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  • My favorite show of all time. A truly unique, adventerous, and inspiring scifi show that is truly entertaining and addicting. I started watching because of an ad for the Lost City (finale of Season 7). I immediately started with the first ep and can't st

    First off, this show, especially now, is VERY different from the movie!

    The effects are top notch. The acting, particularly in the present, great. Arcs are interesting, actions scenes rarely dissapoint, and few of us can ignore the heavy integreation of mythology into everyday life.

    The technology is interesting and truly works into the story (not against it or simply because it should...See Star Trek)

    The continuity is maintained impeccably.

    The team works together as a family and throughout 10 years has grown, changed, and functioned as a truly amazing unit.

    I don't miss an episode. I look forward to new ones each week. Give it a shot...
  • as far as sci-fi is concerned this is one of the most advanced and interesting i have ever viewed.

    stargate is way beyond its time, the graffics are movie quality, the actors are supurb and the story lines are realistic(as far as sci-fi is concerned). i have been a big fan of the show since it first came out and think that the series way surpasses the movie for quality. the only thing i wish had not happened had been the replacement of richard dean anderson, i think in a way he(and the other three) where basis of the show and by removing him you have lessened it in some ways. i hope that in the future you plan on bringing oneal back as he brings alot of character to the show.

    Hands down one of the best sci-fi series ever to be created they didn't even need to sequel to the movie cause I had a feeling a series was in the works and I am a glad I was right. I was fan since th movie and still am. WOO!
  • Learning from the past.

    After you get past the memories of MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson becomes quite a good lead in this sequel. The supporting cast is very well developed as well. The wait for this to actually come to air was well worth it, and I hope that it sticks around for a while.
  • Form this episode and the ships I've seen I have only one thing to say: "Earth is soooooooo scrued". And take these words to heart.

    The Ori have been a foe for a good long time and now they have turned this religion into a war on all that they see fit as unholy. 4 ships against 18 and they didn't even take out one im thinking that there are only 5 things that can be done to stop this. And they are: Plant the Prior neutralizer on all their ships to stop the flow of power. 2 the earth weapon can wold the ori back indefiately, so long as the controller doesn't get too tired. 3 muster everything Jaffa, Earth, Asgaurd, Wraith and the lucian alliance to wage a real war against the Ori. 4 get the Ori neutrilizer to even the ground agains the Ori, it's time for them to fight fairly. 5 the Ancients get off their enourmas egos and help us out in this new galactic crusade.
  • There is a good reason why this series has lasted as long as has: Good story lines.

    There is a good reason why this series has lasted as long as has: Good story lines that are written by people that know how to write a good story.
    Very few Science Fiction shows have lasted this long, most of them have a five year run and then they end their run despite the fact that they might have more unresolved plot lines that could of made great story lines. But, Stargate SG-1 seems to break that mole and has become the longest running American SF show, making it the second longest SF show in the world.
    The key to the longevity of this series is its setting; that is about a team of a military personal that travel through wormholes to various different places in the universe. With that type of setting, one has a great flexibility to what type of stories that can be used. Also unlike many of Trek series, who episodes are self-contained that don’t have a great barring to the next episode, this show doesn’t shy away from pervious stories and dose show the effect of pervious episodes.
  • a team goes through the stargate searching for weapons that will help defeat the gou;d (already done) and most recently how to defeat the Ori -all knowing and all powerfull lozers lol..the Ori will get their asses kicked by SG-1

    i love this show... i mean it has humour action aliens everything.... i havent missed an episode :) absolutely amazing...the cast is amazing, the story line is pretty original and yea lol my fave show of all fave scene is when teal'c is telling the goul'd joke and he laughs and everyone is looking at him cuz theyre freaked out :> itz so kul cuz noone understands the point of the joke
  • Best Sci-Fi series ever and longest running sci-fi series ever.

    Seasons 1-8 were the best. They had great stories, reoccuring characters, and much humor. The stories were interesting and also the characters. They were sarcastic about tv and movie villians, but blended the sarcasm well in the story.

    I thought post Richard Dean Anderson would not be so good, but it is still holding its own with good stories.
  • A view from a number 1 fan, a concerned number 1 fan.

