG-1 and SGA live,but I have at home all box-sets of both series.To all writers,producers,cast of both shows: Keep up the good work and remeber that fans of both show are always on your side

    Show us the real Furlings,eh???
  • The Best Sci Fi show ever

    This has to be the best Sci Fi series ever made as it run for ten (10) seasons and had two (2) spin off series as well as a couple of tele movies. The Egyptian Link with the pyramids to the use of there "Gods" was a formula that was believeable in a way that no other series has been able to make. It had plenty of humour with the characters all working well as a group, really disappointed that this series had to finish, but in the end it was startng to get a bit tired, but I for one have watched many reruns of epsodes and will continue to do so.
  • 10/10 for 10 seasons great show not much i can say bad

    sg1 what can i say 10 seasons they were doing something right with cancelation of most good scifi shows this one lasted the distance not many shows of any type do

    great characters great baddies the main cast are intresting and always having there own little story lines going on in episodes even the rest of the cast are mint mayborn asgard baal the list is endless all the new characters through out the 10 seasons where interesting and keeped sg1 fresh it never gets old

    they could of carried on but that would of ruined it even through we were left wanting more with is the mark of a great show
  • Forever in my mind

    This remarkable series has shown the world yet another great sci-fi idea that begins with the word 'Star', bringing together every bit of good story-telling science fiction can offer these days. It captured me since the very beginning after watching the movie back in the 90s, and it's still my favorite. I wonder if there will be some more of it in the future. Star Trek has never gone, neither has Star Wars... So I hope Stargate stays with us forever in our minds and TVs...


    This show is so ground breaking in it's ideas that it must surpass any and all shows that were ever broadcast. I enjoyed how they included World Mythology for the Gould System Lords. They utilized a current military installation, NORAD, at Cheyenne Mountain for realism. The story evolved over time to keep the Characters fresh. Very Well Done!

  • The Best Show Ever!!


    What a fantastic show!!! Everything else seems dull after watching this. You don't even have to be a SciFi fan to love this show... :-) :-)

    I wish more non-scifi fans would get exposed to this show, because it will definitely help them to appreciate scifi and maybe even become scifi fans themselves. There are so many people out there that label scifi fans as nerds and anti-socials, but most of them have never watched scifi themselves.

    Stargate SG-1 is so brilliant, I believe it will convert some non-scifi fans into scifi fans, if only we can get them to watch it... ;)

    Best show ever!

  • Perfect is not enough, thanks to US TV from Poland

    After 7 wonderful seasons of MacGyver I really missed RDA, I think the most underrated actor in this universe. Here, in Poland, we had like only 3 seasons of MacGyver in TV, and I remembered something about SciFi show, that was broadcasted in our TV some years ago. Two things I remembered were - Stargate and Richard Dean Anderson. Later, I found out that it outlasted MacGyver (10 seasons of SG-1) and that RDA was playing its main character for 8 seasons. Then I thought "Why not?" and this was the day I watched "Children of the Gods".

    All my worries suddenly dissapeared. I thought, that I will be watching MacGyver in space, but Richard Dean Anderson is so great that I have never compared Jack O'Neill (two Ls) to Angus MacGyver. It's hard to describe ten excellent seasons, but here is what I love about SG-1:

    - RDA as Jack O'Neill - no words will describe him. Perfect sense of humor, great acting, background, something I have never before seen in any SciFi show. I think every fan knows what I'm writing about
    - other main characters with their own individuality: Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson (in my opinion second to RDA best actor in the series); Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter (ideal woman - beautiful, sexy and smart!); Teal'c - an alien I have never seen before - tough and yet funny, love Christopher Judge; and of course in seasons 9 and 10 - Vala and Mitchell - really liked them
    - other castmembers - Don S. Davis as General Hammond - I still miss him, R.I.P, Beau Bridges as General Hank Landry, Dr Frasier, Siller, Walter, Dr Lam
    - the idea of Stargate Network - it allowed creators of the show to create many, many different planets, many races - so many possibilities!
    - the plot, Goa'uld, Ori, Tok'ra
    - RDA as Jack O'Neill - one is not enough:)
    - ideas and scientific atmosphere

    Must watch for everybody - I myself am not a huge SciFi fan, but I immidiately loved this show.

    Sorry for my English:) and best wishes from Poland for US Television - the best there is!!
  • I love Stargate SG1. I'm prod that Stargate has lasted ten plus years and made sci fi and enter in the gunnies book of history for being the longest runing sci fi show in history.