    Before you judge me I have to say that I started watching this show 9 years ago, I saw the first epidode live and i've never stopped watching this show. SG1 was a part of my growing process, but it's not the same anymore...I know people have been saying that it should have stopped at season 8,7,6 or even 5, each time those words have been uttered I didn't believe it, but this time I have to believe. Earlier this week I was watching the end of Season 9, Camelot and the likes and something thats been nagging me all season came out, this just isn't the same anymore. To make sure its not just me I went back and watched Window of Opportunity (Season 4). Its not just the loss of RDA, its the growing reliance on the BC-303s. Also the old actors game seems to have gone down in quality, watching Stronghold makes me cringe, Carter's lines at some parts are ... well their horrible. Ben Browder just isn't a Jack O'Neill. Now that being said, I personally see the end of SG1 as Season 8, emotionally the fishing scene at the end of Moebius is were its finished for me, because it was a perfect end to an almost perfect season and series. I'll keep watching SG1, i'll be first in line to see 1001, (Flesh and Blood), but it just wont be the same.
  • Oh my GOSH!!! is this THE show or what! dang! why can't I rate it 20? :( This is the best show ever!

    Let me put it this way, I got my wife into scifi through this program, now she's as hooked as I am.

    At the end of season 8 I was beside myself. not knowing whether I was coming or going with excitment, I mean how can you top that? Oh boy, but did they surprise me or what? season 9 shows up, and it's like we went back to the begining. that's like another 10 seasons coming :) can't wait.

    Season 10 here we go... bring it on.
  • This show just rocks.

    That is about as simple as I can get. My friends and myself probably won\'t stop talking about Stargate even until the next episode comes. Except for maybe the new X-men 3 movie coming out. Stargate however just can\'t be beat with its fundamental princables and unending excitment. The character that plays Daniel Jackson is unforgetable.
  • This is an incredible series that has lasted a TV lifetime and beyond. With its deep characters and intense action, I only wish I had taken the chance to see it from its true begging. Two thumbs up, incredible and auwinspiring. My they live long and thriv

    When I first stubbled upon this show in the mid 90's I was quite perplexed by what it was. Simply skipping past the channel and looking for something else to watch. In December of 2002 I was re-introduced into a knew light. The season 7 finale, the dog fight over Antarctica, instantly I was hooked. Then later in 2003 I found out that this was the show I had passed up years earlier. I must say I was at a loss for words how could I have passed it up, such an incredible series, how could I. Eventually I got over some of the shock and continue watching every night of the week( except Saturdays and Sundays since its not on)

    This is an incredible series that has lasted a TV lifetime and beyond. With its deep characters and intense action, I only wish I had taken the chance to see it from its true begging. Two thumbs up, incredible and auwinspiring. My they live long and thrive.
  • If you want a good Sci-fi drama, you\'ve come to the right place.

    I am a huge Stargate fan, it\'s one of the best sci-fi shows i\'ve ever seen. The overall concept is very good and each new episode add\'s well to the continuing story. The main characters are all superb (Though I must admit I prefured when Jack was still team leader). If you want to check out the best Sci-fi show still running, then check out Stargate: SG-1 (and also remember to watch it\'s excellent spin-off series Stargate: Atlantis)

    Indeed, a 10 out of 10
  • When it enters its tenth season this summer it will become the longest running sci-fi series ever to be on television.

    It is hard to write a review for the show as a whole and go into very much detail because of the almost 200 episodes that have been produced, and the character changes and development that has gone on over the nine years. Currently we find Mitchell leading SG-1 in an attempt to stop the Ori from conquering our galaxy although for seasons 1-8 we heard no such talk of the Ori. It was a good time however to find a new nemesis for the team as RDA choose to exit the show after season eight as well as Don Davis (Gen. Hammond). With these two characters as on the way out as well as the defeat of the Gou'ld and Replicators it only made sense for a new foe to be put in place of new leadership. Apart from that the show really hasn't changed much over the years. True, the show sometimes can wear down on itself but it does still consistently put out a worthwhile hour of television each week.
  • Jack may be gone, but he lives forever in my heart.

    Like all of you, I loved this show for Jack and his shit-eating attitude. Now that he's gone, I can't find it in me to watch. I assume I'll get over it, but mostly I'm rewatching those beautiful first seasons where everything was All Right. We really need more shows like this everywhere. Especially for those of us who don't have cable. *cough cough* Battlestar Galactica! *cough cough*
  • We need more of this...

    As a semi-hardcore Stargate fan...I'm realizing that the episodes are getting better and better. I mean, they dont even need explosions anymore, or cheap sex (which a failed sci-fi show did for 3 seasons). The actors play off eachother very well, and the development of the comraderie between Teal'c and Mitchell is great. Furthermore, the Teal'c's assimilation of Earth culture is becoming more prominent, as evidenced in last episodes reference to Darth Vader (which I applaud the writers for making Teal'c...the off worlder...the first to make the connection...making that scene funnier than it would have been otherwise). I also applaud the actors that play Vala and Mitchell....they havn't ruined the show with their Farscape bad luck...
    I only see good things ahead for this show...all they need to do is keep the same genius writing and acting going on.
  • Very few TV shows based on movies ever succeed. I am glad to say that this is one of those. The setting itself makes for an inifinite number of possibilities.