    I love watching Stargate SG1 every day. Through the years, and diffrent 'stargate' groups and web sites, i've made heaps of friends. I'm looking ford to the third stargate and stargate atlantis moive when he comes out and i hope that there will be more star gate moives in the furture. :-)

    I'm prod that Stargate has lasted ten plus years and made sci fi and enter in the gunnies book of history for being the longest runing sci fi show in history. :-)

    Who knows a wedding or two or three, lol. After all there still heaps of planets to check out, lol
  • Not as good as the movie, but exceptional none the less.

    It's usually too much to ask of any movie based series to live up to the movie it was based upon, and that was the case with Stargate SG-1. But still and all, it was a damned good series. Production values, the concepts explored and the writing and story lines were all characteristic of a quality sci-fi series. And the original Stargate movie really was one hell of a of the best sci-fi movies of the decade in my opinion. And Stargate SG-1 really did it's best to live up to the movie, and for the most part, succeeded. I rarely missed an episode.
  • Indeed one of the best sci-fi tv shows i've seen and enjoyed for almost 11 years.

    1994. The Stargate phenomenon begins. Great movie, lovely acting and simply incredible idea, idea that (little did we know) 3 years later was going to turn into one of the world's most viewed sci-fi tv shows of all time. Enter, the cast: Richard Dean Anderson, Daniel Jackson, Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge. I mentioned only these four because these are the actors that kept viewers watching their crazy and fantastic journeys into the stars for almost ten years (since some like Michael and Richard missed quite a few episodes). Where would you even begin to describe such a huge phenomenon like the Stargare SG-1 series. Simply by saying that it was, is and will be an absolutely incredible and amazing adventure for past and future generations. I've watched this over and over, it's just...they don't make 'em like they used to. Stargate Sg-1 was right at the top and precisely at the right time. It worked wonders. First you gather the most incredible crew that work wonders together and simply combine like 4 atoms in the same molecule, add some really really really really good quality sci-fi storyline into each episode (various alien races, hundreds of planets to be explored maybe thousands, a kick-ass enemy spreading like a cancer all over the galaxy and numerous close to death situations and let's not forget the ammount of knowledge invested here, what Sam or Daniel talk sometimes...leaves me in aw! Plus the occasional humor and witty repartees and you get a whole big new world ready for the taking. Bloody well done. Best sci-fi show in my book.
  • One of the best shows ever made

    This show has to be my favourite sci fi and my favourite show ever. The characters are all well thought out and although from time to time the effects and stories can be a little weird, it really doesnt detract from the awesomness of this show.

    The best seasons were probably seasons 5 and 6 but still remains brilliant even till the very end of the 10th season. Although the last two seasons had a different style to the previous ones, the series i think managed to succeed where other shows failed havin maintained the quality of the show even with the departure of a major character. I would recommend this show to any sci fi fan out there. You really can't get much better than this.
  • Awesome show with awesome dynamic characters

    I LOVED this series. I think it was the best series for family entertainment in the last twenty five years. The characters were all brilliantly cast and acted out by the four lead actors.
    Sci fi shows of this quality are rare and tend to gather an extrememly loyal following. I know that all the fans I have met are seriously missing this show now that it has finished. Stargate Universe may have an interesting story line but the characters are awful.
    I hope they do more movies with the original team in it, as there were some loose ends that needed tying up here and there and I hear that the proposed story line for the third movie would have been awesome.
    I'm seriously missing SG-1.
  • This was a episode that should not have been a finale. Stargate has been building up and this is the final episode? Who cares if there are movies, this episode sucked in comparison to the series. I think this was written by the writers relief fill ins d

    Okay where do I begin? Time dilation fields? Romatic moments after 50 years? Sam's obsession and defeat?

    Here's what happens, sorry if there are spoilers please don't read anymore if you have not watched the episode.

    SG-1 are fighting the Ori and well Sam thinks that instead of being blown to bits she places the ship in a time dilation field until she can come up with a way to save the ship. with no shields the field is the only way to stay alive. This episode does not play on anyone's true character. Daniel actually likes Vala? This is simply not the case. If you watch the series from beginning to end, including the episode of Daniels death (the radiation time) Sam would have been a better pair for him since she has admitted on several occasions that she liked him. If there was a revelation and her and Vala talked liked real women and not 'Soldiers' that would have been a nice twist to the end of the series. As for the stupid Christmas they have, where did they get the tree? How did they come up with half the stuff they had over 50 years? This episode was more of a filler in mid-season then a finale. I could have written a better finale and oh wait I have. I have written 2 episodes of this series and have shown them to 2 of the writers but for conflict of interest they were unable to read them. For shame. There was a better storyline in Ma'at then in the Ori. If they would have read my research they would have had at least enough details for 2 more seasons or at least one really good blockbuster movie.