    Unlike a lot of Sci-Fi shows, this show is set in current times and deals with a lot of stuff that could happen at any times, like Russians and Americans entering into a cold-war style stand off, political relations across teh world, xenophobia and the advancement of humans on Earth in general. A lot of the stuff in this show is based on real life stuff, the mythology which is used in the show is taken from real life archeology and myth and a lot of the new techs are based on current scientific theories such as wormhole physics.
  • this show was better with oniell

    i like stargate better with oneill, it seems like the team relationship isn't as good as it was when oniell was leading it. i dont like how they didnt really tell the viewer where he went to, he just sort of went away. i wish he would come back for some guest appearances later in this season. it seems like the teams is felling apart, but that's just my opinion.
  • I love this serie. É absolutamente bem feita, e o melhor de td é que sempre existe um suspense, e a história nunca morre, já que os lugares q eles visitam são diferentes. Infelizmente a Fox não segue uma seqüência e o horário em que passa é um pouc

    Pra começar adoro o ator que interpreta o O´Niel, já gostava dele desde Mc Gavier, umas das melhores série que já tive oportunidade de assistir.
    A química entre ele, Daniel e Taylor, é perfeita: engraçada e realista. Mostrando as várias faces dos personagens. Gostaria apenas de um poco mais de realismo qto aos lugares visitados. E, um pouco mais de suspense.
  • When Good Shows Go Bad

    Stargate SG1 used to be one of the smartest and most exciting shows on TV. Sadly with the loss of the characters Jack Oneil and General Hammond and perhaps new writing staff it's gone rapidly downhill. Sometimes change is good but not this time.

    Now its okay when a show rides just below the event horizon of credibility, often good, because it is just fantastic enough to inspire us to watch. But the writers of S-SG1 have gone way beyond that to gratingly and consistently insult our intellegence. I'm sorry, I cant even try to believe that just because SG1 has some Asgard technology and is beginning to understand the potential of "naquada" that they can go out and keep punching the big bad guys in the nose without bringing severe consequences to the people of Earth.

    And the unmistakable copying of Star Trek space battle script including things like "Target their hyperdrive", "shields are down 11%" etc makes me want to vomit.

    Even with all of that the show would have some redeeming qualities if the people did.Little character developement, little friendship amongst brothers in arms or seeming sense of honor or shared purpose amongst the current members of SG1.

    Stargate, in the beginning offered this exciting new opportunity for exploration, adventure and meeting and learning from new alien races. Full of adventurous and compassionate heros. Now theyre just a handfull of space thugs, making moral judgements about societies they barely understand. Heck they can barely trust the Russians let alone create a peaceful alliance with them.

    If SG1 were real, I as a citizen of Earth would not want these people as my ambassadors to the people of the galaxy.

    Summary: No redeeming qualities, a waste of my time to watch. Just my opinion.
  • One of the best Sci-Fi shows ever, also the longest, about a team of humans who explore the galaxy(ies) using the ancient device called the Stargate.

    This is an excellent Sci-Fi show. It has an excellent setting and really good plots, and it manages to be good with out copying too much from Star Trek. Really good characters, and awesome aliens, as well as some fantasy, which is always good in a Sci-Fi show. Thumbs up.
  • Stargate's SG-1 and Atlantis are definately the best shows on SCIFI

    SG-1 is much better that Battlestar Galactica and among the best shows on TV. I miss RDA, but I'm pulling for Ben Browder because the show is so entertaining and thought provoking. Almost every episode is like a Hollywood movie. And I feel like I should be charged admission. I also wish that Dr Frasier was still there and I hope we don't lose anymore cast for sometime. I'd love to see 10 more seasons!
  • my second fave live-action show

    this show is just like my fave live-action show buffy it has great characters,villains,and stories not to mention the fact that it's in widescreen this show is AWESOME!! and i hope it will be on for at least another 5 years because if any show can be on that long it's this one
  • sg-1 has been a personel favourite of mine for a very long time ,one of those dream worlds come into existance ,i was heart broken when it was taken off air in my country ,but like all heart breakings u get over it but u never forget it. . .

    well i am quite ecstatic at the prospect of viewing such splendour entertainment ,such fullfilling entertainment ,such entertainment that really puts trivial non-sensical utter dribble that "t.v isnt what it use to be" back in the rubbish bin ,where it belongs ,S.G-1 puts the huff back in puff and it has revitalsed and renuwed television ..thank god!! .
  • Quite possibly the best Scifi show ever aired on television

    With an excellent cast, fantastic writing, and the ablility to get better with age, Stargate SG-1 is, if not the best, one of the top 3 scifi shows on TV past or present. Storylines continue to be fresh, and dispite the departure of Richard Dean Anderson this season, it remains a fantastic show.