    I am not bitter that they couldn't read my scripts, I am more upset that they wasted 43 minutes of my time. I have been an avid watcher of Stargate since the movie in 1994. I cry every episode I miss, and have met several members of SG-1 (a benefit of living in Vancouver BC). Michael Shanks is taller in person, but the real surprise is Teryl Rothery is much funnier and a delight to be around. Christopher Judge actually smiles and cracks jokes! And well look carefully throughout the show-Dan Shea is the stunt double of Richard Dean Anderson, but really he is Sgt Siler, and the stunt coordinator. When ever Col. O'Neill is being doubled look at his pinky finger, if it's bent while he holds his P90, that's Dan Shea. Now that I have spread this information to you you should know that I love the show and the information that leads up to make a show. So coming from me, This episode should not have aired. I hate to admit it, but I actually found an episode I hated. I hope Continuum doesn't let em down too.
  • Best Sci-fi show

    I had watched a few sci-fi shows like The X-Files. However, I needed to expand my library, so I asked around, and my dad's wife suggested Stargate SG-1 since it was sort of in the same league (sci-fi, with some drama to it). So I went and bought the first movie from 1994, and I thought it was really cool.

    So, since I liked it, I decided to buy a season one box set and test it out. Glad I did. This show is awesome. I remember that pretty much after 90% of the episodes, I ended up saying to myself "Wow, another amazing episode of Stargate". This series will be watched over and over again, and I will have enjoyed every minute of it.

    The characters are great. Jack O'Neill is awesome, as well as he sometimes brings in some comedy which always makes for a good episode. Sam Carter is smart and cool. Teal'c is great. I also love how Daniel Jackson brings in the history side of things about cultures and such. After season 8 when they brought in Colonel Mitchel as well as Vala and General Landry, they added more good stuff to the show. I know some might have thought different, but I think they were a great addition to the show. After I watched season 8, I wasn't sure about picking up seasons 9-10. However, after reading some reviews, I convinced myself otherwise. So I bought season 9 to start out. I wasn't sold on it, until the second run through. I took a break from season 9 for a couple weeks, then returned to it with an open mind. Glad I did. I was kind of nervous about the new characters (Vala, Landry, and Mitchell), but now after a few viewings of seasons 9-10, I can say they are accepted to me as part of the family.
  • The show which will never be forgotten...

    For ten years it has entertained us all. For ten years it has made us very happy. It was very sad to say goodbye to one of the best TV shows ever made in history. Stargate has brought a new perspective to the sci-fi genre. In the beggining SG-1 team faced a powerfull enemy Apophis and other Goaulds, who convinced the entire galaxy that they are gods. Then to make matters even more serious a new technological enemy - The Replicators came. In my opinion they were the most interesting race in the whole Stargate universe. Later half-ascended Goauld Anubis appeared and gave us many exiting hours in front of a TV. At the end the most dangerous enemy - the Ori were introduced.

    The characters were also wonderful. In the beggining we had Colonel O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c and General Hammond. For a year we had to say goodbye to Daniel, but he was returned to us. Then we said goodbye to General Hammond and later General O'Neill. But some new characters also appeared. The empty place left by Daniel was filled with Jonas Quinn for a year. Colonel Mitchell took over the team, General Landry - the base and Vala Mal Doran filled the comedy hole left by O'Neill.

    Now let's hope that the spirit of SG-1 will live on in Atlantis and in two upcoming movies: The Ark of Truth and Continuum.
  • A feeble attempt to tap into Arthurian mythology.

    First of all, the new revised team - what a mess. I know people believed that for SG-1 to continue, that the old guys would have to go; I agree, but you need GOOD replacements. Ben Browder is way out of his depth; 4 years on Farscape and he thinks he's Ricky D. Vala, or the thing in black leather, is unconvincing and nauseating; further more, having both her and Ben onboard, makes me constantly think of Farscape. Daniel Jackson annoys me even more, now that Sam isn't there to help drown out his mundane character, and once again, Teal'c is about as inspiring as parsley.
    Finally, Arthurian mythology and sci-fi DO NOT mix. I found myself laughing profoundly when the Merlin hologram appeared. No wonder Richard left, he probably read the script for Avalon!
  • Thoughts on Stargate, inspirations and things to be thankful for.

    Ah Stargate... I've been watching it since I was 5 and am definetly the Stargate Expert in our family. Really I can thank Stargate for a lot of things.

    One it was great entertainment for a long time. Two it really got me interested in reading (fanfiction) and three it really got me interested in writing.

    I love writing now and I try to do it as often as I can. Whether its about Stargate or something else.

    Stargate is what really got me started though, it also inspired me to be an astrophysicist and an archaeologist, both of which I gave up the dreams of a long time ago but still I was able to broaden my imagination.

    Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, and Sam. *sigh* possibly the best team every.

    There was no show quite like Stargate and there will never be a show quite like Stargate.
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