    Many Trekkies (and I am one) will claim that either the original Star Trek or Next Generation are the greatest scifi show ever, but the fact that SG-1 has now become the longest running sci-fi show on TV speaks for itself.

    The most underappreciated aspect of the show is it's writting. The show is at times compelling, exciting, sexy, and funny, but never boring. The characters have depth and have evolved thoughout the years and the writers still manage to come up with original story lines.

    It also managed to make the transition seamlessly from one network (Showtime) to Scifi Channel without missing a beat.

    Not only do I consider the show one of the best scifi shows but one of the best TV shows period.
  • one of the best shows and better every year

    i remember a few years ago when the original movie came out. the effects were great and the action was amazing. then it was trumped when the series came on. they took what ever was not good in the movie and made it great. this is especially true with o'neill being now portrayed by richard dean anderson as opposed to kurt russel. he made the character the perfect blend of bravery and comedic cinic. on top of that is michael shanks as daniel jackson originally james spader. michael really does a great job over the years making daniel brave but still a bit of a geek. then you have the resident beauty amanda tapping as samantha carter. the relationship between her and o'neill is one of the will they wont they thing. and chris judge as tealc is great as the warrior. the show has lasted nine years making it the longest running sci fi show ever and it gets better. some thought that anderson leaving the show would spell the end but they brought in mitchell played by farscapes ben browder and he seems to be doing well. plus having claudia black also from farscape is amazing as the untrustworth sexpot of the group with a thing for daniel.
  • This is one of the best shows on earth, to me nothing can beat TV series and this certainly has my score of 10. Stargate is filled with action and is packed full of science fiction.

    This is one of the best shows on earth, to me nothing can beat TV series and this certainly has my score of 10. Stargate is filled with action and is packed full of science fiction. If you do not like this show then theres something wrong becuase I have made about 10 of my friends watch it and now they are big fans and keep asking me to give them series after series. Check this show out it is wicked.
  • The absolute best show on television!

    This is my all time favorite show on television. I own all the seasons plus various pieces of Stargate merchandise. (shirts, mugs, autographs, dvd’s, ECT.) I even own the movie that started it all STARGATE, with Kurt Russell and James Spader. This show just plain rocks,and that's not even taking into account that it's entering it's 10th season this summer making it the longest running Sci-fi drama on television, and in television history ( I'm not counting Star Trek because that was like 15 seperate spin-off shows),but I would have to say their best season was season 4, but season 7 is a pretty close second. The best episodes in my opinion are the funny ones, so my favorite eppie is Window of Opportunity (naturally), which is a more modern twist on the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. My second favorite eppie, and one which I think should have won a lot more awards than it did is Mobius Part 2 season finale of season 8(although Ripple Effect from Season 9 was really funny and good), simply because Sam and Daniel are complete-total geeks, and Jack still fell in love with Sam! Do you think all these alternate realities are trying to tell them something? And if you haven’t already figured it out I am a complete and utter S/J shipper, and proud to be one. And no matter what anyone says they are meant to be together, my parents acted the same way when they first met because my dad was my mom’s supervisor at the time, and they have been married 21 years! So I will forever stay a S/J shipper! I also used to be a D/J shipper but then the writers had to be stupid and kill her off in season 7, so now I am a D/V shipper, simply because she really knows how to push his buttons and I would also like to see if Jack made another comment about ‘having a woman on every planet’ (quote from Season 1, Episode 4, The Broca Divide, Scene 5, taking place on the planet on the ‘Dark Side’) and about the fact that she is constantly annoying Daniel.
  • Great show !!!

    Well i am a stargate atlantis fan so i think that this show is as good as atlantis. Good show with lots of excitement in almost every episode. Good and believable actors. Im a sci-fi fan so this show is probably 100% sci-fi. This show has everything from excitement to romance and drama. Good work.
  • I don't understand why they started Stargate Atlantis when SG1 is better

    I don't understand why they started Stargate Atlantis when SG1 is better.Everything is better begining with the actors and ending with the special effects.The ideea of Stargate Antlatis is original i admite but in my opinion they choosed the wrong actors,it is dissapointing,and i always prefer watching the old series
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